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Did Miley Cyrus Really Shock Will Smith And His Family With VMAs Set?

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


08/27/2013 4:20 am
Did Miley Cyrus Really Shock Will Smith And His Family With VMAs Set?

Sarah Goddard

Staff Writer

The internet was flooded yesterday with photo’s, tweets, Facebook comments, news outlet reports, and gossip sites having a field day with making their reactions to the now famous Miley Cyrus/Robin Thicke VMA’s Performance, very publicly known.

One image that went viral rather quickly was the screenshot of Will Smith and his family, reportedly reacting to said performance.

Well it has come to light today that the photo that set the internet ablaze was actually taken at the start of the show during Lady Gaga’s opening performance of “Applause.”

But what about Jada Pinkett Smith’s reaction, you may ask. Well, what looks like a gasp of shock is an innocent nose scratch.

In fact, a GIF has now surfaced showing moments before the still image was taken that clearly shows Will and Willow enjoying Gaga’s performance. 


MTV have responded to claims that the image is the family’s reaction to Cyrus’ performance by saying:

But here’s the thing: Despite what your favorite blog may have told you, it turns out that the Smiths weren’t responding to Miley’s over-the-top antics … they were watching Lady Gaga’s show-opening performance of “Applause.” And it seems they liked what they saw.

In fact, we captured the whole thing on one of our VMA All Access cameras… and, as you can clearly see, Jaden, Willow and dad Will were digging Gaga’s performance. Willow, in particular, goes nuts when “Applause’s” anthemic chorus hits, and, at the end of the song, they all followed the tune’s instructions and clapped loudly for the Mother Monster.

MTV have also released their unedited footage from the Audience Cam saying “this year, we endeavoured to bring you everything from the VMAs, and so, here’s unedited footage.” 

So, just remember folks, just because you saw it or read it on the internet, things are not always necessarily what they seem.


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