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Diamond Purses Are A Girl's Best Friend On This Week's 'Castle'

Mairéad Scahill | PopWrapped Author

Mairéad Scahill

03/20/2015 1:27 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Diamond Purses Are A Girl's Best Friend On This Week's 'Castle' | Castle
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We all know losing a purse can cause a lot or problems, and now so does Castle. Now, let’s recap “Private Eye Carumba”. In this week’s episode, a young telenovela star on the rise is killed on her way home. Her skull is bashed in with a pipe and she lies bloody, and dramatically, on the ground. While the NYPD deal with the case, Beckett worries about Castle and his new P.I. gig. He isn’t getting as many interesting cases as he would hope, even with his new kick-ass website. So after discovering the body and visiting the set to meet her co-stars and boss, Beckett suggests the victims co-star hire Castle to find the purse that was lost by the victim. And we learn a very important fact: Eposito is a huge telenovela fan. Moving on, Castle hunts for the purse, trying to find out the whereabouts of the vic the previous night to find the purse. After some persuasion of the financial kind, the concierge at the show she attended informs Castle she left in a white limo. Castle eventually tracks down the white limo, while the NYPD gang find a partial print on the victim’s neck and also discover she met the daughter of a diplomat at the show and they exchanged a USB flash drive. So, Castle tracks down the limo by looking up its vim number, after he is threatened with being fired and gets caught with Beckett in a little P.I. role play. When he arrives at the danbridge group and climbs into the limo looking for the purse, he is held at gun point. Not the only time either. But we’ll get to that. Thankfully, Ryan and Esposito turn up in the nick of time before Castles neck and a knife get acquainted. Turns out the print belonged to the man who held up Castle at gun point. So Castle goes back to the opera house, after the man with many the weapon tells him the victim had no purse. He finds said purse in the trees in front of the opera house and calls his client with the good news. Except, after she hired him declaring it was a designer boutique purse that needed to be returned, it was a knock off. And for the second time in one episode, Castle is held at gun point. Private I can’t even. So Beckett and the boys question her, and discover the flash drive is a dongle with an encryption key for an account with $100 million dollars to start up a new female-run telenovela studio. We discover that the showrunner of the victim’s show killed her for trying to leave him in the lurch, and Castle discovers he really is very good at the P.I. game. So, PopWrappers, liking the Castle P.I. arc? Loving Ryan channelling Castle conspiracies? Let us know.

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