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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Doctor Who's Latest Showdown On The TARDIS With Danny Pink

Tarra Matthews | PopWrapped Author

Tarra Matthews

10/01/2014 5:51 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Doctor Who's Latest Showdown On The TARDIS With Danny Pink  | Doctor Who
Media Courtesy of BBC America
Hello Who-vians! What a past couple action packed episodes it’s been! We’re edging closer towards our season finale and getting more in the swing of the Doctor and Clara’s new relationship. Last week we were treated to a bank heist, Timelord style. The Doctor, Clara, and two companions of the week (one posing as Neo’s long lost brother from the Matrix, and a shapeshifter named Sabra who I believe is actually Mystique from X-Men), have all agreed to break into the “most impregnable” bank of all time with tighter security than Beyonce’s dressing room at the Superbowl. This all for reasons unknown to them, because their minds have been memory wiped. On top of that, the bank seems to be run by a domnatrix style branch manager who I swear is Madame Kovarian’s long lost sister. So much, that I was really expecting to see the Silence pop out somewhere (can you tell they were my favorite by now?). As the companions of the week are picked off by the monster of the week (namely a memory/mind eating thing that has two tentacles for eyes), I can’t help but wonder, why introduce a character like Sabra with such an awesome and potentially really interesting power, only to kill her off without ever really getting to use it? And my second thought was why give them “last-resort” devices to kill themselves when it would just be easier to give them teleporters in case of danger. Well both these questions are answered as we find that once the Madame Kovarian doppleganger captures Doc and Clara, none other than our two companions save them. Turns out, it WAS a teleporter. As the plot unravels it turns out Karabraxos, the owner of the bank, has hired the Doctor to travel back in time and rescue the mind eating monster as enslaving it was her biggest regret in life. You see, she forced it to work her for by capturing its girlfriend (wife? boyfriend?) monster – the last of their race –and wanted the Doctor to travel back in time to get it out before the planet got destroyed by solar flares. All in all, it was okay episode, but still nothing really meaty. Now on to tonight’s dish. If there’s one thing Doctor Who loves to do, it’s give red herring clues. By first glance, it would seem tonight’s episode was going to be centered around us finally finding out who Missy is! Hoorah! But alas, as the episode starts it seems to be the name of the Doctor’s new occupation. And it also seems as if Clara and Danny’s relationship is starting to really heat up, but also causing friction as Clara is now leading a double life that is causing her stress. Side note – I squealed when the Doctor mentioned River (please bring her back!) Is it possible he also referenced Susan (true Whoians will know who that is) when he said, “I used to have a teacher exactly like you”? Anyone else catch that? Anyway, the Skovox Blitzer is threatening the planet, and happens to be lurking near Clara’s school, so the Doctor has taken up a position as the caretaker in order to lure it out of hiding and away from the school (and destroy it, of course). And the Doctor sees Clara with a man in a bowtie who looks eerily similar to Matt Smith’s Doctor, so he jumps to the conclusion that he is her new boyfriend. It’s an interesting dynamic that I still haven’t figured out. Is he in love with Clara still, but realized now because of his new form that it can never be? Or with his change of face did come a change of attitude toward Clara, to more of a fatherly type figure. Danny actually mistakes him for her father. And of course, The Doctor is devastated to learn that Danny Pink is actually her new beau because he wants her to still be in love with Matt Smith’s Doc (aka, him). Danny on the other hand, is thrown into the fire as he stumbles in on the Doctor dealing with the Skovox, and Clara is forced to reveal her hand to him. A confrontation goes down between the jealous Doctor and Danny as he sneaks on to the Tardis and abruptly gets the boot by the Doc. This episode had a lot of throwbacks to it, and yet another one I got was the relationship of Tennant’s Doctor with Mickey when he was first introduced. The tension between those two and Rose was more palpable though because the Doctor had romantic chemistry with Tennant. I don’t get that sense from Capaldi’s Doc. In some action packed sequences, the trio manage to destroy the Skovox – who bears a resemblance to a T1000 (for my Terminator fans out there). In the end, the Doctor reveals that it is fatherly love he has for Clara, and just wants Danny to be good enough for her. The Doc also makes a new friend in Courtney Woods, a young schoolgirl. And at the very end, we get treated to…. Missy! Only she’s too busy to talk according to her coworker in Heaven. Wait, what?! Next week promises to be good as Clara and the Doctor head to the moon and we can get flashbacks of River in that moon suit.. and.. the Silence (I’ll stop, I promise).

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