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Doppelgangers Find Their Destined Love On This Week's The Vampire Diaries, "Resident Evil"

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04/23/2014 12:15 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Doppelgangers Find Their Destined Love On This Week's The Vampire Diaries,
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Elena Butler

Staff Writer


The Vampire Diaries is known for their switch-a-roos and surprising us by revealing that something isn’t what it seems—moonstone, anyone?  In the latest episode, we finally learn the truth of why the doppelgangers are “destined” to be together.  Let’s just say, the reveal wasn’t of epic proportions and the explanation was quite logical.  And just like the moonstone was tied to the big bad of that season—Klaus—the doppelgangers‘ “destined love” is now tied to the leader of the travelers, Markos.  What else happened?  Keep reading to find out. The episode starts off with a vivid dream of Elena meeting Stefan for the first time.  The nostalgia hits you right away, reminding us of the first time these two met in Season 1.  Elena wakes up perplexed and later she has another dream—this time awake—of Stefan walking her home and kissing her goodnight.  Caroline realizes what’s going on when she gets a call from Stefan.  They’re both having the same dreams about each other. At the Salvatore home, Enzo makes it clear the whole “just friends” thing Damon has going on with Elena isn’t going to work.  Damon gets a call from Caroline who tells him all about Elena’s dreams about Stefan and asks for his help.  Caroline and Elena arrive at the house and Damon and Elena have awkward smalltalk before addressing the daydreams issue.  Damon attributes it to the doppelganger prophecy. Back in Mystic Falls, Liv tests Tyler, Matt and Jeremy with the traveler knife to make sure none of them are harboring a passenger.  She explains they take over people in order to gather without being noticed, just as we see Sheriff Forbes becoming one of of those people.  Bonnie receives a visit from her grams who tells her something is terribly wrong with the other side after Markos made it out, and goes looking for Jeremy.  She finds Liv with him but he refuses to explain what’s going on. Somewhere else in town, Mat goes to see Sheriff Forbes but ends up getting stabbed and killed.  Before crossing over to the other side, he tells Bonnie what happened.  On the other side, Mat runs into Kol—KOL!  When he realizes he can see him, his first priority becomes finding his sister.  Later, Tyler finds Sheriff Forbes and uses the traveler knife to kill the passenger inside of her but comes face-to-face with another traveler. At the Salvatore home, Luke shows up to ask the group for their help with Markos.  He suggests that the dreams Elena and Stefan are having are also drawing them to the travelers, so they have to look for clues in order to find their location.  Later, while Elena tries to explain to Damon that the universe doesn’t control things, she has another dream.  Cuteness alert!  Stefan’s cooking them dinner and Elena finds an engagement ring.  She accepts right away and as they’re making out on top of the kitchen counter, she catches sight of an address printed on an envelope and wakes up. Back on the other side, Matt reunites with Vicki.  The happiness doesn’t last long before strange things start occurring.  Matt tries to take his sister with him but is unable to save her.  Just like Katherine, Vicki is pulled away by wind and a mysterious force before getting sucked into oblivion.  Meanwhile, Damon and Enzo find Markos at the address Elena gives them.  Markos explains that the doppelgangers are being drawn to each other due to a spell he cast long ago.  Markos tells Damon the witches put a curse on them to keep them from gathering but the doppelganger blood can fix it.  He insists he’s not their enemy and breaks the spell in order to make Elena and Stefan’s visions stop. We see another dream in which Stefan and Elena are now married with kids.  They’re being all kinds of adorable and sweet with each other, when it all comes to an end.  Stefan finds Elena at the Salvatore home and they both look sad to realize it’s all over.  They talk about it and admit their relationship was a different kind of love story but it was real.  They confess that they will always love each other. On the other side, Kol asks Matt to find a way to remember what happened there so he can find a way to stop it.  Back in Mystic Falls, Bonnie and Jeremy wait for him to wake up while they argue over Jeremy keeping secrets from her.  When Matt comes to, he tells them he remembers being on the other side and seeing Vicki.  Meanwhile, Elena tells Damon everything she saw in her dreams but admits that no matter how beautiful it was, it wasn’t real.  She asks him to be in her life but only as friends.  Damon walks away from her, unable to do it.  The episode ends with the revelation that Tyler’s now harboring a passenger inside him.  Markos destroys the knife and tells “Tyler” that once everything is over, he’ll have to get rid of the body he’s using. Baddies just love usurping Tyler’s body don’t they?  I’m glad he’s finally getting a descent storyline because I was starting to wonder why they had brought him back to Mystic Falls.  What do you guys think, are you looking forward to seeing him be a bad guy again?  How long before Damon and Elena make up? Leave us a comment below and tells us what you loved/hated about “Resident Evil.”

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