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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

DC's Legends of Tomorrow: 01x15, Destiny

Shae Frierson | PopWrapped Author

Shae Frierson

10/22/2016 3:47 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
DC's Legends of Tomorrow: 01x15, Destiny | Destiny

Welcome back, Legends! It's that time again! And after last week's episode of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, things are about to get very interesting. If you need a refresher, the team landed at the Vanishing Point, primed and ready to hand Savage over to the Time Masters, only to learn that they've been in cahoots with him all along. Now, let's see how things unfold.

We begin with a flashback to Central City five months ago, as Rip proposes his mission to the team members. Of course, most of them aren't immediately on board. They each go their separate ways with Stein pursuing Jax, urging him come along. But, as you'll remember, Jax refuses. Before Stein can push the issue further, another Jax--the one from the jump ship-- shows up to ask Stein for help.

Meanwhile, in the Vanishing Point, Kendra, Ray, Mick, and Stein are being held captive. Stein's health is deteriorating. Mick tells them that the Time Masters will kill them, but will just turn him back into Chronos.  They ask him why he wasn't mindless as Chronos like he was supposed to be, and he tells them that he held onto his hatred for the team to keep him human. A group of guards comes in to take Kendra and Mick. Kendra fights back but is unsuccessful.

Elsewhere, Rip meets with Zaman. He asks Rip to help him find Snart and Sara but, of course, Rip refuses. Zaman tells him that Savage is actually the world's savior from an alien threat. Seeing that Rip doesn't believe him, he decides to show him something that will convince him.

Back on the Waverider, Sara and Snart come out of hiding. Snart wants to leave but Sara refuses, wanting to help the team. He pulls his cold gun on her and she dares him to shoot her, knowing that he's not the same cold-hearted guy that he used to be. Before that theory can be put to the test, Gideon calls, apparently having uploaded herself into the phone. She tells them that the team is still alive for the moment.

Kendra wakes up on a jump-ship with Savage, en route to kill Rip's family. Meanwhile, Mick endures the induction process yet again as Zaman shows Rip a device called the Oculus. Apparently, the Time Masters have been using the Oculus to manipulate the team into helping Savage "save the world". By that logic, none of the team's decisions or strides have been their own; free will is just an illusion. Rip looks into the Oculus and sees the past and the future, including Ray's death. Zaman tells Rip that they told Savage to kill his family to get Rip angry enough to go rogue and assemble the team.

The guards take Rip down to the cells where he tells Stein and Ray that they've been played. He also tells Ray that he saw him die. Back in Central City, past-Stein helps Jax fix the jump ship while hounding him with questions about the future. Jax refuses to tell him anything, other than that he doesn't die.

Mick completes the induction process and Chronos is reborn. He suits up and is tasked with killing Snart and Sara, who are on a mission of their own. Under Gideon's instructions, they apply devices to each of the Time Masters' ships. In the cells, Ray refuses to give up hope. He tells everyone that as long as Sara and Snart are free, they still have a chance.

On the Waverider, Snart tells Sara about the ring he wears from his first job with Mick, a reminder that plans can fall apart. Gideon gets the time drive back online and Sara and Snart are able to time jump. The Time Masters prepare to pursue, but their systems are overwritten and will only play "Love Will Keep Us Together". Awesome!

Zaman prepares to kill the rest of the team, when they realize that the Waverider landed in the present. Snart comes in, cold gun blazing, but is interrupted by Chronos. Fortunately, Mick is still in control and shoots the guards instead. 

Once on board the Waverider, the Time Master's attempt to lock the ship in a tractor beam but Ray uses Mick's Chronos suit to confuse the system and they break free. In Central City, Jax says goodbye to Stein and forgives him for forcing him into the mission. He tells him that it's the best decision he never made. Meanwhile, Ray and Rip tell the team about Oculus and the control the Time Masters have had over their actions. Ray tells them that they should destroy the Oculus and the team agrees. 

Later, Mick tells Ray not to worry too much about his impending death. Ray asks him how he managed to remain human through the induction a second time. Mick tells him that he focused on the team and how much they needed him (and, of course, threatens Ray to keep him from telling anyone). He tells Ray that if he can survive being turned into Chronos, Ray can survive anything. 

Meanwhile, Snart apologizes to Sara and they discuss the idea of the Oculus controlling them. Sara says she still feels responsible for her actions and Snart says he thinks more about the things he didn't do. He tells her that being on the Waverider has made him start thinking about the future-- including a possible future between the two of them. She tells him that if he wants to steal a kiss from her, he'll have to be one hell of a thief. 

On the main deck, a still sick Stein tells Rip that they still have a chance to win. They arrive at the Vanishing Point and prepare to destroy the Oculus. Unfortunately, the team walks into a trap and are quickly surrounded by Time Master Guards. Zaman orders the guards to shoot, but before they can, Jax arrives in the jump ship and takes them all out. He and Stein merge, and the team heads for the Oculus. 

As Ray prepares to disassemble the Oculus, the team fights off reinforcements. Elsewhere, Kendra and Savage arrive in London 2166, and Savage heads off to kill Rip’s family. Back in the Vanishing Point, Ray tells the team that they have two minutes before the entire building explodes. Rip realizes that this is how Ray dies and warns him against continuing. Ray accepts this possible future and decides to keep working, as the rest of the team continues to fight. 

Before they can finish the job and flee, however, Ray realizes that the Oculus has a fail-safe that must be kept under pressure in order to destroy the Oculus. Ray tells the team to leave without him but Mick has other plans. He knocks Ray out and decides to stay behind instead. Rip shrinks Ray down and evacuates the team.

Outside, Rip tells Snart that Mick decided to stay and Snart and Sara head back for the Oculus. Once inside, Snart apologizes to Mick before knocking him out and taking his place, ordering Sara to get him out. She kisses him, before grabbing Mick and running. The Oculus explodes, taking Snart and the Time Masters with it. 

Aboard the Waverider, the team mourns the loss of Snart, calling him a hero. Gideon tells Rip that the destruction of the Oculus destroyed all timeline data. He asks her about his family, and she tells him that Savage still murdered them. Ray tells Mick that they now have free will, meaning that Snart didn't die for nothing. Mick holds Snart's ring and tells Ray that he still wants revenge, even though the Time Masters are dead. Ray suggests focusing that anger on Savage, and Mick agrees. 

Meanwhile, Savage gets news of the Time Master's demise. Kendra laughs at him, telling him that he's on his own. He tells her that he doesn't need to rule the world; his time ship gives him the ability to change it. 

This is the part where I usually ramble on about my reaction to the episode but all I'm thinking right now is, "What the actual hell?"  I just... I can't... what? Snart? Seriously? No offense to the other characters, but I honestly don't know how this show is going to go on without the wit and magnetism of Leonard Snart. Hopefully the finale has some grand, Snart-saving twist because I just really don't even know how to begin processing what just happened. 

However, if you're having better luck, feel free to share your reactions and/or predictions down in the comments. 



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