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Darren Criss Joins Capital Cities For Kangaroo Court

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


09/05/2013 6:05 pm
Darren Criss Joins Capital Cities For Kangaroo Court

Emma Barrios

Staff Writer

Order in the court!

Just released this morning was none other than Capital Cities newest music video for their recent single, “Kangaroo Court.” This new video by the electro-pop group features Shannon Wood (Raising Hope) and Darren Criss (Glee).

The video starts out as the main character walks up to the entrance of a club, preferably known as the “Kangaroo Court.” In this scene, he is immediately rejected from entering because he is a Zebra. No Zebras allowed, dude! In an attempt to be accepted into the club, he decides to change himself into a majestic stallion; dying his hair a blackish color to get rid of the stripes on his body.

After he is finished, he puts on a suit and heads out to the club. This time, he is allowed into the club and immediately takes in everything that is going around him. He dances to the music, unaware that the leading lady in the club has an eye for him. The leading lady is a Poodle (Shannon Wood), whom is seen playing blackjack and other various card games with the owner of the club right next to her. The owner of the club, also known as the “High Roller” Bulldog (Darren Criss), is completely oblivious to what is happening to his lady friend. Criss seems to be more  inclined in his gambling and winning than paying attention to her. Gosh Darren, didn’t know you had a gambling problem?! (We kid)! 

The poodle makes her way to the Zebra, or, should I say, ‘stallion,’ and begins to dance with him. The High Roller bulldog soon notices that his lady friend is missing and finds her dancing with the main guy. Doesn’t look like he is too happy that he lost his leading lady to a stallion.. but soon notices that something is off with this guy. He sees that this bozo’s tail is stripped not black like a stallion? What’s going on here?  

The owner calls for his men to find out who this guy is; ending up ripping his clothes to find the truth that he is an actual Zebra! Guess the Zebra missed a spot or, should I say, stripes? Oops! The main character has been caught and is taken away by the Guards, which leads to  the next scene where he is thrown into a courtroom, all chained up and facing a judge for his crime. 

Before he can even make his case before the judge, he is found guilty by a jury of rabbits! Hence the meaning of a “Kangaroo Court.” A kangaroo court is “a mock court in which the principles of law and justice are disregarded or perverted.” In basic terms, nobody cares about being fair or who the individual is but just sentences them to jail anyways. 

The High Roller is overly joyed that the faker was sentenced to death, and celebrates on the sidelines. His lady friend, however, is heartbroken about the arrangement. In the last scenes of the music video, the main character is tied up in a meat packing whearhouse where he “meats” his untimely fate. He is eventually cut up into a slice of Zebra meat, which is served to a majestic lion on a silver platter. I think I’ll pass on that one for now.

Overall, the theme and experience found in this video is such that makes it one of their best yet. Not only is Darren Criss in it, but the idea of the entire music video being shot as actors who take on animal forms is genius. I get the eerie feeling of the music video, almost as if it is trying to portray society; where we judge people before we even get the chance to know them.

It’s shows society as animals that we only accept those that fit in. No Zebras allowed, if you know where I’m getting at. The beat of the song and the awkwardness of the music video  makes you keep watching more, even if you don’t understand what a “Kangaroo Court” is and eventually you get the idea. What are your thoughts on the video?

I believed that this is one video that will definitely make its way up in the charts. Great job Capital Cities! Hope to see more of your amazing stuff! 

P.S. Thanks for making Darren a bulldog, he looks sexy as a high roller, because that’s what he is!

You can view their newest music video “Kangaroo Court” below and be sure to  purchase the single in the iTunes Store.  



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