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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

The Dating Game Is Killer In 'The Mysteries of Laura'

Brittany Jones | PopWrapped Author

Brittany Jones

09/25/2014 1:05 pm
PopWrapped | Television
The Dating Game Is Killer In 'The Mysteries of Laura' | Mysteries of Laura
Media Courtesy of NBC
NBC's The Mysteries of Laura made its move to its regular Wednesday timeslot, in part of NBC'S #WCW lineup. This week's mystery involves a woman who was murdered after trying online dating.  Billy and Laura brings in suspect, for questioning, but the only crime he committed was sticking a firecracker up a squirrel's butt to see it fly. The only mystery is how this guy had women fighting over him. Jake, Laura's soon to be ex-husband slash current boss informs her that she is on mommy duty because he is taking all of her co-workers out for a beer. Max reveals that the dating site wouldn’t give out any information of the members on the site. So, Laura announces that she is joining the site and is going to make her profile similar to the victim Kristen’s and see if the killer invites her on a date.

To everyone's surprise, Laura announces she has twelve dates from the site and Jake volunteers to tag along. But, Laura shoots him down and says that she will take Billy. At the bar, Laura quickly shoots down a nerdy guy who approaches her and says she isn’t Laura. Laura continues to shoot down her dates because she is looking for someone hot tempered. A man bumps into Laura and spills a drink on her. Instead of apologizing he yells at her, but Kevin speaks defends Laura. Turns out Kevin is her next date and when she goes to hug him she recognizes his cologne from the crime scene. Before they leave the bar an old man approaches her form the site but she says that she met someone, and kisses Billy.

Ugh, so jealous.

At the police station Kevin admits that he had a date with Krista Chase, the victim, but she texted hi and blew him off at the last minute. He has an alibi and can prove he was at a boy band concert. He confesses that he pays a guru $3000 a month to find him dates and play his wingman. He even picked out Kevin’s cologne. Michael, the guru, helps men land “Dwarves,” divorced and desperate single women and set up his date with Kristen

She finds a woman online that left comments on Michael’s website saying that he should burn in hell, and she emails the woman and meets up with her. The woman admits that she met up with Michael and he took her to a hotel room and raped her. With this news, Laura tells Jake that she scheduled a date with Michael. Of course this leads to an argument between Jake and Laura. Laura accuses Jake of acting like her husband and not her boss, which gets Jake to cave in and allow Laura to meet Michael.  The detectives are at the bar, undercover (but very obvious), and the get Michael's cell phone. Reading his text messages they find messages between Michael and Kristen from the night she was murdered. Giving Laura the signal, she invites him to go back to his apartment for the next part of the plan.

With Laura upstairs with Michael, the detectives try to get into the building, but are locked out and have to wait on the power company to cut the electricity so they can get in. Laura is able to stall Michael by getting him to give her a lap dance. Michael stops giving her the dance and attacks Laura. She is able to take him down and the detectives rush in to the room just in time to arrest Michael.

Jake, who has finally signed the divorce papers, admits to Laura that when he went out with Billy a girl came on to him and kissed him. However, he didn't sleep with her because of Laura. Where was that thinking during your marriage?

Laura doesn't care and says that she has a hot date of her own. Jake doesn't have to know that it was with her two sons, though. Awwwww.

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