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Discover Your "Anchor" On This Week's Teen Wolf

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


01/07/2014 8:00 am
PopWrapped | Television
Discover Your

Caitlin Swift

Staff Writer

Hello, my Teen Wolf friends! It’s great to be back! Before we dive into tonight’s episode, let’s do a quick little recap. As you may recall, Jennifer was the Darach and totally played Derek. In order to save their parents, Scott, Stiles, and Allison, had to die as sacrifice replacements. But in facing death they will have a darkness that sticks with them. In addition, they powered up the nematon which is attracting all sorts of crazy shit to Beacon Hills. Since that fateful night, Stiles hasn’t been sleeping easy, or sleeping at all? Riddled with night terrors and sleep paralysis, Stiles is finding it harder and harder to tell what reality is and what a dream is. One minute he’s locked in a locker, next he’s waking up next to Lydia and, before you know it, he’s then on the lacrosse field face to face with the nematon. He’s not alone, though. Scott is suffering too; whenever he sees his shadow he sees himself as a wolf. More importantly, he’s unable to control his shifting. This is evident at school when he is listening in on a conversation between the new history teacher and his daughter Kira. However, Kira is oddly intrigued by him and senses something is up. Allison is also freaking out; getting into the elevator to head to school she finds herself at a ransacked morgue. A body drawer pops open and she goes over to investigate (silly girl). She is met with a demonic half charred version of her aunt, Kate Argent. When she awakes, she’s met by Lydia and has made it to school. Lydia is concerned for her friends. As the trio goes through the school week they all start suffering from deeper hallucinations. We learn that you can’t read in dream (good to know) and it’s what Stiles has been using to tell if he is conscious or not. He then walks into class where everyone is silent and they are all repeating the same sign over and over again. Come to find out he wasn’t asleep but actually awake and doodling ‘Wake up’. Lydia takes Allison for some archery practice in hopes to calm her nerves. If anything it just goes to demonstrate how frayed they actually are. When trying to focus Allison sees something in the woods and chases after it. Auntie Kate has come to play and when she gets to close Allison shoots. When she comes into focus Isaac is there holding the arrow inches from Lydia’s face. Things are really getting crazy. Back at school Lydia sits everyone down to try to figure out what’s happening. Kira over-hears and decides to interject. They are experiencing Bardo, which is the Tibetan term for an in between state. As you move through the different states you can see or hear different hallucinations and encounter either peaceful or wrathful demons. But the catch is, the final state is death. Frightened by this information, the pair flee to Deaton for some answers. Of course, Deaton is versed in sign language, and the class was signing ‘when is a door not a door’. Which translated means that when they died and came back they left the doors to their minds ajar. If they don’t close them soon it will bad news bears. On top of all this, Stiles notices that Sheriff Stilinski is on a quest to revisit all of his cases to see if the supernatural was really to blame. He comes across a case that is about 8 years old. A family was involved in a tragic car accident killing a mother and her two daughters. However, one daughter, Malia, went missing. It was believed that she was carried off by coyotes but the Sheriff thinks otherwise. He enlists Scott and Stiles help, it’s really imperative that he close this case. Come to find out Agent McCall is still in town and is looking to impeach Sheriff Stilinski. Scott is furious and while fighting with his father begins to wolf-up. His mother quickly ushers him into the other room and tries to calm him down. Scott needs to find an anchor, it was Allison, but now he has to be his own anchor. Mama McCall then has these wise words to say, she tells her son he will find love again. And maybe he’ll get hurt again, but love will come. Until then, be your own anchor. With that Scott calms down and is out to solve the case. He grabs Stiles and they proceed to the woods eventually stumbling upon the abandoned car wreck. The claw marks on the side of the vehicle are clearly from a werewolf and not a coyote. Further inspection of the wreck leads them to Malia’s doll. That’s when Scott notices something watching them. With that he takes off leaving Stiles behind. He chases the wolf and soon they come eye to eye. Scott's glow red and the wolf’s glow blue. Could it be Malia? Far off in the distance Derek and Peter and chained up and being tortured. It’s unclear who their captor is, but chances are it’s something Peter did that landed them there. Side Notes: Isaac is still living with the McCall’s and Scott is still not too keen on the idea of him and Allison. Scott was, however, making flirty eyes at Kira. Until next week, my dears!


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