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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

DC's Legends Of Tomorrow: 01x13, Leviathan

Shae Frierson | PopWrapped Author

Shae Frierson

10/22/2016 3:59 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
DC's Legends Of Tomorrow: 01x13, Leviathan | Leviathan
Media Courtesy of CW

Get ready, Legends! It’s time for another episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. Last week, the Legends raced through time, collecting their younger selves, in an effort to protect them from the Time Masters and the Pilgrim. Though they managed to escape and ultimately destroy her, they’re now in a race against time as they fight to defeat Savage before they’re erased from their own timelines. Now, let’s see how they fare as they prepare to take on Savage at the height of his power.

The team arrives in London in 2166, three days before Rip’s family was murdered, and are immediately attacked by Savage’s forces. Stein thinks they should take some time to consider a plan but Rip wants to strike as soon as possible. He enlists help from Snart, Sara, and Rory for the attack against Savage, while the rest of the team waits on the ship to extract them, should things go south. Kendra notices that one of Savage’s soldiers is wearing her bracelet. Back in the field, Rip and Sara take on the guards while Rory and Snart take on Savage. Kendra asks Sara to take the bracelet from the soldier but Rip pulls them out before she can.

Back on the ship, Kendra explains why the bracelet is significant and Rip tells them that they need to obtain it, giving their resident kleptos the task of stealing it and Sara the task of training Kendra to use it. Gideon tracks a branch of the resistance and the boys head out to meet up with them. In the rebel camp, Rip offers the team’s help. Jax and Stein head to ship to get food for the children while Ray questions why Rip isn’t trying to get his family to safety. Rip tells him that he tried that before, many times, and they still died every time. He realized the only way to save them is to stop Savage all together.

The leader of the rebels confronts Rip and Ray about their lack of presence in the timeline. Rip tells her that they need to get close to Savage but she says that’s impossible. The camp gets an alert that a neighboring camp is under attack and they arrive to find it decimated. The rebel leader asks them why they think they can take down Savage when the world’s strongest armies have failed.

On the Waverider, Ray suggests that he and Stein investigate Savage’s weaponry while Rory and Snart discuss their plan to steal Kendra’s bracelet—which is basically to march into enemy camps and steal the bracelet off the woman’s wrist. Meanwhile, Kendra and Sara brainstorm ways to use the bracelet as a weapon. Rip tells them to look through Boardman’s research for clues. While looking, Kendra comes across Carter’s uniform. Sara asks her if she ever thinks about him and Kendra tells him that she tries not to. Carter is her past and Ray is her future. Kendra hopes that when Savage is gone, she’ll finally be able to really move on.

Kendra gets a flashback of her and Carter in 1941 on their anniversary. As a gift, Carter decides to teach Kendra how to wield his weapon in case he dies and she doesn’t. He tells her that she has everything she needs to kill Savage alone. In Savage’s camp, the soldier with Kendra’s bracelet is training when Rory and Snart corner her and attempt to steal the bracelet. Before they can, the alarms sound and the woman asks Snart, by name, what they plan to do next.

Snart and Rory bring the woman back to the Waverider, much to Rip’s dismay. The woman reveals that not only does she know who all of them are, but she’s actually Savage’s daughter. The team worries that Savage will strike against them once he learns that they took his daughter. However, Kendra tells them that she knows how to weaponize the bracelet and asks Rory to help her. Still the team must decide what to do with little Savage, aka Cassie, in the meantime. Rory suggests they send her fingers, one at a time, to Savage but the team is against this plan. Snart goes to talk to her in an attempt to get information on Savage.

Obviously, Cassie is slow to give up information. She tells him that her father was the only person willing to stand up to Per Degaton when he decimated the world’s population, making it clear that she’d rather die than betray him. Snart, however, seems to have other plans. Meanwhile, Kendra has Rory melt down her bracelet and uses the gold to coat Carters mace. Rory tells her to be sure that she can actually end Savage’s life because if she’s not, she’ll end up just like Carter.

In Rip’s office, Ray and Stein discover that Savage’s super weapon isn’t an explosive, after all, but a giant robot called the Leviathan. They bring the refugees onto the ship to protect them and Rip prepares to fight. Unfortunately, the Leviathan seems unaffected by the ship’s strikes and tosses the Waverider miles away. Realizing that the passengers are still alive, the Leviathan comes back to finish the job. Rip suggests that they take the jumpship and flee but Stein is strongly against leaving the refugees.

Before he can fully protest, however, he realizes that he was wounded in the crash and is rushed to the medical wing. Stein begs Jax to save the refugees before Gideon puts him under. Snart visits Cassie to convince her that her father isn’t the savior she thinks he is. He takes her to see the refugees and explains that they’re not the radicals she believes they are. He also tells her that Savage released the Armageddon virus, not Per Degaton. Gideon shows Cassie the footage of Savage ordering the virus and she’s forced to see the truth.

Elsewhere, Rip argues with Ray about the situation’s outlook. Ray tells him that he believes in chooses and that they can all chose to fight. Kendra comes in and tells them that she knows how to kill Savage and Snart says that Cassie can help them get in. Ray says that he knows how to stop the Leviathan and Rip is ready to rally for the cause once more. Kendra and Ray say a short goodbye and both head into battle.

Jax tells Ray that his plan is nuts—especially considering that if it fails, Ray will die—but Ray is confident that it’ll be successful. Jax tells Ray that he’s a hero and Ray prepares to take on the Leviathan. The fight continues as Cassie makes her way back to Savage’s camps. He notices her bracelet missing and she tries to lie. When Savage calls her out, she confronts him about releasing the virus and killing her mother. The team intervenes and they prepare to battle Savage’s forces. Meanwhile, Jax coaches Ray through his fight with the Leviathan.

Kendra joins the party at Savage’s camp and she and Savage battle it out as the rest of the team fights off his soldiers. She manages to land a few blows and it’s clear that her weapon is working. Ray also seems to be winning his fight, until the Leviathan lands a devastating blow. While Savage is down, Kendra prepares to deliver the final blow when a soldier comes in and engages her in a brawl. Kendra comes out on top but when the soldier’s helmet falls off, he’s revealed to be another incarnation of Carter (Holy—what the—huh?).

Savage reveals that he brainwashed Carter before he could realize who he was. Kendra prepares to kill Savage for all that he’s done but hesitates when he reveals that he’s the only one who can unlock Carter’s mind and make him remember. Meanwhile, Ray is still down, but Jax tells him that he must choose to live. Back in the fight, Ray lands a devastating punch on the Leviathan and that part of the fighting ends in victory. Rip finds Kendra hesitating to kill Savage and wonders why. She tells him about Carter but he says that if she doesn’t kill Savage, his family will die. Kendra releases Savage and they bring both him and Carter back to the ship. Elsewhere, Snart brings Cassie to the rebel camp and encourages them to let her help the cause.

Aboard the Waverider, Kendra tells Ray about finding Carter while Stein wakes up, nicely healed. Rip goes to confront Savage, who is still pretty cocky. Rip tells Savage that he still has hope for his family and Savage says that time will tell.

Woah, this episode was pretty damn awesome! Finally, we have Carter back, even if it is kind of sucky circumstances. As much as I love Ray, we all knew that eventually Carter would be back and Ray, no offense, doesn’t stand a chance against centuries of history. This is the CW, though, so I’m sure he won’t go down without a fight. I’m also quite positive that Savage will make a really fun prisoner. But as he said, time will tell.

But what did you think about his episode? How do you think that whole Kendra-Ray-Carter situation is going to play out? Tell us in the comments.


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