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Discover "The Casket Girls" On This Week's The Originals

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


01/15/2014 9:52 am
PopWrapped | Television
Media Courtesy of The CW

Adele Fredeluces

Staff Writer

The last we saw of the Original family, Klaus had taken over the throne in the French quarter with Marcel stepping down and taking a spot by his side. The Mikaelsons reunited in their former family home, where Elijah continues to be smitten over Hayley and Rebekah remains irritated by her hybrid brother’s antics and Marcel’s fickleness. Davina, the young powerful witch, also became sick of the Original family and Marcel – she has no idea who to trust. While we’ve seen the men go through a power struggle, tonight’s episode is all about girl power! We’re taken back to New Orleans in 1751. Rebekah tells the tale of the “casket girls”, young women from France who traveled to New Orleans to marry proper gentlemen. The men were “far from proper and not at all gentle”, taking advantage of the girls, but Rebekah made sure they were safe. “Us girls have got to stick together.” And let me tell you, these girls are resilient! This becomes a theme throughout the entire episode. Davina and Josh continue to work on releasing Klaus’ compulsion on Cami. Through the pain, Cami remembers everything and she is not happy about what she learns. I like their little trio they formed. Klaus and Marcel discover that Davina has left. While Klaus labels her as the enemy for defying him and running away, Marcel and Elijah vow to make sure Davina will remain safe. The other Mickaelson, Rebekah, finds out what exactly made Davina flee. “Used by the witches, lied to by Marcel, manipulated by Elijah, threatened by Klaus – just like a modern day casket girl,” Rebekah declares. Hayley catches on and understands that Rebekah understands exactly how Davina feels. “Us girls have got to stick together,” she utters to Hayley for the second time this season. Since Davina isn’t under Marcel’s control any longer Sabine and Sophie decide to practice some magic to find the girl. Sophie needs something from Hayley to complete the Harvest. Considering the witches’ track record, Hayley’s pretty hesitant, but Sophie brings up Hayley’s wolf family and the hex that Marcel put on them. “My bloodline executed the curse…” and if her magic stays intact she can lift the curse. Family over everything right? What she needs is to consecrate the remains of a powerful witch aka Elijah’s former lover Celeste DuBois. Klaus finds something that will lure Davina back into his territory. He uses Tim to get to Josh to get to Davina and it’s all about connections. Davina hears of this blackmail while she and Cami hide out in the church. Before they have time to run again, Sabine and three other witches make their presence known. The power of four witches is nothing compared to Davina and she magically snaps their necks. Do not underestimate this young girl. Davina’s on a mission to make sure her young crush stays alive. Josh finds her and asks her if she really wants to go up against the most powerful Original in all of history. My heart breaks a little as Josh starts to reveal that he will die too if Klaus is killed. Their friendship is my favorite. As Davina runs off to kick so Original ass, Rebekah shows up and strikes up a deal with Josh. Now back to Davina. She’s angry and it seems that Elijah’s short lesson has definitely helped her control a bit of her powers. She takes Klaus down and watches him scream in agony, while she has Elijah choking on blood. Once she gets to Marcel, it gets very emotional because this is the man that took her in as family and made sure she was safe. Before Davina can do anything to him, Rebekah stabs him in the back. “Hurting people is such a boyish thing to do,” Rebekah says comparing herself to her brother Klaus. She’s not her brother and that bit seems to have gained some of Davina’s trust. Rebekah then shows another side of Marcel that Davina hasn’t seen. She takes Davina and company down to the garden where Marcel kept all his prisoners, including his former wingman Thierry. For a human, Tim is oddly calm in the presence of the witch and the vampires. But it later makes sense after Tim happens to give Davina water that actually contains poison from Klaus. Rebekah’s disappointed in Klaus because “they’re children” and I love when she shows emotion. Klaus doesn’t like people who go up against him and looking at the two young kids laying there dying gave me this Romeo and Juliet feeling . “You’re so predictable I had to make an alliance with your brother who I don’t even like.” Marcel is tired of this thing with Klaus. Klaus is all about family, but failed to realize Davina was Marcel’s family for a time. Anyways, remember back in the church when Davina happened to kill those witches? Well, Sabine did a protection spell on herself and she was able to come back. However, she broke one of Marcel’s rule. To save her own life, Marcel convinces her to do a protection spell on Davina. Davina recovers, but Tim dies – tragic, young love. After the tiring events with Davina, Rebekah is seen venting about the men in her life. But she’s got her own plan to take the throne out from underneath them. She recruits Thierry and reveals to him that she has someone on the inside who is “quite the resilient girl.” And we all know who that is. Who would’ve thought that Davina would team up with another Original family member? The final scenes bring us back to someone in Elijah’s past, Celeste.  He learns that the drawings Davina mustered up suggested that something evil is coming. As he puts the pages together, the scene cuts to Sophie searching for Celeste’s body. When Elijah is finished, the final product shows one huge picture of Celeste’s face. Clearly, Celeste is not one to be messed with and as I watched Sophie dig, a part of me felt that something was about to pop up from the grave. Thankfully, nothing did, but we’ll find out soon enough what’s to come of Celeste DuBois. Always and forever, Adele


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