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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

DC's Legends Of Tomorrow: 01x14, River Of Time

Shae Frierson | PopWrapped Author

Shae Frierson

05/10/2016 6:32 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
DC's Legends Of Tomorrow: 01x14, River Of Time | River of Time
Media Courtesy of CW

Welcome back, Legends. Are you ready for another episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow? I know I am! Last week, the team made major strides as they captured Savage and secured a reincarnation of Carter in one fell swoop. Now, let’s see how things go with an immortal psychopath onboard, eh?

We open with a flashback to Rip’s first attack on Savage after he’s been arrested. Rip vows to always rise up against Savage, no matter the time or place. Back on the Waverider, the team disagrees about what to do with Savage. Jax and Ray inform the team that Savage has been using technology from even further in the future than 2166. Rip is pleased by this information, knowing that if Savage has been manipulating the timeline, the Time Masters will finally be on board with taking him out. Rip decides to present him to the Time Council so that he can face justice.

Down in the hold, Rip asks Savage how he gained the ability to manipulate time. Savage says that he learned from Rip after seeing him again, centuries after Egypt. Rip realizes that Savage has been moving through time, making it harder for the team to track him. Savage tells Rip that he’s a Master of Time and Rip has no hopes of defeating him.

Rip sets course for the Vanishing Point while Ray and Kendra visit Carter to try and get him to remember his past lives. Unfortunately, Savage warned Carter about Kendra and he’s not easily persuaded. Sara worries about Rip and questions his decision to push the Waverider beyond it limits. Rip says that it’ll hold up, but the ship seems to think otherwise and it’s time drive begins to fail.

River of Time


Rip sends Sara to secure their prisoners and commissions Jax to fix the ship. Down in the hold, Savage tells Sara that she should be worried about Rip. He says that Rip chose people that he could manipulate but Sara doesn’t believe him. Meanwhile, Jax attempts to fix the ship, unaware of the radiation down in the engine. He manages to fix it but, soon after, he gets hit by a blast of radiation and finds himself in a flashback. Back in Central City, Jax’s mom gives him his dad’s old watch.

Jax regains consciousness on the ship and Gideon informs Rip and Stein that Jax has been exposed to temporal radiation which has caused his organs to age at an accelerated rate, and Gideon is powerless to stop it. Elsewhere, Snart tells Rory that he has a bad feeling that this situation is going to go south.

On the main deck, Gideon tells Rip that Jax repaired the ship but it still needs a reboot. She also tells him that his family’s timeline still hasn’t changed. Sara tells Rip what Savage said and asks him if it’s true. Rip tells him that it is and tells her about what happened to Jax. He tells her that he’s afraid that he subconsciously sent Jax down there instead of going himself because he knew the risks and wanted to remain alive and able to save his family. Sara calls him a bad captain for caring more about himself than his crew.

Kendra and Ray continue attempting to jog Carter’s memories. Kendra shows him a picture of Aldus but Carter attacks her in response. Ray knocks him out and tells Kendra to stay away from him, before going to ask Savage to free Carter’s mind. Savage tells Ray that the moment he does, Kendra will go back to Carter. Ray is still confident that Kendra will choose him. Savage tells him that Kendra once loved him too, but Carter’s reappearance turned Kendra against him. Ray refuses to believe that Carter is the bad guy but Savage tells him that they share a common enemy.

Ray remembers meeting with Felicity at Palmer Tech to tell her about his plans to leave with Rip and hunt down Savage. Felicity tells him that he has life in Star City but Ray says that he can’t truly have one because everyone thinks he’s dead. He tells her that he wants to save the world and she tells him that maybe he’ll find love along the way.

Back in the present, Ray finds Kendra appealing to Carter again, this time with a much more intimate touch and a love poem. Kendra tries to explain what he saw but Ray realizes that he’ll never truly have Kendra’s heart with Carter around. Kendra tells him that Savage is just messing with his head but Ray ends things with her anyway.

In the medical wing, Jax is still aging rapidly. Snart and Rory still want to kill Savage but Jax and Stein are against it. They approach Rip and remind him how dangerous Savage is. Rip says that this is the plan their going with and if they’re not on board, they can leave. (No!) Rory and Snart decide to take him up on the offer, but Sara decides to stay and fight.

River of Time


Sara remembers meeting with Nyssa after she was resurrected and attempting to free her from the League’s prison. Nyssa tells her to leave her behind and Sara, reluctantly, agrees. In the present, Stein visits Savage to ask him to share his immortality with Jax like he did with his followers in the 70s. Savage tells him that Carter’s blood would be needed for the ritual, the acquisition of which would effectively turn Ray and Stein against Carter and Kendra. After speaking with Savage, Stein develops a plan of his own; he drugs Jax and sends him off in the jump-ship, hoping that the trip through time will heal him. Jax tells him that if their separated, Stein will die but Stein already knows and tells him to go live his life.

As he sends Jax’s ship off, Stein remembers a time at S.T.A.R. labs when he said goodbye to Clarissa before joining Rip, hiding his true plans from her. Back on the Waverider, Snart and Rory are upset that Stein sent Jax off in the jump ship, effectively ruining their chance to get home. Meanwhile, Ray visits Savage again and tells him that he’s wrong about Kendra. Savage calls him weak and tells him that if he weren’t in a cell, Ray wouldn’t be so cocky. Of course this prompts dumbass-Ray to enter Savages cell and engage him in a fight. Ray lands a few blows but ultimately loses, setting Savage free within the ship.

River of Time


On the main deck, Rip gets the ship back online and sets course for the Vanishing Point. Ray tells them that Savage has escaped and freed Carter, just as Savage shuts down Gideon’s systems, leaving the team to find their way out of the time stream completely blind. Sara, Rip, and Stein prepare to pilot the ship using maps, with Sara serving as navigator. The rest of team confronts Savage and Carter. Rory, Ray, and Snart take Savage, leaving Kendra to handle Carter.

Rip goes to help the team, leaving Sara to pilot the ship. Meanwhile, the team seems to be losing the fight when Rip shows up to help. Savage knocks him out and prepares to kill Kendra when Carter finally regains his memories and with them, his abilities. He fights Savage off for bit until Savage stabs him, angering Kendra enough for her to knock Savage out. Finally the team reaches the Vanishing Point and are immediately apprehended by the Time Council, with whom Rip requests a meeting.

River of Time


Down in the hold, Savage asks Rip how he escaped from his prison all those centuries ago. Rip tells him that he bribed his guard with a naked lady pen. In the infirmary, Kendra tells Ray that what they had was real, even if it’s over. Ray tells her that she proved to him that he could find someone after his wife and thanks her for helping him move on.

Rip presents Savage to the Time Council and gives them proof of his crimes. Unfortunately, Rip learns that the Time Masters are in league with Savage and he’s taken into custody. Snart tells Sara that they need to hide, once again sensing that things are about to go bad. The Time Masters board the Waverider and apprehend the rest of the team. Savage taunts Rip and heads off to 2166 to kill his family.

Well, that’s not cool! Props to the writers for that freaking evil twist, although it makes sense considering how hard they worked to prevent Rip from changing the dark future. Upside to this episode, Carter is alive and has his memories back (Sorry, Ray). Major downside, all of their efforts seem to have been for nothing. My only hope is that Snart and Sara managed to hide before the Time Masters could arrest them! In any case, I am majorly stressed out and anxious for next week!

But what about you? Were you shocked by the Time Masters’ betrayal or did you call it from the start? Tell us in the comments!


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