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Daniel Radcliffe Dishes The Details On Sex, "Harry Potter," And His New Project With James McAvoy

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


07/29/2014 10:15 am
PopWrapped | Movies
Daniel Radcliffe Dishes The Details On Sex,
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Roxanne Powell

Senior Content Editor


From the Boy Who Lived to awkward love interest (no, they are not the same character), Daniel Radcliffe sat down with The Daily Beast to discuss why he no longer wishes to play the infamous boy wizard. The young actor has tried to break out of his magical type-casting, even though he admits to the $7.7 million franchise being his springboard into the limelight. But even boy wizards need to grow up and explore life after Hogwarts. Since leaving the wizarding world behind, Radcliffe has gone on to star in several projects, including How to Succeed In Business Without Really TryingThe Cripple of the IrishmanA Young Doctor's Notebook, and most recently What If. Yes, it appears our favorite Chosen One has done quite well for himself. If you thought Ron Weasley had trouble getting out from under Harry Potter's shadow, he's got nothing on Dan! His latest role in What If is perhaps his most "adult" role to date. As Wallace, he tackles the struggles of dropping out of med school, falling for the wrong girl, and figuring out whether someone should be okay with life in the friend zone. Co-starring alongside Radcliffe is Adam Driver. But even though he finds working with Driver thoroughly enjoyable, Radcliffe admits to not being wholly caught up on the late TV drama Girls. He hasn't even seen all of Breaking Bad yet! "[Adam's] such a quiet, humble, sweet guy—and a brilliant improviser. His improvisations would do a great job of walking that line between offensive and really, really funny. A lot of actors are similar and like talking about “acting” a lot, which can be torture. There’s a lot of what I call “actor wank.”." Even thought Wallace would be considered the "good guy" in any cliche romantic comedy, Radcliffe reveals that is not the case in What If. The boyfriend of his friend zoner is actually a really successful and nice guy. He treats his girlfriend with respect, and this makes it hard for the viewers to decide between the men of this crazy, equal Love Triangle. "Falling in love with the right person at the wrong time does happen a lot, and there are situations in everyone’s life where, were it not for the presence of another man, they’d be asking the girl out. It’s a hard line to navigate—especially if you become really good friends with the girl, because then you think, “Will I jeopardize my friendship if I risk it?” But I’m of the opinion that if you really fancy someone and feel like you’re falling in love with them, you’re going to have to face that eventually and deal with those emotions." Radcliffe admits the true difference between himself and his character, Wallace: he would not have been friend zoned! Well, he would have (maybe), but he wouldn't stay there for long. The friend zone is a nice place to visit, but don't make any hotel reservations. Radcliffe says he would just come out with his feelings and go from there. As to post-sex food favorites, he doesn't have any. "I’m much more of the old cliché of a cigarette as opposed to a meal." Back in the realm of wizarding world rumors, Radcliffe has put all things magical to rest. The Fantastic Beasts spin-off, he reveals, will go on without him. While he had a ton of fun working with the cast and crew of the original Potter films, he felt now was as good a time as any to draw the line in the sand. "I’m 30 years old and if I would still be doing that then, there would be something wrong, in my opinion." If you just felt a punch to the gut, you are a true Potter fan. I would shake your hand, but I, too, am doubled over in post-punch pain. But don't worry! As well as What If, Radcliffe is working on a new film with James McAvoy set to come out next year! "[Frankenstein's] sort of a 1850s The Social Network because it’s about these two guys who are at the tip of the spear of technology, but when Victor’s ego starts to spin out of control, it becomes Igor’s job to rescue him from himself—just like Victor saved Igor." Read the full interview on The Daily Beast! Oh, and those rumors of his engagement? "Absolute bollocks. ...Marriage is not a thought that is even remotely close to me at the moment." Way to take our hopes and dash them to the ground! Keep Up With PopWrapped On The Web!



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