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Fandom PopWrapped | Fandom

Dragon Con 2016 Cosplay: The Best, Funniest And Most Bizarre

Matthew Dandridge | PopWrapped Author

Matthew Dandridge

09/28/2016 5:31 am
PopWrapped | Fandom
Dragon Con 2016 Cosplay: The Best, Funniest And Most Bizarre | Dragon Con 2016

Dragon Con 2016 has finally finished, and it was the biggest Dragon Con yet. At any geek convention, the main thing that makes it back to the news sites is the amazing cosplay that fans cannot seem to get enough of.

As I got to witness Dragon Con first hand, I experienced the blessing of seeing some of the most amazing, wild, and just plain crazy costumes ever.

Below, you will get to see some of the best cosplay any geek convention has to offer.

Dragon Con 2016 Cosplay

The Best:

Starting with what may be the most detailed cosplay you have ever seen, I got to take pictures with some of the best and most well-known cosplayers in the world.

Here you can see what is obviously a near identical impression of X-Men's Wolverine and Breaking Bad's Walter White.

When seeing Wolverine up close, I recognized this cosplayer, as he is actually Lonstermash, one of the most famous Wolverine cosplayers in the world.

Dragon Con 2016 Lonstermash Instagram

Later on in the convention, I ran into what seemed like a Kylo Ren without a lightsaber. Since he didn't have a lightsaber, I was going to assume he wasn't ready for pictures.

Dragon Con 2016

I asked anyway, and he gave me a cooler picture than most Kylo Ren's with lightsabers would.

Of course there were a couple more awesome cosplayers that I got to experience; as you can clearly tell, that's Goku (Dragon Ball Z) and the girl from The Ring.

Dragon Con 2016 

The Ring cosplay is Amanda Spano on Facebook.

Dragon Con was full of amazing events that any and every geek could possibly imagine, so I thought it would be great to mention the awesome cosplay contest that debuted some of the most well made costumes in history.

The girl above made her costume on her own and as you can hear from the video above, she is only 15 years old !

While she didn't win the cosplay contest, she definitely won the audience's hearts as her costume is made of 97% paper origami.

The Funniest:

Here we will show you what is the absolutely funniest cosplay you could ever imagine. From stuff you actually would never think of being cosplayed, this is one of the greatest parts of cosplay in general.

Dragon Con 2016

These two were a great part of the Dragon Con parties, as I think their costumes fit right in.

As you walk around the hotels of Dragon Con with an endless stream of entertainment, the hall ways are often filled with plenty of cosplay just lounging around.

Dragon Con 2016

For these two (a dead Jason Todd and a wild Snorlax), you could easily run into pretty much anything as you head to your next destination at Dragon Con 2016.

The Most Bizarre:

Forgive me for this category title because I don't mean to offend, but these costumes were some of the most most creepy and strange things I have ever seen.

For this first one, the cosplay is supposed to be a manga character named Odi (I think).

Dragon Con 2016 CrazyForFilm

This man's cosplay was absolutely on point, as it looks as scary and real as a silver screen CGI character.

Dragon Con 2016

There was a pretty awkward Trump theme going on where a lot of people wore Trump masks with other cosplay attire. While this could easily make the helm of funny, this cosplay was one of the many bizarre Trump costumes.

Before you decide your favorite cosplay from Dragon Con 2016, make sure to check out our cosplay gallery for some more awesome pictures!

[gallery size="large" type="slideshow" ids="143863,143864,143865,143866,143867,143868,143869,143862"]

Which Dragon Con cosplay was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.


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