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Dancing With The Stars Recap - Two Night Spectacular

Shane Avery | PopWrapped Author

Shane Avery

05/05/2015 10:32 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Dancing With The Stars Recap - Two Night Spectacular | Dancing with the Stars
Media Courtesy of ABC
One more night of delaying the inevitable.... "Dancing with the Stars" kicked off its two night spectacular, with America's Choice routines as well as the always entertaining Trio dances! Unfortunately, everything will come crashing down TOMORROW night when we have to say goodbye to TWO couples in this seasons first double elimination. Tom Bergeron and birthday girl Erin Andrews welcomed us to the show after a stellar opening, but it was right down to business, because there was a LOT to get through!! First round was up: America's Choice!! 1. Noah Galloway & Sharna - Tango  After scoring their first 10 of the season last week, could they keep up the momentum? Noah has always been an inspiration on the dance floor, but Len Goodman was spot on with his critique. There were shining moments throughout the routine, but his limits unfortunately came through even more so than ever before. The judges liked the performance, but did agree with Len on saying it was difficult to critique. Three 8's and a 7!! 2. Chris Soules & Witney - Contemporary This was going to have to be a much more intimate side of Chris, and honestly, yours truly was a tad woried if he could pull it off. It helped that his shirt was open. Gotta be honest!! The routine was very nice, with the couple giving us some tender moments, but there seemed like a lot of uncertainty. This was definitely a softer side of Chris which I enjoyed, but something felt off. Just me? Carrie Ann and Len called it their "best dance of the season", and they were awarded two 8's and two 9's. 3. Riker Lynch & Allison - Viennese Waltz America needed to see a more emotional side of Riker, and it was the perfect dance to showcase that side of him. While Riker brought his usual intensity to the routine, there was something so much more controlled and withdrawn. He poured his emotion into the dance and maintained his frame, his lines, and just absolutely delivered every single piece of himself. Three 10's and a 9 from Len!!! Highest score of the night so far!! 4. Robert Herjavec & Kym - Contemporary HANDS DOWN, Robert's best dance of the season!!!! This was the technique I was missing from Chris and Witney during their own contemporary number, so color me VERY surprised that Robert delivered. The judges all praised his growth in the competition awarded them three 8's and a 9 from Julianne! 5. Nastia Liukin & Sasha Farber - Paso Doble No this wasn't the trio dance yet, but Derek kept himself involved as much as he could with his injured foot. The Gladiator routine was fierce right from the opening beat, and for once I hardly have any criticism..... I said "hardly". Julianne was right that they were out of sync a few times, but Nastia looked great and moved brilliantly on her own. Sasha needs to be added back as a pro next season. He's FANTASTIC. Four 9's, which actually came as a bit of a shock that they didn't receive one 10. 10. Rumer Willis & Val - Rumba Seeing Val so stripped down and emotional was a rare sighting for a Chmerkovskiy, but more important matters to be discussed: Did anyone else have a hard time following which one was the pro? I DID!! Rumer's lines and her technique were OUT OF THIS WORLD amazing, and they set the ballroom on fire right from their first step. Absolutely flawless performance.....according to yours truly. PERFECT SCORE!! And the first one of the season!! And now it was time...... Trio Dances!! Rumer and Val were at the top of the leader board, with Riker and Allison trailing them by a single point. 1.Noah Galloway & Sharna with Emma Slater - Salsa Once again, defying the odds, Noah and Sharna (with the help of Emma) managed to pull off one HELL of a routine. The intricacies of the hand movements was incredible and the lifts actually worked really well. The action took a funny spill when an excited Bruno took a tumble out of his judging chair, but it was right back into the critiques. They wen on to receive four 8's. 2. Chris Soules & Witney with Lindsay Arnold - Paso Doble Excuse me Mr. Soules...... WHERE THE HELL HAS THIS INTENSITY BEEN!? There may have been the odd off moment (not sure what to call it?) but I've never seen Chris look more determined in one of his routines. Carrie Ann however, felt that Witney and Lindsay overpowered him and took away from said intensity. Two 7's and two 8's. 3. Riker Lynch & Allison with Brittany Cherry - Jazz Did this trio bring the party? SURE DID!!! Riker exploded onto the dance floor and to quote my beloved Carrie Ann Inaba: "They hammered this number"!!!! Three 10's and a 9 from Len.......wait..... WHAT!? Damn Goodman. 4. Robert Herjavec & Kym with Jenna Johnson -Samba The energy was bound to dip at some point right? Whomp, whomp......Three 7's and an an 8. 5. Nastia Liukin & Derek with Sasha Farber - Jive Our gymnast was getting frustrated..... Nastia was beginning to show cracks, and even put an end to one day of rehearsals. They managed to create an interesting dance considering Derek's limitations, but did anyone else get severely underwhelmed by Nastia's lines? She really seemed to phone it in during certain spots, but I'm clearly watching another dance because Len..... GAVE IT A STANDING OVATION. And gave Riker and Allison a 9. Whatever. Perfect score. 6.  Rumer Willis & Val with Artem Chigvintsev - Paso Doble This had potential to be EXTREMELY HOT.... And it was......oh was it ever!!!! And flawless? Did I mention it was freakin' FLAWLESS!? I dare Len to not give this a 10!!!! And he did! Another perfect score!! There you have it. Rumer and Val were sitting pretty at the top of the leader board once again, with Riker/Allison and Nastia/Derek right behind them!!! Who goes home tomorrow night?

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