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Television PopWrapped | Television

Olivia Attends "The Last Supper" On This Week's Scandal

Brittany Jones | PopWrapped Author

Brittany Jones

11/15/2014 12:40 am
PopWrapped | Television
Olivia Attends
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I told you that things were starting to hit the fan when it comes to Scandal and I was so right. This week, Olivia & her boyfriends start to plan how to take Rowan down, Mellie is back to her old self, and Huck spends more time with Javi. I really hope you have your bottle of wine ready because Shonda Rhimes is playing no games. Well this is awkward. Olivia is in a room with her new boo and old, but hopeful boo as they work out a plan to take down Olivia's father. Jake wants to kill Rowan, but Olivia and Fitz don't think that's a good idea. Jake knows that if they release him Rowan will know that they are trying to take him down and will kill him/them/everyone. Fitz tells Jake that they aren't planning on releasing him and Jake already hates that plan because that means that Fitz and Olivia will be together...alone. Olivia tells him to stand in the sun. Jake taunts Fitz because that's their thing. Fitz is about to leave saying that they don't need Jake. Jake reminds them that he is their only way of getting the B-613 files that he has hidden. Lizzie goes to see Olivia because she thinks that someone is bugging her phone.  She says that she is the lead female of the national committee, so everyone is pretty much her enemy and that includes her ex-husband. Olivia tells her that she doesn't like her, but that doesn't mean she's not going to do her job. Vice President Andrew Nichols is leaving an event when decides to shake the hands of a few women when his car is blown up in an assassination attempt. Fitz holds a meeting to figure out what happened. Rowan calls Olivia because according to him he is making sure she is alright after the bomb. She missed the weekly dinner and he tells her that families fight, but that doesn't mean she stops calling. Olivia says that Jake is her family and Rowan tells her that he may be family now, but soon he'll find a new family once he is done with her.  He, however, will always be there for her because he is her father. Mellie goes to see Andrew after hearing about the assassination attempt. She kicks the medical examiners out and when Andrew thanks her for coming to see him Mellie kisses him. Well it's safe to say that Mellie has officially gotten her groove back in both her political and personal lives. David Rosen goes to meet Jake, Liv and Fitz to help them with their plan Fitz and Olivia leave the bunker  and Fitz tries to kiss her, but she backs away from him. He tells her that she is confused and demands her to kiss him. They are locked in a room with no one around and so she does. They stop quickly and she tells him that he needs to find another way out. Quinn is bored watching Kubiak and calls Huck so he could entertain her. He tells her that he found who's been tapping Lizzie's phone. Cyrus meets Liv and asks what she wants. She doesn't waste time to say that she's there to see why he's bugging Lizzie's phone and tells him to sit. Cyrus tells her about his whore and says he went with it because it wasn't real. James was real and Ella, who thinks he's a stranger, is real. He tells her that Lizzie and Michael are working together and he needs to know what information she has. Olivia says that Lizzie is a client, but Cyrus says that he's friend. He tells her that she is trying to take down everyone he cares about. Olivia finds Huck playing with Javi and he admits that he is his father. She asks if the mother knows of the reunion and he repeats that he is Javi's father. She asks if the law would see it that way. Huck asks her if she has a work request and she tells him that she needs what information Lizzie has on Cyrus. He is confused on why they are going behind their client's back and she says it's due diligence and he throws her previous statement back  and asks if the law would see it that way. Liv and Cyrus are in the office and she tells him that Lizzie has pictures and videos of Cyrus and Michael in bed. Cyrus says he can't believe he fell for the same thing that he does to people by setting them up using their weaknesses to get what they want. He says that he's one of the most powerful men in the country and his integrity, family, and his president has been compromised. Olivia calls Lizzie and says that the bug on her phone was a virus that came from her daughter's tablet. Cyrus is planning on going back to the White House, but Olivia tells him to go home and let her do what she does. He says that he is supposed to see Michael tonight, but she tells him to cancel and put his daughter to bed. Olivia goes to visit Jake and tells him the files are on the way to the Pentagon. She says he may have to testify. He makes sure that she's getting him out and that Fitz won't lie and keep him there. He says that she could go dance off into the sun with Fitz and she tells him to never bring up her with another man in the sun again. Michael comes to see Cyrus at his house because he was worried after he cancelled. Cyrus lets him in. After admiring Cyrus' house, he kisses Cyrus and Cyrus stops him because of his daughter. Michael asks if he should go and Cyrus tells him to turn around and bend over. Michael unbuckles his pants, bends over, and prepares himself. Cyrus tells him to shut up and gets out his anger on him. No warning or nothing. The next day, Huck tells Liv that he's gone through the phones and says that the only thing Michael gave Lizzie was something about military base closings. Liv goes to see Michael and she tells him that they know he's working for Lizzie and says he could've done much worse. She wants to know why he didn't do more. Quinn is still watching Kubiak and calls Huck. In the middle of the call, he gets a call from Olivia and she tells him that Michael told her about a secret appointment Lizzie has at the Findley. Huck plants surveillance equipment and he takes Javi on a stakeout. Javi thinks that he is a private investigator and tells Javi that it's best if they don't hang out at work, but they can still hang out. Of course, Fitz and Jake are arguing about what they should do about Rowan. Liv says they need to get him at a secure location to arrest him, but they aren't listening to him. She is at her apartment and calls her father crying. She says that he was right about "them." He puts the blame on himself and says he's damaged her. She says that she doesn't want to be mad at him anymore. He wants to know what he can do and she asks him for a dinner. After she hangs up, she stops her tears and calls someone with the info. We flashback to the bunker and Olivia finally gets the boys to shut up so she can tell them her plan. Mellie is in her office when Andrew comes to visit her. Round 2? He admits that what happened was amazing, but says that she ignored him for months. She says that he chose his vice presidency over her and she was angry. She tells him that Jerry's death also played a part in how she acted. She says that when the bomb went off it was like she woke up and she isn't the same person she once was and asks for a second chance. He kissed her. Liv calls Cyrus about the secret apartment and tells him that Huck is there watching and that she found out about it because of Michael. She tells him that she thinks Michael is a good guy, but he says it's always the people close to you that hurt you the most. Javi is on another stakeout with Huck and asks why he left them. Huck is in the middle of explaining when Javi points out that people are entering the room. Huck kicks him out of the truck to buy ice cream because he can't see what Lizzie and the mystery man are going to do with their bodies. Huck starts watching, but gets interrupted by banging on the door. He thinks it's Javi, but it's Quinn. She wants to know why he's at her stakeout and they realize that Kubiak and Lizzie are working together. They listen in as Kubiak and Lizzie start talking about Jeremy Winslow then the doorbell rings and Andrew Nichols is there. Nichols says that his security detail is keeping a distance because he is having an affair and asks Kubiak to give them a minute. When he leaves, Nichols calls Lizzie sexy and kisses him. WHAAATTT?? Huck says that they have to call Olivia, but Kubiak busts the window and starts choking Huck. After some struggle, Huck is able to kill him. However, Javi sees everything and runs off. Olivia is at the restaurant with her father. He admits that he hasn't been the best father, but he's always wanted what was best for her. He admits that he should've known that she was struggling. Meanwhile, armed men are surrounding the restaurant ready to take Rowan out. Rowan says that he never put work before her and did everything for her. David is at the Pentagon with the files and Fitz and Jake are watching everything go down at the restaurant. Rowan tells her that he's leaving because of him and the men outside are dead because of her. As he's saying this the men are taken down one by one. HE KNOWS!!!!! Rowan says that she chose her men over her father, her family, and she has forsaken him. She wanted to stand in the sun and she got blinded by it.  David realizes that the B-613 files are a bust. Every single sheet in every single folder in every single is blank. Back at the restaurant, Rowan tells her that she knew what they would've done to him and she would have let them do it even though he tried to protect her. He starts to leave and says that she is really on her own now and she should wait to see how terrible the world is without him. He leaves the restaurant as sirens get closer.  -Fade to black- Are you over the shock, yet? I don't think I'm ready for this Winter Finale, guys. What did you think of the episode? Can you believe there's only one episode left until the dreaded Winter Finale?!

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