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Did Lindsay Lohan Inspire An Elton John Song? John Shares Details

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


09/15/2013 3:39 am
Did Lindsay Lohan Inspire An Elton John Song? John Shares Details

Valerie Amineh

Staff Writer

Elton John’s new album The Diving Board, set to release on September 24th.

The album began production in early 2012 and is supposed to detail a narration of Elton John’s life, aging and transitioning/dealing with fame through out his life.

John hasn’t released an album in seven years and this album will be the second since 1979 that doesn’t feature any of his regular band members.

Elton told The Sun that he wrote one particular song, The Diving Board, with actress Lindsay Lohan in mind.

He regrets that he thought of her when he wrote but wrote the song to illustrate the trouble young teen stars have when they mature into adults in the spotlight. He says that he “abhors” celebrity culture and the lost of identity that he experienced with his own fame.

Elton says that Lindsay “…has a talent, she was a great actress, and then it became all about the madness, the parties and everyone forgets about what put them there in the first place - they get lost in the idea that they are famous for who they are, not what they are.” Elton, among other stars, urged Lindsay to seek rehab back in 2010.

In July, Elton John canceled a series of concerts in July in order to have his appendix removed. Hopefully this means he is on the road to good health.

Elton is due to perform at the 65th Annual Emmys on the 22nd of September, and also headline the iHeartRadio festival in Las Vegas.


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