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David Morrissey Speaks About The Walking Dead's The Governor

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


10/29/2013 9:06 pm
PopWrapped | Television
David Morrissey Speaks About The Walking Dead's The Governor
Media Courtesy of AMC

Shelby Arnold

Staff Writer

We are three episodes in to The Walking Dead and some fans, such as myself, are eagerly awaiting to see where our villain we love to hate has been hiding in those long, harsh, Georgia winter months. Which villain? If you've been living under a rock since last year, the Governor burst onto the screen of the zombie drama in the episode “Walk With Me” and in doing so, the beloved lead characters met a menace who gave them more emotional scars than I'm sure they'd care to discuss.

Those emotional scars have seemed to heal in the wake of a super virus spreading throughout the Georgia correctional facility that they've called home for almost a year but the threat remains constant. Michonne spent most of the winter tracking the Governor but her leads ran cold. The remaining place to search? Macon. We've since been led astray from that desire for revenge though Daryl also has the eyepatched man in the back of his mind. He did murder his brother Merle after all.

So, the question still remains. When will we see the Governor in full glory? Zap2it posted on the fourth of October that “the Governor's whereabouts will be revealed through two flashback episodes later this season”. What gives? He's the titular villain and David Morrissey, the brilliant actor behind the tortured man, is a series regular this season but he hasn't been in the first three episodes.

It's been mum's the word for a bit around the return of The Governor and from Morrissey who is filming both The Walking Dead and Line of Sight for AMC but recently, he sat down with Den Of Geek and gave his insights on where we left the Governor at the end of season 3 and where we will see him emotionally in season 4.

“There’s [a] tipping switch all the time – there’s a man before his daughter is taken from him and there’s a man that’s after his daughter is taken from him and who is still wanting to listen to the good side of himself, rather than the bad side of himself and I feel that even the final act of season three – it’s not a man who’s happy with that, it’s not a man who’s dealing with that type of massacre in a very cold, calculated sort of sadistic way, it’s a man who’s lost it and lost it big time,” Morrissey said about where his character was after killing half of Woodbury's residents after fleeing the prison.

The actor also spoke about where we started with the Governor in the TV series as opposed to the comic. “In the comic books you start with him being very, very evil right off the bat, you know he’s doing terrible things that we see and I wanted to show a bit more complexity than that, show a man and you see his psychopathic breakdown if you like and how that emerges.”

As for where we're going in season 4 with the character and how far his villainy will reach this season, Morrissey was very mum's the word. He didn't speak of when we'd see the eyepatch (my bet is on the episode “Indifference”) but he did give a little hint at where his head would be when we do see him pop back up on our TV screens. “At the end of season three we saw a man not in a very happy place, you know he’d done this terrible thing and it’s really taken its toll on him, it’s not something he can just let go, he’s not sadistic and psychotic in that way, it’s a different form of psychosis to that.”

Well, we know he's already not quite right in the head. I mean, who keeps tanks of zombie heads in a back room to stare at after having sex with a pretty brunette? Whatever the reason for that little quirk, it's good to know that he's not quite as sadistic as his comic counterpart which has always been my personal draw to the character. He's a demon but he's a product of this world and what it makes people. (Carol anyone?) However you view him, whenever the Governor decides to grace our screens again, it'll surely be a treat regardless.

Expect to hear about or see Morrissey in the upcoming months as he's a very busy man. In addition to wrapping up filming on The Walking Dead, he's also currently filming Line of Sight and has a new two-part mini-series titled The 7.39 which will air sometime in the near future on the BBC.


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