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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

Daniel's World Gets ROCKED This Week On "Revenge"

Shane Avery | PopWrapped Author

Shane Avery

12/01/2014 1:10 am
PopWrapped | Television
Daniel's World Gets ROCKED This Week On
Keep the layers coming...... "Revenge" returned from its week off with another step towards finding out who was after David, but we got more questions then we did answers. Last we saw, Emily had taken one of the men captive and was poised to torture him to get information while the other was arrested. Emily was determined to find out the truth, but discovered she needed to get to the man behind bars instead. Unfortunately, that didn't pan out either as he hung himself while in the interrogation room...... Or did he? Emily planted seeds of doubt in Jack's head that someone could have gotten to him, but Jack didn't seem taken with the thought. When Emily returned to her captive, she discovered him GONE. Enter Nolan. Emily seethed when Nolan informed her he discovered her secret and released the man. The besties exchanged raised warnings about their doings, but Nolan stuck to his guns and told Ems he wasn't happy with what she was doing. It's the exact reason why David was keeping her name out of the public. He wanted to keep her safe. Emily needed to move on to another mark, in her quest to find out what her father was keeping from her, and exactly who was after him. So, she moved on to Ben. The two hit a pub together for a drink, but Ben was wise to her antics when their date went awry and he took off. Anyone REALLY annoyed with Ben and the character as a whole? Just me? I doubt that.... Elsewhere in the Hamptons, Daniel was making a play for Margaux, Victoria & David were still keeping secrets from one another, and Louise was still up to her batshit crazy antics. Back to main story. Revealed in a flashback, David & Victoria had taken $5 million of Conrad's money and hidden it in a safe. We discovered this when David arrived at the safe and found the money intact, as well as hid some sort of flashdrive with it. What was on it? Who knows.... And in a complete change of pace for the show, someone was actually HONEST. David arrived to Nolan's and told him about the hidden money, and told him to keep Amanda safe. Nolan then finally got the truth: David had been taken hostage by some mastermind named Malcolm Black, who faked David's death while he was in prison. He was trying to repay an old debt and keep Amanda's name out of Malcolm's cross hairs. Of course, we all know Malcolm will be played by "Sons of Anarchy" star Tommy Flanagan, and will appear after the winter hiatus. In the WHOPPER of the episode, after Daniel once again attempted to woo Margaux back, she dropped a bombshell on him: SHE WAS PREGNANT. Emily attempted once again to get info from Ben regarding what happened to the man in custody, and was rocked when she came to a realization: It wasn't Alvarez.... It was the FBI agent, who was in the process of bedding Jack!! This is NOT going to end well for Mr. Porter once again. SOME NOTES: All I'm going to say, is that this week was MUCH better than the last episode. The action kept up, some great acting and great scenes. Personal favorite has to go to the bar scene between Emily and Daniel. Who knows where this is going now that Margaux is pregnant, but I still enjoyed their quips to one another.  What did you guys think of the episode? 

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