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Discover "The Straw That Broke The Camel's Back" This Week On Survivor Cagayan

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


05/15/2014 7:00 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Media Courtesy of

Jayden Sheppard

Staff Writer


Holy cow Batman! Does Cagayan stand for crazy in another language, cause this season has been at its best for the entirety of the post merge portion. Getting back from camp, Spencer is talking to the whole tribe about how at the last vote Kass and Woo said they would join him and Tasha. At this point I was thinking, Spencer save your energy to win immunity, cause they are a solid four, but really his talk set off the chain of events for the episode. In Tony’s confessional, he says it would be in his best interest to bring the two women to the end and cut out Woo, even though he tells Woo otherwise. Onto the reward challenge, which was a throwback all the way to the show's first season. The reward was pizza delivered to camp by helicopter. Tony totally smokes everyone in the challenge and, when given a choice of a person to share with, he picks Trish. His exact words were, “anorexia get over here.” Back at camp, Tony tells Kass about a final three deal. Instead of keeping quiet, she goes straight to Woo and tells him everything. This is right in front of Tony. The recurring element of this episode was how people were talking strategy while so many others were around. When Tony hears what is happening with Kass, he explodes. His rant isn’t that bad, considering what happens later. Before the immunity challenge, it looks like the only thing on everyone mind is to make sure Spencer doesn’t win immunity. Guess what everyone? In a massive come from behind effort, Spencer brings home his third immunity win, leaving the group of four to turn on each other a step too early. Back at camp, Trish, out of nowhere, explodes at Kass, for what she had been saying early in the morning. From the sounds of it, Trish had kept her feelings towards Kass quiet until now, or basically until she couldn't keep them in any longer. I feel for Trish, because I don’t think I could last 36 days with Kass either. Going into tribal, it’s clear that either Kass or Trish will be gone after the vote, with Woo the swing. Before we could even get to the vote, we witness one crazy tribal council. Let me just say, when people normally talk of crazy tribals, it’s due to the shocking votes, not the dysfunctional castaways talking as much smack talk as possible. Jeff was stunned, and the jury was loving it. I’ve been racking my brain for a while now, and I’ve struggled to think of a final five as dysfunctional as this one. The final six of Panama comes close, but Tony’s llama talk takes the cake. Before the votes are read, Tony has both idols in his hand, and plays the regular idol on himself (please let this be the last season I ever have to mention regular and special idols, and that the Tyler Perry Idol is gone for good). The idol doesn’t come into play, as everyone, including Tony, votes for Trish. Kass’ parting gift to be a middle finger on the way out. So, going into the last episode we are left with two brains and two brawn (bad luck beauties). The reaction to Kass’ finger by the jury leads me to believe that she has no chance at winning. Then there's Woo, who, while he hasn’t done wrong by anyone, he also hasn’t made any real moves to get to the end. Debate among fans is still out on whether next week will be a final two or three, and if Spencer can pull of the impossible. Come back next week to see my reaction to the conclusion to one of Survivor’s best seasons! Keep Up With PopWrapped On The Web!



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