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Daniel Grinberg Shares His Collaborations And Short Stories

Mike Nied | PopWrapped Author

Mike Nied

02/28/2016 6:07 am
PopWrapped | Music
Daniel Grinberg Shares His Collaborations And Short Stories | Daniel Grinberg
Media Courtesy of Daniel Grinberg

Hailing from Bueno Aires, folk-pop producer Daniel Grinberg has explored his passion for music since his earliest years. A early love for the Argentinean tonete developed into a passion that has left the producer multi-instrumental. A move to Tel Aviv in his teens only further spurred his love for music.

Since his youth, Grinberg has released many collections of music and has explored the boundaries of music. Few releases though compare to his most recent compendium, a collection of collaborations titled Short Stories. The album is centered around Grinberg's instrumental productions and the vocals of three musicians, Alex, Aveva Dese, and Yoav Arbel. The album has been heralded for it's relatable nature, and it is a powerful collection of folk-pop that speaks earnestly to the human nature.

Short Stories opens with the contemplative "80 Years," a collaboration with Alex. Folksy strings and a subtle drumline set the scene for Alex's youthful realization of humanity's mortality. "80 years are not that much" she realizes while reflecting upon the fact that people usually have approximately eighty years to live and make an impact on the world around them.

The track's thoughtful lyricism and folksier pop leanings persist throughout Daniel Grinberg's Short Stories. Alex's second contribution "Rivers" picks up the beats per minute but retains it's honest approach to musical creativity.

Featured five times on the album, Alex earns the title of Daniel Grinberg's most frequent collaborator. The songstress's bright vocals inject the music with a strong sense of youthful innocence, especially on tracks like "White Fields," on which she dreams of walking side by side with a loved one. Her final contribution to the album, "Beyond" is one of the more rock-infused tracks on the compilation, and it becomes a true standout as the production builds underneath her evocative vocals. "I will touch the rainbow and the clouds" she proclaims, vowing to make a mark with her 80s years of life.

Aveva Dese makes her Short Stories introduction on "Hey You," on which the soulful musician reaches out to a fellow human who seems to be struggling. "Do you know how to love" she asks before offering some words of encouragement and setting a positive example. The production grows behind her, as Dese's voice soars and she ends the track with an encouraging promise. 

Dese continues to offer warm words of faith on "House of Dreams" and "Michaela." Her vocals are particularly captivating over the lush strings on "Michaela." The track takes on a harder edge, as she sings of a lonely woman. Synths and electronic strings add a sense of interest to the production, while Aveva Dese delivers one of the most entrancing tales on the album.

Yoav Arbel, Daniel Grinberg's final collaborator, makes his first appearance on "The Forest." A striding instrumental production gives way to Arbel's deeper vocals, as he sings of losing yourself in the natural world around you. His vocals on "Old Town" are less consumed by the instrumental, and the crooner reflects upon life in a small town. His strongest vocals are probably on the final two tracks on the compilation, "Thanks" and "You Give Me," the latter being the final track on Short Stories

The album's final track reflects upon the power of our relationships with one another. "You let me feel that I belong" Arbel earnestly sings over the rousing production. On this song it becomes increasingly evident that regardless of whatever struggles we face along the road we are never alone.

Overall Daniel Grinberg's Short Stories is an exceptional compilation of tracks. The album speaks to so many realities that human's face on a regular basis. Love, heartbreak, loss, mortality, every topic is approached with an earnest honesty, and the thoughtful lyrics are supported by compelling and engaging instrumentals. 

Pick up a copy of Short Stories on BandCamp

Keep an eye out for future releases from Daniel Grinberg by following him at his website as well as on Facebook.


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