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Digitized Video Games are Not Entirely a Bad Thing

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


09/05/2013 1:58 am
Digitized Video Games are Not Entirely a Bad Thing






Staff Writer

We all know that the ‘always online’ policy for the Xbox One was a bad move. Who would buy a console that you couldn’t use if you, say, temporarily lost your internet connection? It would suck, and it was good that Microsoft saw their mistake, and changed their policy.

It should be known, however, that although the idea of decreasing the importance of physical video game discs did not work well with the public, there are some pros to the purely digitized video game. And according to IGN, these features may possibly make a comeback in the future.

During an interview with IGN, Albert Penello of Microsoft stated that although many of the features for the Xbox One had to be dropped due to negative reactions from consumers, these features may be revisited in the future. I mean, how great would it be to be able to sell games digitally?

I remember I used to sell used games back in the day to video game retailers and I would get, like five bucks for an original purchase of sixty. But this could all change if it was online. Why? Well, because you would be selling to other people, not a company that can suck your wallet dry right out of your eyes. It’s a whole new dynamic. 

And the family sharing thing: the original plan entailed the owner of a game sharing it with nine other people. You could share a game over different consoles. You could potentially save money, if you and your nine pals planned your purchases properly.

And it’s not like Microsoft had just the one idea. Kotaku reported that there have been rumours around Steam, that in the future we may be able to Share our licensed games with our buddies. It’s almost as if everyone is following in the Humble Bundle’s footsteps.

I think, for one, that purely digitized games have a lot to offer. If companies could just take the good parts and leave out the always online nonsense, well, I’m sure people would be much more willing to try it out.


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