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Discover Who Found "Providence" This Week On Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


04/17/2014 7:44 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Discover Who Found
Media Courtesy of ABC

DJ SoundBite

Staff Writer


If you have been following my recaps (any of my recaps) for a while now, you will know I often report more on the bad than the good. It’s the inner critic in me. However for the past few episodes of Agents of SHIELD, I have been so happy, because they really have been deserving their high ratings and praise. Today’s episode “Providence” is no exception! We open with Rena making origami flowers in her prison cell (I might have missed something but I didn’t think she was so obsessed with them, just that she liked wearing them). Just then, a firefight ensure outside her door and Ward comes in. She is worried what he is going to do until he gives her a flower dress and says it is a gift from the Clairvoyant. Meanwhile at The Hub, Sky comes in to the main operations room where Coulson is, and says only three facilities are secure (including the Hub). Fitz and Simmons are fixing the plane with Tripp when all of a sudden, the team get an incoming call from Coronel Tabort from the air force. He says he is sending in a peacekeeping corp to take control. Coulson doesn’t like the idea and says the team is getting out of there and suggests all other agents to do the same. Yes, because nothing says ‘We are innocent’ like running away from another government organisation. This continues with what I was saying last week, SHIELD thinks they are above the law, above protocol, and have a free pass to do whatever they want. Is it any wonder Hydra was able to infiltrate? They were essentially breeding the problems themselves… Anyway, over in Havana, Cuba in a barber shop, Ward and Rena come in and and she meets Garret. He tells her he doesn't have psychic powers. She isn’t happy about it--she truly believed in the Clairvoyant. Then he sits her in the barber chair and says “Welcome to Hydra” and the chair goes underground. She is put back in charge of the Centipede project as Garret explains he pocketed a whole bunch of vials from the TAHITI facility. He has been trying them on subjects hoping to find the right one. Again, VERY clever writing, as I said in that episode: why didn’t they just grab as many vials as they could? Turns out it was just Coulson who was the idiot. As our hero team prepares to leave, Tripp wants to come with them on the Bus but Coulson says no. Simmons stands up for him and says Coulson doesn’t get to call all the shots anymore since the collapse. He agrees but says he is Simmons' responsibility. Their problems don’t stop on the ground as things are falling apart on the plane--it is leaking fuel. Coulson orders Sky to erase all details of them from the database. Sky rings Ward (who is still at the Hydra base in Cuba) and tells him what they are up to...and then she starts talking lovey dovey. As soon as he hangs up, Ward and Garret have an exchange about how shooting Sky was not part of the plan but the mission comes first. I am very happy that they show that Ward didn’t want to shoot Sky, but his not broken up about it, nor is he willing to compromise the mission. This is why Joss Whedon’s writing is always so good! Ward hands Rena the hard drive of all the information Sky downloaded in the last episode to help in her research. They talk about how Ward gained their trust by saving Simmons (jumped out of a plane), and that May was the primary threat. So he let things get intimate with May, and repeated the speech he gave to Coulson about being a specialist, in essence giving him someone Coulson thinks he could save. Then War and Garret head off to infiltrate “The Fridge”. Back on the Bus, Sky and Coulson have a touching moment, and as he puts their badges in the safe, he disovers that his badge has coordinates on it. He doesn't know where these lead, but he thinks Fury sent them. The coordinates lead them to the Canadian wilderness and the team is not enthusiastic about going. They think it is Coulson grieving, and he's not thinking rationally. May comes to Coulson (he is still not happy with her) and says she needs to confiscate his weapon. She doesn’t believe Fury is alive, and she thinks it might be Hydra controlling him. May lets slip that Fury wasn’t in charge of the TAHITI project, but says she doesn’t know who it was. He says he is not going to hand over his weapon and kicks her out of his office. Meanwhile Fitz is jealous of Tripp and Simmons getting close... NO! Stop that right now AoS! We do not want nor need a love triangle to flesh out drama! Get back to the story! Go on! Get! Ward and Garret rock up to the Fridge, the guards are unsure about letting them in, and tell them to get Hand. Just then, a chopper starts firing on them so the guards let them in and Ward kills them. Hydra infiltrate the base with poison gas and take control. Garret tells Ward that the items meant for the “Slingshot project” is actually kept at the Fridge. They never get rid of the stuff! One of the first items they they get is the ‘084’ (plasma particle beam) from the second episode. Garret uses it to break down walls and release prisoners. We also get a cool shot of Ward finding the ‘Asguard staff’ from episode 8. Ward also tells Garret about the secret room which is holding the Gravitonium. Ok it’s official, Ward really is a bad guy! If this was a double bluff he wouldn’t have mentioned it. Garret didn't know about it in the first place. This is AMAZING! Also side note, if you remember in the episode where they locked the Gravitonium up, we saw a hand form in it. Comic book fans will know that this is meant to be Gravitron (Watch the cartoon Avengers Assemble for more on the character). So now the bad guys have it, what is going to happen?!?!?!!!!! The team are trekking in the Canadian wilderness with tensions running high. They find the spot where the coordinates lead them and Coulson tells the team the Bus has no more fuel left because they spent it all getting here. The team is upset he didn’t tell them, and they all thinks he has gone crazy, especially when he has a breakdown and says it all has to mean something. After his moment he apologizes and throws his badge away…and an automatic gun shoots it down! They all take cover and the gun asks them to identify themselves. Couslon obliges: "Welcome Agent Coulson, we have been expecting you." The team are welcomed by an Agent Eric Cannic, who calls their location Providence (aka Fury’s secret base). He is very friendly to Coulson (almost to the point of fanboy) but is very suspicious of everyone else. He tells the team Fury didn’t make it out of DC, and that the Fridge has fallen. Sky makes a call to Ward because his last known location was the Fridge. Eric takes Coulson into his office and tells him he has been in the bunker since New York Invasion. He also tells Coulson Fury is not dead and that only a select few are allowed to know, including Mariah Hill, Captain America and now him and Eric. Fury has gone dark and nobody is allowed to know. Coulson isn’t happy that he can’t tell his team and Eric threatens their lives if he does not keep the secret. Eric is now my new favourite character. He really likes Coulson but when he said this and Coulson asked ‘are you threatening me,’ his response was ‘absolutely.’ As soon as he makes everything clear, he goes back to fanboying over Coulson. All of the YES! I suspect he is a secret bad ass and I hope they give him more to do in the upcoming episodes! Back in Cuba, we see a flash of Garret with metal on his side (interesting!), and Rena says there is a complication with the hardrive. The data will erase if anyone tries to access it besides Sky. Garret tells Ward he has 24 hours to do it without blowing his cover, otherwise they need to eliminate the team. Ward gets him to beat him up to make his cover believable. He rocks up to the base and Sky takes him in. The post credit scene. Quinn comes in with Rena, and is slightly annoyed that the Clairvoyant is Garret after all the crap he went through--he was imprisoned for him, after all. He says he isn’t going to do anything else for him…that is until Garret shows him the Gravitonium and all is forgiven. Amazing episode. AoS is by far my favourite TV show! I look forward to it every week (and Game of Thrones, of course)--they turn up the intensity every episode! A solid 4.5/5. They have a lot of potential ways this could all go, but no matter which route they take I only see awesomeness ahead!

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