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Doctor Who's Steven Moffat Calls The BBC "Stupid" For Cancelling The Series In The 80s

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11/19/2013 12:35 pm
PopWrapped | Fandom
Doctor Who's Steven Moffat Calls The BBC
Media Courtesy of Collider
Kirsty Wallace Content Editor With the long awaited anniversary episode only days away, Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat has criticised the decision of the BBC to cancel the show in the 1980’s.  In an interview with British magazine Radio Times Moffat said that although the show is celebrating being around for 50 years that is not strictly accurate. “Doctor Who hasn’t been on for 50 years – owing to the outright stupidity and unforgivable blindness of the BBC (sorry guys, it needs to be said) there was a 16 year gap.” The man who made the decision to cancel the show back in 1989 has stood by the decision he made and said that show had become “ghastly” and “pathetic” back.  Lord Grade has however complemented Moffat and previous executive producer Russell T. Davies for reinventing the show and making it the worldwide success it is today.  In a new book Behind The Sofa: Celebrity Memories of Doctor Who, Lord Grade told the author Steve Berry “Now the production values are high, the scripts are witty, it’s full of invention … The only connection it has with its previous life is the title and the premise, but it’s light years ahead.” Current BBC Director-General Tony Hall told Radio Times that the show had been reinvented so successfully “with some of the best acting and writing on television anywhere in the world”. John Hurt who is playing the unknown “War Doctor” in Saturday’s feature length special admitted that he wasn’t a fan of the original show partly due to the infamous production values and their wobbly sets.  “I don’t think I saw the first episode and I think it escaped me for quite a long time.  It was a kiddies programme, or it was assumed to be. It was known basically for the fact that all the scenery used to fall over”. Meanwhile David Tennant, who is reprising his role as the much loved tenth Doctor  said that his return to the TARDIS was like waking up from a dream.  “The first day I arrived, the costume’s hanging there like it used to every day.  It feels like ‘where have I been? Have I woken out of a dream?’” With only four days to go until we finally get to see “The Day Of The Doctor”, remember to #savetheday.


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