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Director Michael Bay Attacked With Air Conditioner on 'Transformers 4' Set

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


10/19/2013 12:22 am
PopWrapped | Movies
Director Michael Bay Attacked With Air Conditioner on 'Transformers 4' Set

Bradleigh-Ann Walker

Staff Writer

Michael Bay is probably quite familiar with unpredictable situations after filming the first three movies in the action-packed Transformers franchise. Well, Thursday’s events at the Hong Kong set of Transformers 4: Age of Extinction probably made him feel like a character in one of his own films. CNN reports that it all began when street vendors demanded extra compensation from Bay for the inconvenience they were forced to deal with during filming. The director posted a brief account of his experience on his website, describing disruptions early in the day caused by some “drugged up guys” trying to injure his actors with metal carts when they didn’t get the cash they wanted. “Every vendor where we shot got a fair price for our inconvenience, but he wanted four times that amount. I personally told this man and his friends to forget it; we were not going to let him extort us. He didn’t like that answer,” Bay wrote. “So an hour later he came by my crew as we were shooting, carrying a long air conditioner unit.” The vendor tried to hit Bay in the face, but he managed to duck and push his attacker away. Security stepped in, but their target wasn’t going down without a fight. “It was like a zombie in Brad Pitt’s movie, World War Z—he lifted seven guys up and tried to bite them…Then it took fifteen Hong Kong cops in riot gear to deal with these punks. In all, four guys were arrested for assaulting the officers,” Bay said. A spokeswoman for the Hong Kong police said that the vendors wanted 100,000 Hong Kong dollars, equivalent to about $12,000 USD. Two of the men taken into custody were identified as brothers, ages 27 and 28. Three police officers received minor injuries in the scuffle. Bay ended his post by saying that after the incident occurred they had a great day shooting in Hong Kong. Transformers 4: Age of Extinction stars Mark Wahlberg and is set for release next summer on June 27, 2014.


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