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Television PopWrapped | Television

The 100: Sci-Fi Lovers Should Definitely Be Watching

Dened Rey Moreno | PopWrapped Author

Dened Rey Moreno

08/17/2015 4:52 pm
PopWrapped | Television
The 100: Sci-Fi Lovers Should Definitely Be Watching | The 100

The 2nd Season of The 100 has absolutely proven to us why the show is, in fact, currently one of the best pieces of Sci-Fi that you’ll find on national television.

After a Season 1 that started out a bit silly and slightly too predictable -excluding, of course, the first shocking impact caused when you realize that the council in charge of what little is left of the human population willingly sacrifices the lives of 100 kids in order to secure a future for themselves- The 100 manages to gain strength regarding both its storyline and the performance of the actors.

The 100 CW

With each passing episode, the characters start becoming more in tune with what is really happening on the ground -while a parallel storyline develops with the adults in the space Ark- facing unspeakable challenges and making jaw dropping decisions to the point where you’ll start to question even your own morality. The feel of forward momentum always present in every episode of The 100 is something that I’m really fond of, and so are the life-or-death situations these characters constantly find themselves in.

There’s no such thing as stopping to breathe when you have constant danger looming over your shoulder, right?

Apart from the fast evolving narrative of The 100, one of the other aspects that I like about this show is the amount of layers that you keep uncovering in the personalities of each and every single character as the story goes. This is a show where monsters want to kill kids, kids try to kill monsters and sometimes, kids even succeed in killing each other. These characters have the shape of heroes, they all want what is best for their people, but by the season finale, you don’t really know on which side of the moral line they stand until it’s too late.

Then comes Season 2 and it completely captivates the audience.

The 100 Wikia

From the very beginning, Season 2 makes everything bigger and better in every sense of the word. The characters get to know more about the Ark, about the Earth, about Mount Weather and, more importantly, they get to know more about the Grounders -the same people that terrorized the 100 kids when they first fell to Earth. In season 2, the Grounders become more human in the eyes of the characters -and the viewers- because their culture, their rules and the manner in which they live their lives are put on display in a way that makes it impossible for anyone to actually, truly hate them.

And it is all the new knowledge that the kids we have come to love gather as the season progresses, coupled with the new characters they encounter, that makes for a storyline so compelling that it will keep you on your toes throughout the rest of the season. The 100 is not a show that plays games, it is not a show that goes easy on their main characters and that is proven when the enemies they knew to be deathly turn out to be almost solid allies; while the people they thought were supposed to protect them, actually turn out to be the ones that will stop at nothing until they kill them.

The 100 CW

All in all, The 100 is an outstanding TV show that anyone who enjoys a great Sci-Fi story should be watching. Season 3 starts in early 2016 and, for me, it cannot come soon enough.


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