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"Dancing With The Stars" Week 3 Recap: Kevin Hart And Another Elimination!

Shane Avery | PopWrapped Author

Shane Avery

09/30/2014 2:02 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Media Courtesy of ABC

"Dancing With the Stars" is back to one night a week folks, and things were going to be pretty crazy, especially with Kevin Hart filling in for Grumpy Len Goodman, but there was something even more pressing to discuss:

There was going to be an elimination!!

Tom Bergeron & Erin Andrews announced that there would be an elimination tonight based on the performances from last week. That would mean that whomever had the SECOND lowest score, after eliminated contestant Tavis Smiley, would be going home tonight. (That seems......odd.)

The performances during Movie Night would be tabulated with viewers votes and judges' scores and would see another elimination next Monday. Get all that?

The results were going to come before each performance tonight, with Randy Couture and Karina kicking things off by being in jeopardy. They were first up.

1. Randy Couture & Karina - Paso Doble

Poor Randy. How exactly do you dance your best right after being told you could be going home? Their Paso was met with some criticism from Julianne and Bruno, but Carrie Ann and Kevin enjoyed it. The judges disagreed over the holds and framework being sloppy. A minor score of two 6's and two 7's, they left only to return later with a score of 26 out of 40.

Alfonso Ribeiro & Witney were joined on stage by Betsey Johnson & Tony to find out their results as well, and both couples were SAFE!!

2. Alfonso Ribeiro & Witney - Quickstep

Another week, another stellar performance!!

Alfonso really appears to be taking the judges advice, and definitely worked on his flaws this week, with the judges picking up on it. They threw in some constructive criticism, while Kevin rambled on some more. I'm really not feeling this guest judge appearance.....

Anyways, the scores were unanimous with four 8's giving them 32 out of 40.

3. Betsey Johnson & Tony - Contemporary

I love this woman.

Betsey gave it her all during her "Ghost" inspired routine, and while the judges were definitely positive about it, they couldn't ignore the lack of content. The 3 pros picked up on the footwork and turned in two 7's (Carrie Ann and Bruno), a 6 from Julianne and....

A 9 from Kevin.

See, yours truly honestly thinks Julianne dropped her score to a 6 to lower the score because she noticed the 9 from Kevin. That performance, love Betsey as I do, was NOT a 9. Or an 8 for that matter.

More results!!

Four couples took the stage and awaited their fate:

Sadie Robertson & Mark, Antonio Sabato Jr & Cheryl, Michael Waltrip & Emma, and Lea Thompson & Artem.

Now, remember that Sadie and Mark were in jeopardy last week, so realistically thinking, if the scores are still based off last week, they should be this week as well.

Nope. Safe along with Lea/Artem, and Michael/Emma which meant Antonio and Cheryl were joining Randy and Karina in jeopardy.

This makes NO SENSE!!

4. Lea Thompson & Artem - Cha Cha

"Back to The Future" REALNESS!!

The actress and her partner once again delivered, but they did receive a tiny bump in the road. The judges picked up on Lea's shakiness for the first time, and while the performance was good, it was her weakest yet. Maybe she's starting to slow down?

The judges delivered a 7 (Carrie Ann) and three 8's from the others, so still a pretty good score even if it included her first 7. Their score was 31.

5. Michael Waltrip & Emma - Waltz

Can I be really honest?

Michael gives me the creeps.

His persona during the rehearsals is almost creepy old man, and I feel bad for Emma. While this week was definitely an improvement for the racecar driver, and saw an increase in score with four 7's, the routine lacked any challenge. The simplicity of it came across as very boring. 28 out of 40 gave them the second lowest routine of the night.

6. Antonio Sabato Jr. & Cheryl - Foxtrot

Do these 2 like each other?

That's a serious question.

The pair clashed once again during rehearsals which made it a tad uncomfortable and affected their routine. Antonio really showed off his moves during this, and he's proved he's a good dancer, but the routine fell flat for yours truly. The "Guardians of the Galaxy" inspired number really didn't push the envelope or give us anything exciting. Three 7's and (non-shockingly) an 8 from Bruno gave them 29 out of 40. Not sure you can blame the fact they were placed in jeopardy before this.

7. Sadie Robertson & Mark - Viennese Waltz 

You know, when you come across really bitter about being in the bottom 3 the previous week and continue to act like a brat?

I'm not going to be a fan even when you DO deliver a dance as good as this was.

Sadie and Mark went all in with their "Up" inspired dance, and I thought the performance was really good, but Sadie's attitude is wearing on me. She's coming across as very unlikable and the presence isn't really there. They managed to score four 8's giving them 32 out of 40.

Final group up to hear their results:

Janel Parrish and Val, Jonathan Bennett and Allison, Derek and Bethany & Tommy and Peta

Jonathan and Allison were in jeopardy.




Okay, got that out of my system.

8. Jonathan Bennett & Allison - Tango

Seems the new surroundings have gotten to Allison, as Mark joined her backstage and prepped her on the differences with the choreography on this show compared to her former stomping grounds "So You Think You Can Dance". The judges were harsh on her choreo last week, and Allison wanted to prove herself to them.

Their routine was very good, while Jonathan may have been a bit stiff according to the judges. I honestly found this to be their best yet. Jonathan is improving every week and it's showing in his footwork.

The judges actually took time to apologize to Allison as well!

They received four 8's from the judges, giving them 32 out of 40 tying for the top spot of the night.

9. Janel Parrish & Val - Jazz


The "Pretty Little Liar" exploded on stage once again, and even with the added problem of not being able to use any of the iconic moves from their film "West Side Story". They were told in rehearsals they couldn't use any of the choreo due to legalities. Janel worked her ass off in this performance, and what came next was a pretty big shock to the ballroom:

A perfect score of 40!!

In the history of the show, NO COUPLE has received a perfect score in week 3.

10. Tommy Chong & Peta - Argentine Tango

This man.....

Is everything!

Their rehearsals show how it SHOULD go because the chemistry between Tommy and Peta is a pleasure to watch and witness. The judges were loving his performance, and for 76 years old, the man is proving himself to be a contender. My slight problem with this?

Kevin Hart gave him a 10. Cool your paddle their buddy!!

Carrie Ann, Bruno and Julianne gave them 8's for the second highest performance of the night with 34 out of 40.

11. Bethany Mota & Derek - Jazz

Everyone knows of Derek's love of Gene Kelly, so you best believes he broke out his absolute best for his idol.

Bethany may not have the moves that Janel does, but she definitely kept up with Derek's choreography and proved herself once again. The judges showered them with a perfect score, but I can't help but feel those 10's were pretty much for Derek and not Bethany, whereas Janel EARNED the 10's all on her own.

What did you guys think of all of the performances?

It was time for the elimination though, and Cheryl and Antonio were safe.....

That left Jonathan/Allison and Randy/Karina.

And the UFC champ was on his way out.

I must say, Michael should have been going home this week. The voting seemed strange.

Next week, the remaining couples will dance to their Most Memorable Year, and the results will be based on tonights votes and scores.

Michael and Emma are definitely in trouble. But will they escape elimination?

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