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Dianna Agron Talks About Life Growing Up In San Francisco As She Receives A Close To Home Award

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


11/19/2013 5:41 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Dianna Agron Talks About Life Growing Up In San Francisco As She Receives A Close To Home Award
Media Courtesy of Napa Valley Film Fest Flickr Account

Heather O'Connell

Content Editor

Dianna Agron was honored with a Rising Star Award at the Napa Valley Film Festival over the weekend in Napa, California. It was a considered a homecoming of sorts for Agron as she grew up in San Francisco, which isn’t far from Napa.In an interview with she made it very clear that she was very excited and honored to be getting an award so close to home. “I think it'll be really fun. I get to have my family there and don't have to have them travel too far. Being from the Bay Area, when something so close to home wants to throw something so lovely at you, it's extra special. It'll be a great weekend.” She also tweeted the Napa Valley Film Festival thanking them for the award: Before settling in San Francisco though she moved around a lot as a child because of her father’s job as a hotel manager. In one recent interview with Independent, ie she spoke about her time as a child in San Antonio, Texas and the strange interactions she had with children when she lived there. "When I moved to San Francisco I was nine, and I remember, when I'd been living in San Antonio, at break, you would go and play sports with all the boys. So I remember at recess going up to the other girls and being like, do you play basketball and soccer? And they were all looking at me like I was an alien. With the BOYS? I think one girl was actually doing her nails, they were the most sophisticated young people ever. And I thought it was so strange." The interactions weren’t just strange though, for Agron they also became personal as some of the children teased her over her religion, and made her feel like she didn’t belong there. "Slowly by the end of the year, I'd become friends with the girls and more people – there would be girls that would go play basketball or go play soccer and I remember feeling like such an outsider at first, but breaking through that wasn't that hard in San Francisco. But I was teased a lot in Texas. I was Jewish and that was strange to people." Despite her troubles in San Antonio she had no trouble making friends in San Francisco,  as she even ended up as homecoming queen though she insisted that “it wasn’t because she was cool”, but because “people would vote for who they liked”. She thinks she was liked because she was really involved in school and nice to everyone. Being a homecoming queen one can only assume that she had to be in the know about all the popular trends, movies, and tv shows, but she actually lived a pretty sheltered life growing up. So if she wasn’t watching the latest films and television what she watching? Old musicals and I Love Lucy. One might say that the way she grew up is why she became the performer she is today and why she aspires to be as inspirational as the stars she grew up watching. "The people that I loved the most were Audrey Hepburn, Lucille Ball, Leslie Caron and Sophia Loren. It was a very specific style back then, and it did feel like such a fairytale to be involved in movies, particularly when they were so fantastical. You watch them and it's just a different era. I think that was very helpful to me and why I wanted to pursue it." While Agron has aspired to be a performer she knows that negative things come with the territory, like photographers following her around, but she tries to focus on the positives of her career choice over the negative. “This job is full of positive things, be it charity work or getting to travel the world or just plain doing what you love. So not everything can be sunshine and roses. Every job has its ups and downs, and hopefully more ups than downs. For the most part, my job doesn't really seem like a job. It just seems like make-believe and a whole lot of fun.” One positive thing that she’s made out of her career is her popular website You, Me & Charlie. Why did she decide to create the site? When I was first on "Glee" and I had a Tumblr page, I would post books I was reading or music I was listening to, and people really responded so well to that, so I just wanted to open it up and have it be more of a community. It's been a really positive thing for me. I grew up in San Francisco, so I was so lucky to have access to so many different types of music and film and things of that nature. It can be hard to filter through, and find, especially the indie stuff - that's what You, Me & Charlie really focuses on, kind of the up-and-coming or the undiscovered.” Speaking of up and coming Indie stuff Agron has a new Indie film in the works that she’s actually just tweeted about leaving to start filming for this Wednesday.The film is one that we reported on recently called “Conspiracy on Jekyll Island,". There is still no word on who she’ll be playing in the film, but when more information is available you can be sure to check it out here! We’d like to congratulate Ms. Agron on her award and if you’d like to see more from the lady herself be sure to be following her on Twitter, YM&C, and her NEW Instagram account.


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