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Fandom / Television PopWrapped | Fandom

Eight Reasons ‘Lucifer’ Needs To Be Saved For A Fourth Season

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
05/26/2018 4:13 pm
PopWrapped | Fandom
Eight Reasons ‘Lucifer’ Needs To Be Saved For A Fourth Season | FOX Cancels Lucifer
Media Courtesy of FOX

Fox pulled the plug on fan favorite Lucifer when it announced the cancellations of many other beloved shows. Some, like 'Brooklyn 99', have already been saved, but this gem remains treading water, hoping for a rescue boat before a hungry shark takes it down for good. We’d like to list off some of the, many, reasons Lucifer should be picked back up, not just because we love it. And they aren’t in any particular order because each one is just as important as the next.

1. Tom Ellis - This man is a highly talented British actor who brought the Devil to life with such charm and perfection that we don’t know which side we’d choose if given the choice. Lucifer isn’t his only notable role, though, as he’s also been in USA’s Rush and comedic hit Miranda. He’s a gifted actor, but this role was really made for him and it’s a shame not to let him give us a little bit more Lucifer Morningstar. Also, he’s gorgeous which is simply an added bonus. He’s the only Lucifer we’d prefer other then Al Pacino, of course, but Ellis gives him a run for his money in this role.

2. Lauren German - This woman is a phenomenal actress, who we’ve loved in so many shows, some that were cut short, long before we’re ready to say goodbye. She’s a member of the One Chicago family as Leslie Shay. Does anyone remember a short lived mystery show called Happy Town? She played a badass and we never got to see her solve that mystery, so let’s give her a shot in Lucifer.  

3. Jerry Bruckheimer - Just reading his name as a part of any project is reason enough for it to air as long as possible. Bruckheimer is an integral genius member of the team behind so many classics including: Pirates of the Caribbean, Without a Trace, National Treasure, Armageddon, Remember the Titans, Black Hawk Down, The Rock, Con Air, Enemy of the State, and so many more they’d fill the article if we didn’t stop. Our point is, if this man is helping to produce the story of Lucifer then that story needs to be told in full because he has never steered us wrong, as an audience.

4. D.B. Woodside - Any fans out there of Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Suits? This man has been an integral part of both of those shows, even though he wasn’t in the entirity of either series. When D.B. Woodside shows up on a screen, you can’t help but be both intimidated and intrigued at the same time.

5. The Storyline - How many stories of the Devil are out there to tell, and how many of those have we all heard over and over? Lucifer begins as the simple tale of the Devil taking a vacation from Hell in LA where he finds humanity is having some strange effects on him. Lucifer is still the Prince of Darkness but he’s a tamer version who looks for justice along with the help of Detective Chloe Decker. We say she’s helping him because she’s a hell of a cop, but he has a special set of skills to get the job done. There are so many more avenues to explore.

6. The Fandom - Lucifer fans are strong and they come out for their show. Ever since the network announced the show wouldn’t return, they have taken to social media with the help of star Tom Ellis and campaigned for it’s salvation. Through extremely crucial organization, they’ve narrowed their fight to two hashtags, #SaveLucifer and #PickUpLucifer, because Twitter has rules about what trends and they figured those out to make the best and biggest impact. Fans like these, like us, deserve to have more when we are fighting the good fight, keeping it positive throughout. It’s devotion, at its best.

7. The Cast and Their Chemistry - Tom Ellis has charisma to lose so we can see sparks between him and any female character within the show, but his story with Chloe is different. We won’t go into too much detail for anyone who may be jumping on board late either for support, or to see what all the fuss is about. Chloe and her ex-husband Dan have their own chemistry especially when you factor in their daughter Trixie. Maze and and Amenadiel are on another plane in the series early episodes because it’s hard to tell if they’re going to fight or… The cast of Lucifer is filled with brilliantly talented actors and actresses who all have amazing chemistry with each other, only adding to the overall feeling of the show.

8. The Season 3 (Series) Finale - We aren’t going to say anything here other then...this isn’t an ending. It obviously was never intended as the story’s close and the cast, crew, and fans deserve to see where the show was meant to go.

We could go on with more reasons why Lucifer and its fans deserve to get a fourth season, but we’ll stop here because these eight prove what the fans are saying. The CW already rejected the show, even though we, along with many others, believe it would fit perfectly in their lineup. Whoever possible saves this show, whether they be a streaming service, fellow network, or cable provider, we are here to give you outstanding viewer numbers. All we ask is the chance to prove it.


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