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Television PopWrapped | Television

E! Feeds Our Frenzy With Newly Released Once Upon A Time Spoilers

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


09/26/2013 11:07 am
PopWrapped | Television
E! Feeds Our Frenzy With Newly Released Once Upon A Time Spoilers
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Dani Strehle

Content Editor

Once upon a time, there was a prince, a queen, a pirate, a princess, a dark one and a savior. These six resistant companions find little comfort in each other’s company. Sure some of them are related, but in the land of Storybrook, blood is of little consequence. Well, unless it’s being spilled. That’s right, PopWrappers! Once Upon a Time shall sate our desire for whimsy once more in just four short days! E! was able to catch a sneak peek of the first two episodes of the third season, and participated in an open Q&A session via Twitter, where fans asked some of their most pressing questions. E! chose their favorite questions and answered via their website - spoilers and all! I have chosen a small sample of my favorite questions, along with E!’s answers, found below. But be warned! The next few paragraphs WILL contain spoilers. So should you wish to be surprised, please, do not read any further!

Txangelwolf asked: “Will Prince Eric be in more than 1 episode this season?”

E!’s answer:

Why, yes! Prince Eric (Gil McKinney) will be appearing in more than one episode. In fact, we've got scoop from the creators on this new prince. Horowitz spills, "Our take on Prince Eric is slightly different then what you saw in the movie, but it is hopefully honoring what people adore about that movie." Kitsis adds, "Though our Ariel (JoAnna Garcia) really focuses much more on her and her journey and she also has a connection to one of our characters that you'll see in her story." Look for the little mermaid in episode six!”

Smolderderavin said: “To be honest all we want are Rumbelle spoilers :)) so if you could please get some we'll forever love you, you know.”

E!’s answer:

We're all about eternal admiration! Even though our beloved Rumple (Robert Carlyle) and Belle (Emilie De Ravin) are worlds apart, that does not mean that we won't see them together. To quote Rumple, "Neverland is a place where imagination runs wild," so just keep that rule in mind in the second episode. Bonus Scoop: Their scenes together are better than we could've ever hoped for. So sweet and so caring.”

Lukadrommi said: “Anything on Hook & Emma would be greatly appreciated :) Thanks!”

E!’s answer:

Ahoy, matey! Do we spy a CaptainSwan shipper? Welcome aboard! As you know, Emma (


ennifer Morrison) is under the impression that Neal (Michael Raymond-James) is dead, and as you should recall, Hook and Baelfire were once very close. However, this tangled web of friendships and affections do not stop Hook from getting his flirt on at any chance he gets. Their chemistry is electric, no matter how hard Emma tries to fight it.”

As I said, the above is just a small sample of the questions answered by E!. If you’d like to check out the full article of questions and answers, you may do so here. This article got me even more jazzed for the new season of Once Upon a Time; something I did not think was possible! I cannot wait to venture to Neverland with all of my favorite fairy tale characters. Keep checking back with PopWrapped for more spoilers and recaps of all of our favorite shows!


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