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Dancing With The Stars Recap: The Semi Finals!

Shane Avery | PopWrapped Author

Shane Avery

05/13/2015 7:02 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Dancing With The Stars Recap: The Semi Finals! | Dancing with the Stars
Media Courtesy of TVGuide
It's the 'Dancing with the Stars' SEMI FINALS!! With only 4 couples remaining, it was anybody's guess as to who was going to make it into the finals next week. Would it early front runner Rumer Willis? What about gymnast Nastia Liukin and her Mirror Ball trophy winning partner Derek Hough? Underdog Noah Galloway? Or maybe the fast paced energetic Riker Lynch? The best part about tonight was going to be the fact that each couple would be joined by one of the judges, who would completely create the routine they would be performing. Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews welcomed us to the show and it was time..... Time for round 1!! 1. Rumer Willis & Val - Viennese Waltz The night got off to a KILLER start with our front runners who blazed the dance floor with an intense waltz, and the chemistry between the two was off the charts. Something seemed different in the best way possible, with Rumer absolutely channeling the character she was playing. Absolute PERFECTION. Two 9's from Julianne and Len, and two 10's from Bruno and Carrie Ann. 2. Noah Galloway & Sharna - Viennese Waltz You know......I've never counted Noah out. While it's easy to say that Noah isn't on the level as the other 3, his determination and growth throughout the competition is an absolute MARVEL to witness. He tugs at our heartstrings Noah's personality was shining through, which Carrie Ann picked up on. Incredible routine!!! The couple received four 9's, but who cares..... Because they were joined by Noah's longtime girlfriend Jamie backstage......and Noah promptly proposed!!! The entire ballroom erupted in cheers as Jamie tearfully said yes!! How would ANYONE follow that!? 3. Riker Lynch & Allison - Contemporary Our boy's all grown up!!!!! Riker has always brought his intensity to the show, but something happened tonight..... The guy dug DEEP. The lines......the lifts......the connection..... Performance of the night!!!!! And also? A perfect score!! 40 out of 40! 4. Nastia Liukin & Sasha - Quickstep It appears Derek Hough wasn't rested up enough from that foot injury, so Nastia was once again paired with Sasha Farber. And unfortunately for Derek, it didn't matter that he was once again AWOL, because the gymnast slayed the dance floor with a glorious quickstep that was full of content. I've admitted this season that she hasn't been my favorite, but it's not her fault she was paired with Derek. Sasha and Nastia had great chemistry during the routine and it was enjoyable. They would match Riker/Allison with a PERFECT score!! Time for round 2!!! The judges were paired with a couple, and would be given FULL creative control!!! They also wouldn't be scoring the couple they choreograph. 1. Rumer Willis & Val (choreographed by Bruno) - Contemporary The routine was BLAZING hot, with a black swan type vibe to the routine, and Bruno truly captured the dance and both of his dancers. That's right. RUMER IS A DANCER NOW. Perfect score!! 2. Noah Galloway & Sharna (choreographed by Carrie Ann) - Paso Doble Explosive!!!!!! Carrie Ann crafted something to perfectly suited for Noah's weaknesses, but ALSO his strengths and trust came blasting through!!! Another perfect score!!! 3. Riker Lynch & Allison (choreographed by Julianne) - Argentine Tango They need to do these judges routines every season, because it just works. The extra addition for their routine however, was that Julianne would be joining them on the dance floor!! This routine was bananas right from the opening line, and one must mention Riker's incredible moves throughout. He commanded every bit of the tango and was the ultimate leading man. Perfect score!!! 4. Nastia Liukin & Derek (choreographed by Len) - Viennese Waltz It seemed Derek was able to slow things down, and took to the dance floor with Nastia. There was something else going on however, as beautiful as the routine was, it was becoming real that head judge Len Goodman was truly not going to be back next season. The ballroom erupted into tears in the closing moments of the dance as Len danced a few steps with Nastia. Closing off the night with a perfect score!! There would be no elimination tonight, as that was set for TOMORROW, and you bet yours truly will be here for all of you with those results. With Noah and Sharna at the bottom, are they going home? Or will a high scoring couple bite the dust? TOMORROW NIGHT we find out!!

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