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Downton Abbey, 06x06: The Carsons Adjust To Married Life

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


02/08/2016 5:54 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Downton Abbey, 06x06: The Carsons Adjust To Married Life | Abbey
Media Courtesy of ITV

Spring has sprung in England, and everyone's moods have altered accordingly. Sunshine puts a pep in everyone's step.

The town has orchestrated a charity event in which the townspeople can tour Downton and see what it's like to be Lord of a large and successful estate. Robert doesn't like the idea, but everyone else has decided they're going to do it.

The servants don't quite understand either, but Anna and Mrs. Hughes understand human nature much better than most. They're brilliant and observant women.

Carson shoots another dig at Barrow and asks how his job search is going. At this point, I do honestly feel badly for Barrow. I think he really wants to try and be a better person; but it's not easy transforming your essential self.

Bertie calls and wants to meet up with Edith again and I'm fairly certain I can hear wedding bells already.

Daisy is meeting with Mr. Mason and he gives her a note to deliver to Mrs. Patmore. Daisy's jealousy rears its green head. She tells him not to encourage her, because Mrs. Patmore is too curious as it is. He insist she deliver it, though. Sometimes Daisy is really just obnoxious. Like, work on you, girl. You've clearly got some issues.

She literally threw the note away instead of giving it to Mrs. Patmore and claims she "lost" it. She also opened it before delivering it. We've got a psycho stalker on our hands, apparently.

Anna and Bates are settling in for the night and we find out that Anna hasn't been feeling too well. Bates insists that she see the doctor and she confers with Lady Mary and they decide to go to London just to be safe.

Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes are walking to work and we find that he finds her way of keeping house to be a bit... lacking. He wants her to get some pointers from Mrs. Patmore and the maids about how to properly brew coffee and make a bed. She's visibly annoyed, and I find myself getting annoyed with the fact that she just bites her tongue the whole way through. Give him hell, girl! That's why he fell in love with you to begin with! You're brilliant mind, quick tongue and strength are what make you the force you are.

Cora arrives to a meeting with Dr. Clarkson and Isabel, and it's clear that something big has happened. Isabel looks like a deer in the headlights she's so freaked.

We find out that the board has finally decided to merge the village hospital with the York facility. Dr. Clarkson will stay on in his role, and so will Isabel... but they would like for Cora to take over as President. Which would effectively oust Violet of her post.

"Golly, they've sacked the Captain." Oh goodness, Cora; I do love you so.

Barrow and Master George are adorable together. I think most people can be judged based on how they are with children. In this case, I think it's safe to say that Barrow is a big ol' softy underneath.

Anna, Mary and Tom head to London while Carson sits down with Barrow to try and nudge him along with the job hunting. Mrs. Hughes comes in and Carson continues to be the most clueless husband in history.

Violet comes to visit Robert, and we discover that she is unaware of the changes being made at the hospital. She still believes that she is very much Mrs. President. She would be wrong.

Anna finds out that her pains are normal pregnancy pains, and gets Mary ready for her surprise night with Henry.

Cora and Robert are discussing the hospital and he doesn't think that her taking on such responsibility is such a great idea. He thinks it might be "too much" for her. She makes it clear that she is perfectly capable and will, once again, not be backing down for Violet's sake.

Mary and Henry managed to steal away from the rest of the group on a walk, and find themselves caught in the rain. They share a great kiss and he makes it clear that he is falling in love. He know he doesn't have much to offer, but the heart doesn't care about trivial things like that.

Dickie Murton brings over his son's fiance to meet Isabel. She is laying it on rather thick, being very complimentary to her... but I'm definitely wary of her. She's got an alternative motive, for sure.

Daisy is continuing to be an asshole. Stop being an asshole, Daisy!

I think Mary has decided that she quite loves Henry Tolbert, actually, and surprises the hell out of herself. Her and Tom are adorable together. Just like a real-life brother and sister pair.

Carson catches Andy sneaking out of Barrow's bedroom in the dark of night, and he immediately assumes something nefarious is going on. Pretty sure they're all wrong, though. I think Barrow is just teaching him to read.

It's time for the charity tour. Bertie gave the family some pointers and told Cora, Edith and Mary that they were going to have to act as a guide for the tourists and give them the history of Downton. They don't know the history of the house themselves, so they're faking it. In the middle of Mary's tour, Violet comes storming in after getting the letter about her termination. She makes quite a scene and rushes off to find Robert.

Robert finds himself on the other end of her tongue lashing and, after she storms out, a wayward visitor comes knocking in the form of a young boy who has slipped his parents' gaze.

Cora hurries after Violet to try and catch her before she heads home, but Violet has no interest in her explanations. She gets in her car and drives away.

I felt that this episode has been the weakest of the lot so far. It seemed very fragmented and that it was just 60 minutes of trying to find its footing.

It's okay, they can't all be perfection. But I do feel as though nothing all that important happened. Maybe I should just be grateful that I got away unscathed and without tears for once.

Until next week!


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