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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

DC's Legends Of Tomorrow: 01x16, Legendary

Shae Frierson | PopWrapped Author

Shae Frierson

05/23/2016 7:15 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
DC's Legends Of Tomorrow: 01x16, Legendary | Legendary
Media Courtesy of CW

Welcome back, Legends, to the final episode of the premiere season of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow! After last week’s shocking loss, things are looking a bit bleak. Now, I think everyone is just looking for something to cling to until next season. So, let’s just dive right in, shall we?

We open with the Waverider landing in Star City 2016. Rip tells the team that he’s sending them home. With Savage lost in time and Kendra and Carter in captivity, the mission seems futile. Unfortunately, Rip drops the team 5 months after they left and their all left to pick up the pieces.

Sarah finds her father in the Arrow Cave, where he catches her up on the Damien Darhk situation and breaks the news to her about her sister’s death. Meanwhile in Central City, Mick is back to his old criminal ways. Ray infiltrates one of his heists and they talk. Ray apologizes for Snart’s sacrifice and proposes that they two of them look out for each other.

Stein is back at home with Clarissa, who questions him about his time away. He tells her that during his time, he left some important work unfinished. Stein meets with Jax and the team reconvenes to brainstorm ways to bring the Waverider back. Ray contacts the ship and Rip returns.

The team informs Rip that they refuse to give up on the mission, despite his protests. He agrees to let them come along. Elsewhere, Kendra escapes from Savage in France, 1944. She uses a soldier’s helmet—the same one from Rip’s office—to send a message to the Waverider, moments before Savage finds her and takes her back to the jump-ship.

Back on the Waverider, Sara orders Rip to take her back to save Laurel. He tells her that he can’t allow her to alter the timeline, then knocks her out to stop her protests. While she sleeps, Jax knocks over the helmet on the Waverider and Rip finds Kendra’s note. The team sets course for France.

On the jump-ship, Savage taunts Kendra as Carter awakens. Savage takes blood from both Carter and Kendra, explaining that their blood is the key to unlocking the Thenagarian technology with gave them all their powers. He plans to use it to travel back to 1700 B.C. and make himself a god.

Meanwhile, Sara begs Rip to take her back to save her sister. He tells her that he can’t let her go back, that if she tries to save Laurel, she’ll die, along with Laurel and her father. She tells him that she can’t go on without her sister but Rip tells her that, even though Laurel is beyond saving, Kendra and Carter aren’t. Sara agrees to continue on.



Back in 1944, Savage is confronted by Nazi soldiers when the team shows up and opens fire. As the team occupies both Savage and the Nazi’s, Jax finds the jump ship and frees Kendra and Carter. They’re confronted by a Nazi soldier, but Jax accidentally uses transmutation and disintegrates the soldier’s gun. As they flee, Kendra is shot by one of Savage’s soldiers. As Savage’s forces close in, Rip tells the team to retreat, leaving Kendra to be rescued later.

Aboard the Waverider, the team catches a very confused Carter up on what he’s missed. Carter tells them of Savage’s plans for the Thenagarian technology and Gideon shows the team footage of Savage stealing a Thenagarian meteor from the Nazis. With it, and Kendra and Carter’s blood, he has all the ingredients he needs to rewrite time.

Jax asks Stein to practice transmutation, stating that it could come in handy later. They merge and attempt it again, ever so kindly using Kendra and Ray’s lucky vase. Unfortunately, they only succeed in breaking it. Stein tells Jax that he needs to focus his mind and says not to give up, “The third time’s the charm.” This thought gives him an idea and he believes that he’s figured out Savages plan.

Stein tells the team that Savage plans to detonate each of three meteors in three different times, creating a temporal paradox which would return the earth to the first detonation in Ancient Egypt. They deduce that the explosions will take place in 1958, 1975, and 2021—three years in which the Earth and Thenagar will be in sync. Thanks to that pesky immortality power, Savage has the ability to be in all three places at once.

Savage meets with his past-self in 1958 and relays the plan, delivering Kendra and Carter’s blood. Aboard the Waverider, Stein proposes they kill Savage when he’s effected by the radiation from the meteorites, making him vulnerable and essentially mortal. They devise a plan to split into three teams, sending two people to each time to take Savage down.



Meanwhile, in 2021, Savage relays his plan to a captive Kendra while Rip and Carter wait to save her. At the same time, Mick and Ray wait in 1958 and Stein, Jax and Sara stake out 1975. Savage has plans to procure the final missile from a military group, but goes back on the deal, shooting the soldiers rather than paying them. Then, in all three times, he begins the ritual. The team makes their move, and Carter goes in to save Kendra. He’s shot in the process, angering Kendra enough to release her wings and break free (though I’m surprised she hadn’t already tried that…).

Each group engages in vigorous fighting, with Rip eventually tumbling off a roof. Luckily the Waverider catches him and the fighting continues, with the team kicking Savage’s ass in three different decades. They each land the kill shot, and Rip approaches 2021 Savage to literally twist the knife. Savage taunts Rip one final time about not saving his family, angering Rip enough to finish him off. Ray and Firestorm shut down two of the meteors before they explode, landing in 2021 to disintegrate the last one. Unfortunately, the final meteor seems indestructible.

Rip takes the meteor onto the Waverider, leaving the team in 2021, and tells them that he can destroy the meteor by flying it into the sun. The team urges him not to go through with it, but he refuses their pleas. He tells them that it’s been an honor serving with them and covers his eyes as he approaches the sun.

There’s a bright flash of light and Rip opens his eyes to find his wife and son on the ship with him. He embraces them as the Waverider falls into the sun. Rip wakes up—for real this time—to find Gideon’s systems still intact. She tells him that she’s not ready to die and Rip tells her to prepare to eject the meteorite, praying that the Waverider has enough juice for one final jump.

We flashback to twenty minutes prior, where Rip returns with the Waverider and picks up the team. Back on board, the team prepares to jump back to 2016. Rip tells the team that although their journey with Savage is over, the timeline still needs protecting. He extends a welcome on this journey to any team members who choose to remain.

Back in 2016, Sara says goodbye to Laurel and tells her father that she should stay. He tells her that her work is important—even if he doesn’t really understand it. She promises to keep fighting, this time in Laurel’s honor, and her father tells her that Laurel would be proud.

Stein tells Clarissa that he’s decided to stay in 2016. She tells him that he needs to go, and she and Jax stage an intervention, telling him that he’s meant for more. Clarissa tells him that his life will be waiting when he gets back, and Firestorm is back on board.

Back in Central City, Mick visits Snart (obviously at a point before his death) and tells him that he’s the best guy he ever knew. Mick tells Snart that he’s a hero to him, whether he chooses to believe it or not. Finally, the team reconvenes in Star City, where Kendra and Carter tell the team that they’re not coming. Kendra says her goodbyes to Ray, and she and Carter fly away.



As the team prepares to do the same, another Waverider crashes behind them and a very beautiful, leather-clad mystery man (gloriously played by the amazing Patrick J. Adams), gets off. He tells the team that he’s been sent by Mick to urge them not to get on the Waverider; if they do, they’re all dead. He identifies himself as Rex Tyler (or you DC buffs might know him better as Hourman), and states that he’s a member of the Justice Society of America. And of course, we’re left to ponder that little information bomb until Season 2.

Holy crap! That was a great episode! Can I just say that I’m incredibly glad that they didn’t try to drag that Savage storyline out for another season! It was already getting tired, so I’m looking forward to new threats (and apparently new heroes) next season. Shoutout to the writers for that tiny Snart cameo at the end. This episode kept making me sad, so I was glad to get a little pinch of happiness there at in the final moments. So many things to look forward to next season! One thing’s for sure: Shits about to get real!

So, what was your take on the finale? Any theories about Season 2? Let us know in the comments!



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