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Death Knows No Bounds In Series Premiere Of 'Forever'

Shannon Beaty | PopWrapped Author

Shannon Beaty

09/23/2014 9:35 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Death Knows No Bounds In Series Premiere Of 'Forever' | forever
Media Courtesy of Wikipedia
Forever Courtesy of: Wikipedia
Up until about a week ago, I have to admit I knew nothing of Forever. I assumed it was involved in some cheesy "Kay Jewelers" commercial (every kiss does NOT begin with k, it begins with unbridled lust and sweat-inducing fear) so I pretty much tuned it out. Then I saw a couple friends "like" the show's page on Facebook. I see it more and more and more.... and eventually the curiosity monster demanded to be fed. He prefers pizza and beer, but all I had was my tv. Henry Morgan (Ioan Gruffudd) is like, the most handsome re-dead/un-dead guy ever. He's charming, brilliant, a snappy dresser as well as full of so many feels that you'll need about 20 storage units to store all the feels he gives you, both PG and well, NC-17. It's the accent; I can't help the lust, please forgive me now. Kudos to ABC for catering to people like me, who attach so easily to characters who are intelligent, witty, and gorgeous. We meet him in bustling New York City checking out his shiny gold pocket watch (ooooh foreshadowing, thou art a tricky bitch). He hops on the subway and commences to slyly hit on a Russian cellist. And how does he do it? Well, Mr. Morgan channels a bit of Sherlock Holmes, picking her appearance apart in the most flirtatious way possible. And just as he scores a date with her, the subway train goes barreling into another train, killing the gorgeous cellist as well as Mr. Morgan himself. No happy ending there, I daresay. 200 years ago Henry was on board a ship taking care of a slave with cholera. The captain orders the slave overboard,  because apparently cholera is the end all for diseases, and the admirable Henry stands up for the slave. One bullet and a deep swim later, Henry becomes immortal. Ta da! While this bothers me a bit, Gruffudd swiftly distracts me away from the thought with his enchanting voice-over. I also have the attention span of a goldfish, so we have to factor that in as well. Post-mortem we find that Henry is always reborn into the nearest body of water. And he's always naked (+10 points to the writer who put that in the story). It was upon this untimely death I decided I was going to keep track of each and every death of his, along with details. This shall henceforth be known as *drum roll*: the Post-Morgan (I'm too punny for my own good). We are currently at 1 (as far as we know) and the culprit was a nice shiny subway handlebar to the chest. Ouch. He has no idea how he's made this way. What matters though, is that it happens over and over again... and as Henry says "the pain is real." I guess immortality isn't all it's cracked up to be? He's loved and lost, but luckily for him he's got Abe (YAY JUDD HIRSCH), who knows Henry's deadly little secret. Next up we meet the hardass that is Detective Jo Martinez (Alana de la Garza), who is running to work a tad late after a one-nighter. We learn she retains some voicemails and photos of another man on her phone, and as a look of sadness and longing crosses her face, it is to be realized that she's no adulteress. She too, has lost. Sadface. She investigates the subway crash that Henry was on, setting up the confusion to come. Henry and Abe arrive home? Yeah, let's call it home. It's a pawn shop, let's be honest. Henry has a nice little death-themed man cave downstairs where he documents his list of demises, as he has for over 200 years. The more research you have, the closer you are to finding the answer to something, right? Apparently not, or else this show wouldn't exist. Cut to Henry Morgan, the best damn CSI in all of NYC arriving at work. His co-worker Lucas (Joel David Moore) is my new favorite awkward tv nerd, and he brings a nice dash of comedy to the morgue. Lo and behold, Martinez shows up to ask the train conductor's cause of death. She pretty much does a rain dance (okay, that's a lie) to ensure that the conductor merely had a heart attack so that the case doesn't turn into a massive homicide. Before giving her the news, he also goes all Sherlock on her: "Sorry for your loss, detective." "I'm sorry I think you're confused, I didn't know of the victims." "No, I meant your husband." Wedding ring mark, but no ring on the finger, as it's on a chain around her neck. Drinking is a recent development, as you're all Squinty Mcgee. Oh, Henry. I adore you already. BUT as someone who adores the delight that is BBC's Sherlock, I can see how people would get upset with the rip-off. For now, I don't care. Ioan Gruffudd. He explains to her that no, the conductor did not die of a heart attack, but instead of being poisoned. AND THE PLOT THICKENS! Suddenly the phone rings and it's a friend calling. But Morgan doesn't have friends, since he's like, undead and all. The man on the other line questions him, explaining that he knows his mystery, and asking how on earth someone could survive the subway crash he was in. The call ends with an ominous "You know what you are, and now I do too." *click* THE THICK PLOT THICKENS MORE! Panic mode sets in as Henry tells Abe it's time to skedaddle, they've been caught. Brussels? France? Deutchland? Where shall we go, dear companion? Abe basically tells him to grow a pair and face this threatening phone call head-on. After listing off all the ways he's been a human guinea pig to scientists over the years and why running is the best way to go, Abe convinces him to stay and most importantly to 


Let the revenge plotting begin! Martinez is back at the station reviewing subway train footage. And guess who she spots on the train? Yup. Morgan arrives at work and finds a mysterious letter that was hand delivered. Of course Lucas has no idea where it came from, and that's probably in his best interest for now. Inside the envelope? A sepia colored photo of Morgan and his former flame Abigail.... dated for the 1950's. He loved her, damn did he ever. She knew his fate. So now that's THREE people who really know who they are, two of which are still alive. Hmmm.... Lucas spots a weird photo on Henry's desk with a lovely little cryptic message that basically screams "I'MMA PROVE YOU'RE IMMORTAL, HOMESKI." In order to figure out who the mystery person is they have to know how the poison got into the conductor. But alas, toxicology reports won't be back for quite a while and there's no time to waste when a psychopath is on the loose. Henry whips out a vial of blood..... poisoned blood. Yes, this is really happening, much to Abe's dismay. They retreat into the man cave, pump the poisonous blood into Henry and voila, death #2! I mean, he used himself as a test. HE KILLED HIMSELF FOR SCIENCE AND LIVED TO TELL THE TALE! I love this. Aconite: the poison du jour. Hurts like hell until death, so be sure to avoid that. After retrieving Henry from the deep blue, they come back to home base to find Martinez sniffing around. She takes him into the police station to question him. She explains he's got a weird-ass man cave (or as he refers to it 'laboratory', in his ah-maz-ing accent) with torture devices and such, one of which is this weird black mask. He replies "Oh those are for sex. Sometimes you need to push the envelope.".... That sound you just heard was thousands of women's thighs slapping together in excitement. Including mine. Anyway, once the blood rushed back to my brain, I caught Martinez letting Henry off the hook because well, he's not guilty. Duh. Henry gets to work figuring out how to find the killer. The poison injection site is behind the ear... a little bit of science and suddenly a fingerprint appears. Meanwhile, people downtown at the station are looking into Henry, who apparently was a former grave digger. He crashes their 'that dude is creepy' party to show Martinez the fingerprint. Go go gadget policework! They take a field trip to the fingerprint owner's house and there's this cute little greenhouse full of aconite, as well as a garage full of poisons and flasks and bunsen burners that would make Walter White quiver in delight. Suddenly the garage door raises and creepy aconite man comes home. Martinez goes after him and he splashes some of the searing poison on her. Henry does some quick thinking to make sure the poison doesn't seep into her system by grabbing something super flammable, lighting her hand on fire and then putting it out in a sink. Swear to everything that is good in this world, if you put him on a white horse in shining armor, I'm gonna lose it. They find out this poison man has been planning his crime for a while, which makes Henry's gorgeous brow bend in thought. Nope, buddy, he's not your mysterious caller. Martinez and Morgan (OMG can I make M&M a thing!?) go out for a drink, she explains she looked into him, and wants to know about the watch he was holding. Long story short, he lies to her about its origin, but gives away that it came to him as a gift from someone very dear. He in return asks about her husband, who apparently died of a heart attack while on a treadmill. What is up with the whole heart attack thing, writers?? A phone rings; they found some more posion in the garage, but now this time the quantity is much less. He's on the move! Henry uses his years of experience (cue the flashback) to realize the poison man is off to Grand Central Station. Naughty. They arrive and of course, the place is hoppin' with all sorts of innocent people. On the ceiling Henry sees the crab pattern he observed in the poison garage. And he notices the vents next to the pattern. They get up to the roof and there's the poisoner about to throw a bunch of smelly stuff into the air vents.... but not before he pumps Martinez full of lead. Well, a single bullet, but still. Henry and his eternal balls of steel confront poison man, who is forcing him to help poison everyone. He's hellbent on revenge against the transit authorities, so why not kill innocents, right? While Henry is trying to talk the crazy  man out of killing him, Martinez is on the ground bleeding out, vision blurry from the loss of blood. Henry is shot, and she sees him go down. Shit. Henry is like "um yeah, not today...." gets up, grabs crazy poison man and throws the two of them off a building. Death #3: gravity is a bitch. Martinez wakes up in the hospital and sees Henry, wondering how on earth 1) she's alive and 2) how he's alive since she thinks she saw him fall off that roof. Oh girl, you have no idea what you're getting into. Phone rings. Phones are bad, this is what I've learned. Yes, it's phone man. He knows about the fall. Apparently this man is eternal as well, as he claims he cannot die either. However, instead of being a benevolent British love boat, he's well, a psycho. "We're soulmates Henry. We've got eternity together. Might as well have some fun with it." OH JUST SHUT UP ALREADY. Also, someone take the phonebook away from him, sheesh. As the episode wraps up, we find Abe. But itty bitty Abe. While serving in the Army in a war, Henry happens upon Abe...... yes, the older man is Henry's adopted child. How can that not get awkward when you're helping your child buy denture cream when you're still young and fresh. Oh, and he meets the love of his life. So much smiling, such happy feels! Let them live on for forever! Yeah, I did that. A new crime pops up and Martinez requests Henry specifically to be her medical examiner. I give it 10 episodes before they boink. Or, I hope so at least. The next episode premieres here in a little bit. The normal nights will be Tuesday, at 10est. So let me go finish my laundry so that I can get sucked back into this potentially wonderful story. What did you guys think!? Are you tuning in tonight?

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