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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

DC's Legends Of Tomorrow: 02x01, Out Of Time

Shae Frierson | PopWrapped Author

Shae Frierson

10/18/2016 3:52 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
DC's Legends Of Tomorrow: 02x01, Out Of Time | Time
Media Courtesy of Gamers Sphere

Welcome back, Legends! After months of not-so-patiently waiting, the DC Universe has blessed us with more adventures from our favorite band of misfit heroes! If you missed last season’s finale, let me catch you up: the team finally managed to take out Savage for good before he could complete his devious plan to make himself into a god. Now, with the Time Masters gone, Rip and the remaining Legends must work to protect time from other threats, while also avoiding 1942 for some unknown reason ... Anyone else ready to find out? Then let’s get to it!

We open in Star City 2016, where an unknown man is being chased through City Hall. Eventually, he reaches the lovely Oliver Queen and introduces himself as Dr. Nick Haywood, revealing that he thinks the Legends are in trouble. Once he and Oliver are alone, Nick reveals that he’s been tracking the Legends throughout time as they work to protect it but has recently discovered an anomaly -- a “UFO” seen flying into the ocean near New York City. Apparently, at the same time, there was an atomic bomb detonated in the Atlantic Ocean, three years before the bomb was invented. Oliver realizes that, if the Legends ship met an A-bomb, they’re most likely dead.

Oliver and Nick travel to the Atlantic Ocean where they find the remnants of the Waverider. The ship is empty, save for Mick, who is in the med-bay, preserved in stasis. Nick wakes up Mick -- who doesn’t come gently -- and Mick fills them in on what happened to the others.

A flashback takes us to France in 1637, where the team is working to the protect the king of France from a plot to murder him. While Ray looks after the king, Sara is tasked with watching the new Queen, which naturally ends with the two of them sleeping together as the rest of the team battles the assassins (creepy men in black robes with weapons way too advanced for their time). Once all the assassins are taken out -- by way of rigorous rule breaking (no future technology and all that jazz) -- the team boards the ship, leaving the king and his queen to, you know, seal the deal.

Back on the ship, Oliver urges Mick to hurry up with the story, and he continues. He tells them about the visit from Rex Tyler and how he told them that, if they set foot in 1942, they’d all be screwed. Oliver asks why they would go to 1942 if they knew they shouldn’t.

Back aboard the Waverider, the team celebrates another victory. Sara wonders how the assassins had such advanced weapons, and Jax and Stein agree that they should track down whatever Time Pirates provided them. Rip, to his credit, is more interested in scolding the Legends for their rule infractions. But Sara points out that they’re not the Time Masters, so the same rules don’t apply to them.

Before Rip can respond, the Waverider is caught in a timequake -- or, to use Rip’s words, “a disturbance in the temporal zone caused by an unusually large aberration”. Gideon reveals the source of the aberration was New York City in 1942 (you know, that time they were supposed to avoid), where the Nazis have dropped an atomic bomb, killing millions.

Rip is hesitant to go to 1942, but the team overrules him. Sara heads off by herself, and it’s revealed that she’s been tracking Damien Darhk in an effort to avenge Laurel’s death. Gideon informs her that Darhk was actually in New York in 1942, which pretty much guarantees that Sara’s going to make a move against him. Ray comes and offers to help her through her grief. She says she’s fine, but he clearly doesn’t believe her.

Gideon shows Stein and Ray news reports which reveal that, in the new version of history, WWII lasted two years longer and killed millions more. She also reveals that Albert Einstein went missing just before the New York attacks, leading Stein to deduce that the Nazis must have kidnapped Einstein to help with their evil plot. He and Ray are a little too gleeful as they set sail for New York to kidnap Einstein before the Germans.

Elsewhere on the ship, Rip tasks Jax with tuning up the ship while the rest of the team heads off on their mission. Jax feels like Rip has been giving him busy work but, eventually, accepts the task, if only to keep Mick from getting his hands on his tools. Rip tells him that, if anything goes wrong on the mission, they’re going to need the ship running perfectly.

Outside, in New York, the team heads off to find Einstein while Sara goes off to find Darhk. Ray decides to follow her, just in case she needs help (that tiny ATOM suit does come in handy). At a cocktail party at Columbia, Stein fangirls over Einstein (who seems to be a bit of a creepy uncle, if you know what I mean). The Legends make their move on Einstein -- not without opposition from the Germans who planned to do the same.

Meanwhile, Ray confronts Sara about her vengeful mission. Darhk arrives, and they realize that he’s working with the Germans, providing the Uranium needed for their A-bomb. Sara still wants to kill him before he can kill Laurel, but Ray tells her that they need to let him go, so he can lead them to the Uranium later.

Back aboard the ship, Gideon informs the team that kidnapping Einstein did nothing to stop the Nazis from dropping the bomb. They realize that the Nazis must have found another source. Stein talks to Einstein, who, after some shock upon realizing he’s aboard a time machine, reveals that his ex-wife Mileva was integral in all his research.

The team reconvenes and discusses what to do. Ray reveals that Sara has been tracking Darhk, who, coincidentally, is exactly who they need to find in order to stop the bomb from taking out New York. Sara scolds him for always being the “Boy Scout” and tells him that, without his suit, he’s just a self-righteous rich guy. Ray claps back by saying that his suit is the only way they can track Darhk and find Mileva. Since Darhk has spent so much time near Uranium, Ray’s suit can track the radiation.

At the docks with the Nazis, Mileva completes the bomb, and Darhk tasks her with detonating it when the time comes. Meanwhile, the Legends (and Einstein) are on the scene and prepare to attack.  Fighting between the team and the Nazis ensues, as Sara takes her chance to go after Darhk. Ray tries to shut down the bomb, but his suit can’t handle the radiation. Rip calls the forces back to the ship, and Sara is forced to abandon her fight.

Back on the ship, Mick is injured. Rip tells Jax that the mission isn’t over, as the Nazis still have the nuke and plan to bomb New York from underwater. He also gives Jax another ship-related mission. When Jax gets annoyed again, Rip quizzes him about the ship, and Jax realizes that Rip has been grooming him to take care of the Waverider should he no longer be with them. Jax dismisses this possibility pretty quickly.

The words “time scatter” scroll across Jax’s tablet, but, when he asks Rip what that is, Rip only says that it’s a last ditch option he hopes to never use (which pretty much guarantees that it’ll be used before the episode is over). The Waverider dives into the ocean, hot on the heels of the Nazi U-boat.

When Darhk and the Nazis launch the nuke, Rip tells the team that they’re going to use the ship to absorb the blast. Unsure of whether or not the ship can handle the blast, Rip hits the "time scatter" button, sending each Legend (save for the injured Mick) to different times and places throughout history.

After leaving Mick in the med-bay, Rip says goodbye to Gideon, and the bomb hits the ship. Back in the present, Oliver asks where Rip is, but Mick has no idea. What he does know is that it’s up to him to find the rest of the team. Since Oliver can’t go himself (being super busy mayor-/vigilante-ing), he suggests that Mick take Nick along to help track everyone down. Mick and Nick (this name rhyming thing is fun!) set off across time, picking up Legends along the way. They find Ray 70 million years ago, running from a giant T-Rex. Both Jax and Stein are in 821, about to be beheaded by a spoiled English prince who has grown tired of his “wizards” and their magic mirror. Sara, of course, ends up in 1693 in Salem, where she’s being tried as a witch for having “corrupted” some of the local girls.

The only person they’re unable to track down is Rip. Gideon reveals that even she doesn’t know where Rip is, but she does play them his final message. In it, he apologizes for scattering them and says that he hopes to see them again. He tells them that they’re the best team a captain could hope for and tasks them with sticking together and protecting history as a team.

The team reflects on the loss of Rip and speculates as to what to do without him. They all agree to keep going and track down the rogue time traveler who’s been interfering with time. Ray wonders if the rogue will just go back in time and kidnap the Einsteins again. Nick suggests that they safe guard the Einsteins by getting Albert to admit that Mileva contributed to his work (and, as Mick so eloquently puts it, not “be a jerk”).

Aboard the German U-boat, the Nazis are less than satisfied that their plan to blow up New York failed. When the leader tries to shake down Darhk for another bomb, he reveals his partner -- the freaking Reverse Flash -- who kills the Nazis. They share a villainous greeting and prepare for more nefarious plans.

Back in 1942, Sara apologizes to Ray for the hurtful things she said earlier, who promises that they’ll get justice for Laurel. As the team prepares to board the Waverider, they’re apprehended by a group of superheroes, who identify themselves as the Justice Society of America.

Final Thoughts

Wow! That was an amazing start to what I’m hoping will be an incredible second season. I loved how comfortable everyone seemed with the rest of the team and how they seem to be finding their stride as a unit. I’m just going to ignore the fact that Rip is gone because I refuse to believe that it’s permanent. He’ll be back ... right? Side note: did anyone else not miss Kendra and Carter at all in this episode? It actually took me a minute to realize that the team was even missing anyone (except Snart, I could never forget him!). I think the team functions pretty well without them, so I definitely won’t be too sad if they don’t return. In any case, I’m looking forward to the rest of this season, and I can’t wait to see how the rest of the DC Universe mixes with this crazy bunch of Legends!

Until next week, Legends! And don’t forget to tweet us your reactions and predictions for the season!


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