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Fandom / Disney PopWrapped | Fandom

Disney May Still Give Us The Doug Reboot We Need

Roxanne Powell | PopWrapped Author

Roxanne Powell

Staff Writer
08/12/2016 12:34 pm
PopWrapped | Fandom
Disney May Still Give Us The Doug Reboot We Need | disney
Media Courtesy of Nickelodeon

They're not just cartoons, they're Nicktoons! This week we've heard some rumors about the Disney channel helping some of the 90s cartoons make a comeback, Rugrats in particular. But what about Doug Funnie and his colorful and uniquely named cohorts?

Jim Jinkins, the show's creator, says Disney has not been eyeing Doug for a reboot since it acquired the rights. The Hey Arnold reboot has gotten a lot of love since its announcement, so why wouldn't we love the return of our favorite journaling cartoonist?

While Disney has yet to change its mind, Jinkins is hopeful we may still see the return of Doug and his underpants-wearing, world-saving alter ego, Quail Man. Oddly enough, Jinkins designed Doug as his own cartoon alter ego when it was first conceived in the 80s, and many of the storylines come straight from Jinkins' own life. With Disney considering several Nicktoons for reboots, Jinkins has begun writing an assortment of "stories and scenes that would get viewers up to date with what Doug Funnie has been up to all these years later." 

But the only real plot point we care about is whether or not Doug and his long-time crush, Patti, end up together.

Jinkins has already envisioned the comeback episode, set in a 10-year high school reunion similar to the one he was supposed to attend.

"It’s my ten-year reunion, and I didn’t go. I was in New York working like crazy as a freelancer and just trying to make it there. And I got a phone call in New York and it’s Patti. The real Patti. And my heart’s beating fast. She’s like, ‘I was at the reunion! You weren’t!’ and I was like, ‘Yeah…sorry…I had to work.’ And she goes, ‘I found out you live in New York. Guess what—I do, too!’ And she told me where she lives. We lived across Central Park from each other. And she says, ‘Why don’t you come over for dinner?’

"So now we’re in a Doug show. I’m like, what do I wear? What will she look like!? All that’s happening as I’m walking across Central Park to her apartment, just wondering and just hoping, all those things. I was, at the time, very available.

"I get to the door, and you get buzzed up in New York, and so I walk up to the apartment and I hear the lock turn—it’s getting ready to happen—and she opens the door, and she’s perfect. Just perfect. She just looks spectacular and she’s so happy, and her arms fly up and we hug, and I’m just like [frightened guttural gasping noises]. She backs up and she goes ‘Look, Jimmy! Boobs! I got my boobs!’ [Laughs.] It sounds like I’m making this up, right? And I’m like, ‘Yeah… yeah, uh huh!’ ‘Yeah, they always used to call me Flatty Patti, but look!’ And she was just funny and fun and innocent, but it’s like Doug and Patti together again, ten years later, right?

"So this is all wonderful, right? And then she wheels and goes, ‘Oh, Jimmy, I want you to meet my husband.’

"And I don’t even remember the rest of the evening."

If Doug and Patti's storyline stays true to Jinkins' own life story, then they're not likely to end up together in the Disney reboot. However, just because Jinkins didn't get the girl doesn't mean he can't write himself a happier ending through his good pal Doug.

“It doesn’t happen because, really, most people don’t end up with their first love,” says Jinkins, who calls the encounter an “amazing story” that still deserves to be a movie. “But then again, maybe I do do it! There isn’t some rule! It’s not in the Bible. It’s just that most people don’t. I don’t know the answer yet. But I would predict that what I would do is make it where Patti is maybe not married, but in a serious relationship.”

“Meanwhile, Doug has this friend of his, a girl, who he’s always pouring his heart out to about how [Patti’s] killing him,” Jinkins continues. “And naturally, I guess maybe it’s a little predictable, but that’s the one. That’s the one he’s comfortable enough to bear his soul to in his next phase of life, that he discovers he’s in love with and didn’t even know it. My guess is that it would be something like that.”

We're just going to sit over here, cross our fingers, and hope for the best possible outcome. Maybe Doug ends up with this new girl after all, and learns to move on from Pattie?

But Disney has to throw us a bone first.


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