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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

DC's Legends Of Tomorrow: 01x09, Left Behind

Shae Frierson | PopWrapped Author

Shae Frierson

10/22/2016 4:16 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
DC's Legends Of Tomorrow: 01x09, Left Behind | Left Behind
Media Courtesy of WeGeekGirls
The wait is over, Legends! So strap in and get ready for another thrilling episode of DC's Legends of Tomorrow

The last episode ended on a major cliffhanger with half the team being left behind in 1958 while the rest of the team took off with the Waverider, now under Chronos' control . Now, let's see how our band of misfit heroes deals with this situation. 

On the ship, Rip tells Jax and Stein to escape using the jump ship and leave him and Snart to fight Chronos. Jax says he's not sure if the ship will even fly but Stein says that they should merge and help their friends. When they can get there, however, the find Rip unconscious and Snart gone, having been taken by Chronos. Before they can track down the jump ship, Gideon tells him that Chronos has tweaked the navigation system and Rip must reboot her, which leaves the ship, along with its passengers, free falling through time. 

Back in 1958, Ray, Sara, and Kendra wait for the ship to return. Sara doesn't believe that their coming back but Ray doesn't want to give up hope. Sara tells him that Savage is still after them, so they have to keep moving. As the waiting continues, Ray works on a way to signal the ship while the days turn into weeks. Finally, he believes he's finished the beacon but when he turns it on, it goes up in smoke. Ray, ever the optimist, is all set to start another one but Sara tells him that his beacon is a waste of time because the team isn't coming back. She says that they need to accept that the team is probably dead and that they all need to move on in life. Sara decides to leave and tells Ray and Kendra to take care of each other. 

Two years later, Ray is a college professor (apparently to the father of Bill Gates), while Kendra plays the perfect girlfriend. As they celebrate their second anniversary, Ray gives Kendra his time beacon and tells Kendra that they should destroy it together. He's happy with their life together in 1958. Just as he's about to propose, however, the beacon gets a signal and we finally get a glimpse of the not-so lost Waverider. 

On the ship, the team is disoriented but alive and getting detects Ray's beacon, landing in 1960 to pick up Ray and Kendra. Once on board, Rip apologizes for the delay while Ray seems conflicted about being back on the ship after their time in 1958. Jax tells them that Chronos attacked them and Rip says that they need to track down Sara. While Gideon attempts to find her, Kendra asks why Chronos would take Snart instead of Rip, stating that there had to be a reason. 

Which brings us to the jump ship, where Snart is being held prisoner. Chronos tells Snart that his friends survived while Ray argues with Rip about going back to his apartment to get his Atom suit. Ray is upset that Kendra doesn't seem upset about leaving their life together behind. 

Meanwhile, it seems that Sara has decided to return to the League of Assassins and has become somewhat of a prodigy. Back aboard the jump ship, Snart questions why Chronos would take him and Chronos reveals that he's actually Rory. Apparently Snart decided not to kill Rory after all. Instead he knocked him out and left him in the forest where he was eventually rescued and trained by the Time Masters. Rory says that he volunteered to hunt down the team in order to exact his revenge against Snart. 

Back on the Waverider, Ray confronts Kendra about how things changed once they got back on the ship. Kendra says that they were just adapting to an impossible situation but Ray says that he was happy with what he thought was going to be their future together, that being on the ship feels like moving backwards. Then Kendra gets an idea about where Sara might be and realizes that she went back to the League. 

Rip looks through the Shadow Record (a list of League members) to see if Sara's name appears. Rip finds her name on the list and the team heads of to Nanda Parbat to save Sara from Ra’s al Ghul. 

Aboard the jump ship, Rory reveals his plans to go back to Central City and kill Snart's sister over and over again. Thankfully, the ships control system tells Rory that the Waverider has landed in Nada Parbat and he decides to head their first. 

Outside the League, Rip tells the team to be discreet, telling Ray, Jax, and Stein to avoid suiting up. Once inside, Rip approaches Sara and tells him that they've come to save her. Unfortunately, Sara doesn't want to be saved and informs Ra’s about the intruder. Ray wants to suit up and look around but Kendra reminds him that the suit may not even work anymore. Before they can continue their argument, they're confronted in the halls by a team of assassins, lead by Sara who takes all of their weapons and has the team imprisoned. 

Down in the cell, Sara tells them that she's found peace with the League and that they shouldn't have come. After she leaves, Rip says that Sara is suffering from Time Drift, a condition that happens when someone spends too much time in a foreign timeline and loses touch with them their former selves. Kendra realizes that that's why her powers went dormant in 1958. Ray asks why she never told him but Kendra says that she wanted to protect him because he was happy. She says that they're back where they belong and at least if they die here, it'll be for a greater purpose. 

Rip realizes that he can appeal to Ra’s' respect for tradition to help them get out of their current situation. 

Back on the jump ship, Snart questions Rory about his plans, telling him that the Time Masters will dispose of him once he's served their purpose. Snart says that he believes a part of the old Rory is still there but Rory says that he's wrong. 

On Nanda Parbat, Rip demands a trial by combat in order to free his friends and Ra’s agrees. The only catch is that Ra’s tasks Sara to fight and Ray attempts to volunteer but Rip nominates Kendra and, much to Ray's dismay, she accepts. Meanwhile, Snart attempts to free himself from the jump ship.  Kendra and Sara begin their fight and Kendra appeals to Sara's humanity which seems less that responsive. Snart uses a gun to try and shoot through the cuffs while Kendra appears to be losing the fight. In a last ditch effort, Kendra calls Sara the White Canary which stops Sara from killing her. 

Before they can celebrate this victory, Rory comes in as Chronos and starts shooting people. Sara tells Ra’s to free her friends so that they can take on Chronos but he's reluctant. Seeing his league losing, though, he give in and allows the team to fight. Finally, Snart breaks the cuffs (literally shattering his hand in the process) and comes in, just in time, to stop the team from killing Rory. 

After the fight, Rip explains that he and Sara are from the future. Ra’s agrees to release her from the League, especially since her ability to kill is matched by desire for mercy. 

Back on board the Waverider, Rory gives the stereotypical, "I'll kill you all" villain speech but Rip mutes him and asks Snart how Rory is alive. The team wonders why Snart lied to them but Rip says that this give them the opportunity to rehabilitate Rory and keep him on their side.  Snart thinks that Rory is a lost cause but the rest of team agrees to try and save him. Later, Gideon regenerates Snart's hand (which is, you know, pretty awesome) while Ray and Kendra discuss their relationship. Kendra tells Ray that despite wanting to be back on the ship, she's still in love with Ray. She says that no matter where or when they are, she wants to be with him. 

Finally, the team prepares to leave the 60s and head to 2147, just decades before Savage destroyed the world. Although 2147 is filled with lost of danger, the team agrees to go and stop Savage or die trying and the Waverider takes off for Kasnia Conglomerate. 

This episode was full of twists and turns and I loved every minute of it! What did you think? Are you anxious for the next episode? Let us know in the comments!


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