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Dancing With The Stars Week 5: The Switch Up & Jessie J!

Shane Avery | PopWrapped Author

Shane Avery

10/14/2014 2:40 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Dancing With The Stars Week 5: The Switch Up & Jessie J! | dancing with the stars
Media Courtesy of DTWS Twitter
Once again, Len Goodman is across the pond filming Strictly Come Dancing, but we have quite the guest in his place: Pop star Jessie J!! This was a big week for the remaining couples, as it was revealed last week that they would be switching up partners.  We also had a very special guest singing alongside Ray and the band: N*Sync member and former DWTS contestant Joey Fatone!! The other positive about this week? NO ELIMINATION!! The results from last week would be added to this week and someone would be leaving the ballroom next week. Would the couples that normally scored high be able to re-create the magic with another partner? It was time to find out, but we also needed the bottom 3 couples. The show kicked off with guest judge Jessie J belting out "Bang Bang" as well as new hit "Burnin' Up". This was ridiculously good, and Jessie showed off her stellar vocals and dance moves. 1. Antonio & Allison - Bollywood The first routine of the night can always be risky, and unfortunately for Antonio it didn't really work. He seemed to be out of sync with Allison a lot of the time, at least to yours truly. Allison's energy never dipped, but they never really matched. Antonino always brings the charisma to his dances, but the style seemed to have hurt him. Julianne and Bruno picked up on their timing issues, but Carrie Ann loved how open Antonio made himself. Jessie J also echoed how much she loved the performance, but the results? An 8 from Carrie Ann, two 7's from Carrie Ann and Julianne...... And a 6 from Jessie!! Yours truly was leaning towards more of a 7, and the crowd seemed to love it. They didn't respond well to Jessie's 6. 2. Bethany & Mark - Hip Hop Okay, so time for some brutal honesty. Ever see a fish out of water? That's all I saw with Bethany dancing hip-hop. She seemed completely out of her element and even perhaps was a little nervous about hitting certain moves. The chemistry between the 2 really didn't seem to connect either. Appears the judges disagreed though, because they all loved the routine. This is why you won't see THIS guy with a judges' paddle. All of the judges delivered 8's for the YouTube star!! 3. Jonathan & Peta - Jitterbug Minus one little mess up with a flip, the duo clearly had so much fun with their routine and once again, Jonathan's infectious personality was incredible to watch. However, even Jessie J jumped aboard the bashing train as all of the judges explained how worried they were during the entire routine. They all explained the steps seemed off and it all fell apart. As a fan of Jonathan, I would LOVE to see him advance next week, and I do feel he has potential but the scores aren't going to help him. Once again, he received four 6's. Still rooting for Aaron Samuels!!!! 4. Alfonso & Cheryl - Flamenco Hot damn!! I missed Witney during this routine, but WOW. New partner or not, Alfonso has proven that he is an absolute beast on the dance floor. His flamenco performance alongside Cheryl was the best routine of the night so far HANDS DOWN. The judges were loving it as well, but Alfonso did fall short of his perfect score from last week with two 8's and two 9's! Highest score of the night so far. 5. Janel & Artem - Burlesque We saw something different for Dancing with The Stars!! But it's time for some humble pie: Yours truly didn't really attach myself to Janel when she started off the season, however though, last week and this week was a VAST improvement. This was crazy good from start to finish and Janel brought everything into the routine. The fact that Julianne and Carrie Ann mentioned how it didn't feel very "Burlesque", felt like a tad cheap to bring up. This routine was smoking hot and the 9 from Bruno was well deserved. Three 8's rounded out the scores. 6. Michael & Witney - Disco Think nice thoughts. Think nice thoughts. Think nice thoughts.... Oh screw it. Witney appeared out of her depth with the race car driver and the routine completely suffered from it. Michael didn't seem to connect to ANY of the steps, and his time on the show needs to be over. I'm just keeping things real. Four 5's out from the judges gave them the lowest score of the night.

7. Tommy & Emma - Mambo

Now THAT is how you make the moves work with the jokes!!! Where Michael faltered, Tommy managed to find a common divide in the routine. Carrie Ann and Julianne felt it was a tad lackluster while Jessie and Bruno enjoyed it. Would the scores hinder or help? They received three 6's and a 5 from Julianne. 8. Sadie & Derek - Charleston FAVORITE. ROUTINE. OF. THE. NIGHT. Derek truly brings out the best in his partners, because this was incredible!! Their movement, in sync, and the look? Perfect. Almost perfect, as they received four 9's! 9. Lea & Val - Broadway I'm a sucker for a Broadway tune and this was AMAZING! Lea has exploded on stage the past few weeks and she just gets better and better. Not too sure on what Julianne says she saw with the hesitation because nothing was seen on my end. The routine was fun, energetic and..... JUST FUN!! The duo received two 8's and two 9's!!   What a night this was and next week we find out who's leaving us. Will Jonathan be saying goodbye or is it the end of the track for Michael? Or will we get another surprise? Tune in next week everyone!

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