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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

'Dancing With The Stars' Week 9: It's AMERICA's Choice!

Shane Avery | PopWrapped Author

Shane Avery

11/11/2014 5:35 pm
PopWrapped | Television
'Dancing With The Stars' Week 9: It's AMERICA's Choice! | dancing with the stars
Media Courtesy of ABC
This week, the remaining couples danced to routines completely chosen by America. This included the wardrobe, the style, the song.... EVERYTHING!! Get ready though, as we're going to get another elimination!! Tom Bergeron & Erin Andrews needed to take care of some business before the routines got off to a start and announced some results, which would take them to next weeks semi-finals: And we've already gotten a shocker, because Tommy and Peta were safe!!! They were the lowest scoring couple from last week, but it seems America isn't done with them yet. First up to hit the dance floor was Alfonso and Witney!

1. Alfonso & Witney - Foxtrot

Is anyone still debating whether or not he's going to win, because this was INCREDIBLE!! The usual high scoring couple kicked off the show in grand fashion with almost all of the judges raving about the performance. While Carrie Ann enjoyed the performance, she was the lone judge who felt it was a tad safe for this stage of the competition. They managed to score three 9's and then a 10 from Bruno!

2. Tommy & Peta - Viennese Waltz

This man just keeps surprising me. The safe couple really brought their A game this week, and he really brought the technique of the dance, to the best of his ability. There was a minor trip near the end of the routine, but Tommy really kept up the momentum. He managed to bring it back and left smiles on all 4 judges' faces. The secured three 7's and an 8 from Len!!

3. Lea & Artem - Samba

This woman is an absolute force on the dance floor and the judges really enjoyed it as well. Lea completely transformed tonight, and really showed off a fiery side. Her moves were in sync with Artem's and she really let go. Yours truly thoroughly enjoyed it!! They were given two 8's and two 9's!

4. Bethany & Derek - Viennese Waltz

Almost speechless. While Bethany has not been my favorite contender through the competition, she's easily risen as the front runner. It definitely helps to have a recurring champion like Derek as her partner, but Bethany has grown so much during the competition. Absolutely stunning of a performance. They scored four 9's, which came a tad shocking to me because I felt they deserved 10's.

5. Sadie & Mark - Jive

Am I the only one who found this uncomfortable to watch? Sadie seemed a beat behind the performance through the entire run, and the energy really dipped. The judges were a tad nit-picky but still awarded them with three 8's and a 9 from Len. He really is in a good mood this week isn't he? Well, I personally didn't enjoy it.

6. Janel & Val - Quickstep

That was crazy fast!!! It really should come as no surprise that Val tripped slightly, but the judges barely noticed it. I said barely. The slip didn't matter though because they were still awarded with two 9's and two 10's from Len and Julianne. Janel and Val managed to stay on top, and with Tommy and Peta in the bottom (but SAFE), it was anyone's guess as to who was going home.   Time for the TRIO dances!!!  

1. Alfonso & Witney (with Lindsay Arnold) - Paso Doble

BEST. DANCE. OF. THE. SEASON!!!!! That's all I can really say, and to all those reading this: YouTube this performance!! No surprise that they managed to get a perfect score!

2. Tommy & Peta (with Sharna Burgess) - Samba

What can you really say about that number?! Julianne's laughter really sealed what we all thought of the performance, and THANK EVERYTHING that Tommy is safe tonight. Absolutely, crazy and funny performance. Loved every second of it, and they were given four 7's for the routine.

3. Lea & Artem (with Henry Byalikov) - Paso Doble

Ugh. You'd think with a trio like this, the chemistry would be off the charts, but something felt off. Maybe it was Lea's nervousness throughout the routine, or maybe it was the choreography that she was unsure of, but something didn't click for yours truly. The judges saw something I didn't because they loved the routine and awarded them with four 9's.

4. Bethany & Derek (with Tony Dovolani) - Argentine Tango

YES!!! Bethany is queen of the night in my eyes, and the team along with Tony was out-of-this-world good. Not too sure what Carrie Ann was seeing when she said there was a disconnect between the changes in partners. The rest of the judges were on board with the routine however, and they went on to receive two 10's and two 9's!

5. Sadie & Mark (with Emma Slater) - Foxtrot

Mark was already feeling the pressure of the trio dance during rehearsals. He was pretty sure no one had a trio dance before with the foxtrot as the routine. You wouldn't know it by the dance, because this was beautiful. Sadie was a ball of tears and with good reason: PERFECT SCORE!!

6. Janel & Val (with Keo) - Salsa

Tribal realness!! And with time running out, the judges comments came fast & furious with scores of three 10's and a 9 from Len.   Time for some dreaded results.   Not taking into account TONIGHT's performances, the first couple safe was: Alfonso and Witney! They were headed to the semi-finals, along with Bethany and Derek. Janel and Val then got the great news, which meant it was down to Lea & Artem and Sadie & Mark. The eliminated couple was: Lea & Artem.   This woman truly did entertain me over the course of the season, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't happy Sadie was safe after what she gave us during her trio dance. There you have it everyone. Are you surprised by who went home?

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