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Did PopWrapped's Fave Survive Night Three Of The Battle Rounds On The Voice?

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


10/21/2013 10:54 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Did PopWrapped's Fave Survive Night Three Of The Battle Rounds On The Voice?
Media Courtesy of NBC

Bec Heim


Erika Rivera

Managing Editor & Senior Editor

Hello my fellow Voice fans!

We’re back to another week of Battle Rounds.

With Blake out of the stealing game and Christina and Cee-Lo down one, it’s going to be interesting to see where this ends up.

So let’s get this started.

Bec's Take:

“Harder To Breathe” Josh Logan versus Michael Lynch: Christina paired them because they have a lot of soul to their voice. So she picks one of Adam’s songs, which is jam-packed with lyrics. Christina gets frustrated with how they don’t know all the lyrics. Michael Lynch still honestly doesn’t know all the lyrics. She tells them that they have to learn their stuff. They also need to perform. Josh has a lot of grit and roughness. Michael sounds much clearer with nice glory notes. I do think that Michael is having trouble with the energy and the quick pace of the song. He sounds out of breath. Josh, however, seems more relaxed and chill. It’s an interesting pairing of contrasts. I can’t call a clear winner actually. I like both of their styles. Cee-Lo loved their effortless confidence and cool. He thought that Josh sounded close to Adam but loved Michael’s energy. Blake thought that Josh could be overpowering but liked Michael’s energy. Adam thought that they did an amazing job. He picks Josh as his favorite. Christina agrees with everyone.


“Best I Ever Hard” George Horga Jr versus Juhi: I’m rooting for George. Juhi underwhelmed me if I remember correctly. Cee-Lo paired them because of their similarities sensibilities. Juhi gets really squeaky and it’s really not my thing. It’s really annoying. This is the top of George’s register. Miguel tells Juhi that she needs to enunciate. I think she needs to stop with the squeakiness. I don’t think they mesh well together. Oh and the squeaks appear. I like and prefer George even if he had a wonky start. Juhi gets crazy eyes and her style annoys me. So I’m admitting my bias. Adam is impressed by George’s resilience. He thinks that Juhi has more range. Both of them do require more work though. Blake picks Juju. I guess not liking the style thing is just me. Christina likes her cool vibrations and inflections. Christina thought that George was good. I think George is on the chopping block.

WINNER: George Horga Jr.

Adam STEALS Juhi. George is adorably excited for her. He wants to help her become better. A


“To Love Somebody” Austin Jenckes versus Brian Pounds: Another guy that totally underwhelmed me. Austin reveals he is a HUGE Cher fan. Blakes gives them a cross-genre Bee-Gees song. Brian is intimidated a bit by Austin. Cher tells Austin to start a little bit slower less is more. Blake tells Brian to get lost in the moment.  Cher tells Austin to stay on the microphone. Brian wants to do it without a guitar. Cher thinks Brian needs to stretch himself more. I prefer Austin’s smoother tone with necessary moments of oomph. Brian also has great control with his voice.  Christina enjoyed it but picked based on emotional connection with Austin. Cee-Lo said that Brian missed some moments for connection while Austin was person and personality. Adam agrees with Austin.


“Counting Stars” James Irwin versus Matt Cermanski: Adam is pitting two returning artists together. James needs to push it out more. Matt is feeling a bit underconfident. I think I may give it to Matt. James needs to bare himself a bit more. Matt needs to loose his security blanket of a guitar. Both of them are pretty good. I think the performance lacks a bit of energy. This is a really energetic song. So I was expecting some more energy. Their voices also fade out a bit. Blake thought they got better as the song with on. James said that his notes will hit people in the voice. He thinks that Matt has more precise style. He goes with James. Christina thought that Matt ended it the strongest. Cee-Lo thought James took it but agreed with Matt’s “fuller” voice. Adam called them the “comeback kids” and thought it was flawed.


“Not Ready To Make Nice” Destinee Quinn versus Lina Gaudenzi: Christina paired them based on their soft sensibilities. I don’t remember Destinee. Lina I kind of remember. Christina says they both need conviction. Ed thinks they need to focus on the emotion of it. It really doesn’t sound good. Plus they’re both sound nervous and are swallowing their words. Destinee is struggling with harmony. Both of them are struggling with nerves. Christina shows them how it’s done with an impromptu performance. Personally neither of these girls are impressing me. I’m sorry this is just not my cup of tea tonight. I like Lina’s voice. I feel like it’s more versatile and I like versatility. I just find this song and performance boring. Cee-Lo thought they gave a good performance. He picks Destinee. Adam thought that the emotion was there but there were technicalities. He picks Lina. Blake gives them a free pass on the technical issues and picks Lina.


Hey! I was not expecting that. Adam hits the button because he saw the potential.


“Radioactive” James Wolpert versus Will Champlin: NOOOOOO!!!!!!! I really like BOTH OF THEM! Adam you are cruel man and I hate you so much. It’s the Battle Of The Male Michelle Chamuel’s. Seriously. He pairs them because they are cut from the same musical cloth. Will needs to work on the upper registers. James need to focus on the emotion of the song. He is also over-using his vibrato. Damn them. They are both so freaking good! I can’t give one the edge. I love them both so much. Ugh. I hope the “loser” gets stolen. Blake thought James was the surprise given the song choice. He thought Will was a musical badass but goes with James. Christina thought Will had the more solid and consistent performance. She thought that James was pushing a little too hard. She picks Will. Cee-Lo likes James because he was so unassuming. Cee-Lo picks James. Adam thought they both did a really good job.


Last minute save from Christina! Will was really surprised. Christina praises his consistency.


Erika's Take:

Team X-Tina: Josh Logan Vs. Michael Lynch: Rocker Dad takes on the Latin Pop wannabe. Christina gives them Maroon 5's "Harder To Breathe".  I hope they don't try to imitate Adam's vocals. I feel like they might. Ed's kinda a quiet mentor. Christina gets frustrated with them since they seem to be too laid-back for this song and don't give much in rehearsals. Ed takes the lyrics from them to test them. They struggled more. Not sure either one of them are cut out for it. No clear favorite. Josh overpowered Michael so I think it will go to him based on that. Adam enjoyed it and paid them tons of compliments. Christina picks Josh as her winner.

Team Cee-Lo: George Horga Jr. Vs. Juhi: The pair is given "Best I've Ever Had" by Gavin Degraw. Juhi sounds squeaky and George tries too hard during rehearsals.  Not really crazy about their vocals on this during the rehearsals. Hopefully they will prove me wrong during the battle….and they didn't. It was a hot squeaky mess. They sounded so awful in my opinion. I would not take either one of them if it were me.  George is declared the winner because of his drive and Juhi gets a steal from Adam.
Team Blake: Austin Jenckes Vs. Brian Pounds: The pair take on the BeeGees classic "To Love Somebody". Austin brings on the power but way too soon in the song. Brian thinks too hard while singing. Cher gives them both some amazing advice, and they seem to do better in rehearsals. Austin crushes Brian in my opinion. I was feeling his vocals so much more than Bryan. Apparently Blake agreed with me and declares him as the winner.
Team Adam: James Irwin Vs. Matt Cermanski: The two returnees are paired up against each other to battle on "Counting Stars" by One Republic (how fitting since Ryan Tedder is the mentor). Ryan tells James not sit on the lyrics so much, just to get it out since that's how the song works. Ryan and Adam push Matt to go to a higher key, and it works for him so much better than the lower register he was going for. They both sound amazing in rehearsals. Adam has his work cut out for him. Both of them sounded great in my opinion. Loved their vocals. Adam declares James as his winner.
Team X-Tina: Destinee Quinn Vs. Lina Gaudenzi: The two powerhouse vocalists take on the Dixie Chicks' "Not Ready To Make Nice".  Christian wants them to show their power and passion since they both tend to be soft. She wants them to have conviction in their voices. Ed wants them to connect with it. They both struggled in rehearsals. During the battle, Lina wipes the floor with Destinee. Lina hit an incredible note and seals it for me. Destinee gets picked as the winner though but Adam steals Lina in the end.
Team Adam: James Wolpert Vs. Will Champlin: PopWrapped's fave Will is up in this battle, and his competition is fierce. Nerdy chic at its best here. The pair is given "Radioactive" by Imagine Dragons. Will had some issues during the rehearsals but I think he'll improve. James overused vibrato during rehearsals which Ryan noted. Will blew Ryan's mind in the final rehearsals. I hope he keeps it up. They both sound AMAZING. Will performs more than James. They both are keeping up with one another vocally. This is so hard!!!! James get picked as the winner for his uniqueness. Will looked to be out of it but X-Tina steals him at the last minute!
Highlights: Just Christina getting freaked out by a fly and Adam coming to her rescue! Join us tomorrow for the final night of the Battle Rounds!


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