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Discover The True Price Of "Freedom" This Week On The Following

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


04/06/2014 3:20 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Discover The True Price Of
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Elena Butler

Staff Writer


Everything is beginning to unravel on Fox’s The Following, and it couldn’t have happened at a better time.  Just as the show is reaching its last few episodes of the season, we see the resurfacing of faces that until now had been keeping a low profile.  With the reveal that Claire was indeed alive, we all wondered how Ryan was going to react, and this latest episode gave us that tiny glimpse.  Lily also made her return, and something tells me she’s coming back with a vengeance. Read on to see what else happened last week. “Freedom” picks up with Joe Carroll continuing to brainwash his new followers.  His lessons reach a new level when he has one of them stab and murder one of their own.  The title card appears, and we head over to Ryan’s apartment where morning sex is being had.  Later, Carrie continues to probe for information about Lily but Ryan’s not willing to talk about it, as always.  They make plans to meet for dinner later that night.  Mike pays him a visit and gives him a list of cults that emphasize rituals. Meanwhile, Claire insists that she needs to see Ryan and promises she won’t reveal that she's alive to anyone else.  The Marshall agrees, but first they need to move her mother and Joey to a safe location.  Him and his partner threaten to never let her see her family again unless she returns to Witness Protection. Ryan and Mike continue piecing information together and briefly speak about Lily and the possibility of her being in a country without extradition laws.  Mike notices that Ryan is happier and more optimistic than usual, and he attributes it to his relationship with Carrie.  Somewhere in the city, two males wearing masks enter a bakery and begin stabbing people left and right.  When the FBI arrives they notice there was no message left at the attack site—something unusual for Carroll.  They come to the conclusion that this is the work of Lily. Another one of Lily’s “family” members is sent to kill and impersonate a nurse at the hospital where Luke is being treated.  We find out that two of the men in the bakery pretended to be injured just so they would also be taken to the hospital.  They shoot the guards and help the woman take Luke out of the hospital, back to Lily.  The FBI team arrives and Mike begins checking all of the staff’s IDs.  When he confronts the woman, she attacks him and gets shot.  Ryan finds Luke hiding in the hospital basement, but is caught off guard by another one of Lily’s men.  Luke makes a run for it and gets away.  Later, Carrie arrives at the scene, looking genuinely worried for Ryan and relieved that he’s safe.  Again, they reiterate their plans to have dinner that night. Back at the camp, Mandy overhears Emma and Carroll talk about her.  Emma doesn’t think Mandy is a good fit for the cult and, fearing for her safety, she decides to run away.  Robert questions their decision to kill one of the cult members.  Carroll knows he’s slipping in his beliefs and sends Emma to persuade him (AKA have sex with him).  Later, Emma tells Carroll that he needs a plan, because they’re running out of time and the cult members are looking for guidance.  Carroll’s plan is to have people kill in the name of religion. Meanwhile, Luke makes it back to the hotel where Lily and Mark are staying and they have an emotional reunion.  Later, Mark is surprised to get a call from Mandy—who says she got his number from the classifieds, what?  Looks like she’s looking to go back to her previous family after Carroll let her down.  Mike and Ryan know Lily is not going to be easy to track down and her endless resources will only make it harder.  Ryan continues to be optimistic about finding both Lily and Carroll.  The episode ends with a much anticipated reunion, as Claire finally arrives at Ryan’s apartment with the U.S. Marshalls.  Mike opens the door and immediately goes into panic mode, telling Ryan that he can explain.  But there’s no time for that.  Claire steps into the apartment and Ryan is shocked to see she’s alive. It finally happened!  I’ve been on pins and needles this whole week, wondering what’s coming up next.  I can see Carrie walking in, expecting the dinner table to be set, and instead discovering that Ryan’s old flame is back from the dead.  Don’t let me down, The Following, I need this to happen!  What did you guys think of “Freedom?”  Is Ryan gonna give Carrie the boot or is he going to be emotionally conflicted?  And where was Max this episode? Did you miss her?  Because I did.

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