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Gaming PopWrapped | Gaming

Dear Rockstar Games: Here's My GTA V Online Wishlist

Alina Martinez | PopWrapped Author

Alina Martinez

08/31/2015 4:36 pm
PopWrapped | Gaming
Dear Rockstar Games: Here's My GTA V Online Wishlist | gta v
Media Courtesy of vcpost

We all have come to recognize my favoritism for the Grand Theft Auto franchise; I even have a wishlist about the online aspect of the game. I have listened to my online friends' concerns over the game, and let me be the voice that helps bring the problems to light - please Rockstar Games, hear us out!

Passive Mode: I can not stress enough how ridiculously stupid and annoying it is for players to abuse the ability of Passive Mode. Sure, we can still run over these "passive" players, but the time it takes for them to exit the mode and shotgun us down is really frustrating. There should be a time limit to how long we are able to be in Passive, I think we should take it out all together. Come on now this is GTA V; we take each other down, that is the entire point.

Apartments: I love the idea of these high-end apartments, but what I want is to make it mine! Let me have the ability to choose the couch I want, my type of bong, my bed, the style of my house (not all of us like a modern layout). Hell, throw a house my way! There were rumors of mansions, but that never occurred. I wanted a house so bad, I bought that 6-car garage house near Vinewood Hills. When did an apartment become more "rich" then a house? The houses we do get look like crack-houses and they are absolutely run down and scary to look at, plus they don't provide the garage space we need!

Customization: I want colored hair so bad! Next gen consoles got the colored hair, why not the Xbox 360? It's quite unfair; I mean seriously guys, why not just give the options to all of us? Tattoos are definitely something I wish we had the ability to customize and actually be able to choose where they are placed, instead of pre-set locations on the body.

This is all I can think of so far at the top of my wishlist. What is your wishlist for GTA V Online, do you agree with me? Do you want more? Let me know guys! Happy Gaming!


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