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Don't Forget Your Ticket: Listen To "The Thrilling Adventure Hour" Podcast On iTunes

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


06/09/2014 2:37 am
PopWrapped | Celebrities
Don't Forget Your Ticket: Listen To
Media Courtesy of The Thrilling Adventure podcast

Jenna Boures

Staff Writer


What do Amelia Earhart, two drunken mediums, a space-cowboy, hobos, time travel, and Nazi’s have in common? They all play significant parts in the hottest comedy podcast on iTunes, The Thrilling Adventure Hour. Described as “a new-time podcast in the style of old-time radio” by creators Ben Acker and Ben Blacker, The Thrilling Adventure Hour brings fresh, witty humor to an entertainment industry sorely in need of reinvention. Complete with a crazy-talented group of actors known as the Workjuice Players, Acker and Blacker entertain listeners with an array of shows under The Thrilling Adventure Hour umbrella. The show is performed monthly at the Largo at the Coronet in Los Angeles, then recorded and broken up into segments for the podcast. One of the major perks of listening to a recording of the live show is the audience’s unabashed, genuine laughter. No laugh tracks here, folks. It is abundantly clear that both the actors and the audience are having a ball. Each performance also features special guest stars. The guests add a unique element to the show, giving the audience the chance to see one of their favorite actors in a one-of-a-kind role. So if you ever wanted to hear Joseph Gordon Levitt as a Nazi, look no further. The Thrilling Adventure Hour is supported by Nerdist Industries. A new web series hosted by features a behind-the-scenes look at The Thrilling Adventure Hour and proves that the actors are having just as much fun off stage as they are performing with each other in front of an audience. Take a look at Episode 1 of The Thrilling Adventure Hour webseries: [embed][/embed] The segments are as follows:


Mark Evan Jackson stars in this segment as the titular space-cowboy himself, growling and grunting his way into the hearts of martians and humans alike. Responsible for righting “the outlaw wrongs on Mars,” Sparks Nevada battles giant spiders, crazy scientists, and evil artificial intelligence with his robot fists. Yes, you read that right, robot fists. Sparks’ companion on the lonely red plains is the Martian Croach the Tracker, played by Mark Gagliardi, who is under onus to Sparks and never lets him forget it. Busy Philips voices the Red Plains Rider, a notorious outlaw and on-and-off-again romantic interest. Browncoats and fangirls also appreciate this segment because of Nathan Fillion’s regular cameo as the gorgeously brawny Cactoid Jim.


Paul F. Tompkins and Paget Brewster play the fabulous Frank and Sadie Doyle, two wealthy Manhattanites who love booze as much as they love each other. And, oh yes, they see GHOSTS. The “married mediums” are constantly bothered by various demons like vampires, leprechauns, succubae and witches. But the incorrigible drinkers are hardly ever frightened; they face each supernatural creature with sass and aplomb. They’d rather be home drinking than fighting netherworld demons any day.


This segment follows the adventures of the powerful yet cheesy savior of Apex city, Captain Laserbeam, voiced by John DiMaggio. Emulating the shtick of the 60s Batman T.V. show, each episode Captain Laserbeam is faced with a ridiculously-hilarious villain (ex. Anti-Claus, Evil Houdini, Catwoman Woman, The Die-brarian, Rosa Sharks, and Major Minor the Minuscule Musician). Captain Laserbeam is frequently aided by his eager team of teens, the Adventurekateers. The hero sometimes seeks help from Phillip Fathom, Deep Sea Detective, voiced by Hal Lublin who perfectly executes Christian Bale’s Batman voice.


Colonel Tick-Tock is a steam-punk time traveller, employed as a member of Queen Victoria’s Chrono Patrol responsible for keeping the timeline safe from dinosaurs, caveman, and the dastardly Aunty Meridian. With the help of his trick clock, the Colonel saves the timelines of many famous figure including Oscar Wilde, Julius Ceasar, and the Wright Brothers.


Amelia Earhart faked her disappearance in 1938 to go undercover for the American Victory Commission and stop the Nazi’s from rewriting history.


Set during WWII, Nathan Fillion plays the patriotic super soldier fighting the Reich. Ace is aided by sweetheart Agent Abby Adams, who loves nothing more than fighting dirty Krauts, and sidekick Brownie Finn.


In a reverse Cinderella story, a millionaire’s son fell in love with the notorious Hobo Princess and gave up his wealth to ride the railcars and win her favor. But in order to fins the princess, the newly christened Banjo Bindlestuff must learn “the hobo way” and find a magical and possibly make-believe place called Moonshine Holler. Listen to The Thrilling Adventure Hour podcast in on and iTunes today! Keep Up With PopWrapped On The Web!



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