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Television PopWrapped | Television

Emily And Nolan Have A "Resurgence" Of Old School Methods In This Week's Revenge

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


11/10/2013 11:41 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Emily And Nolan Have A

Brittany Goldfield Rodrigues

Staff Writer

This week on Revenge the show returns to its roots. This episode gives us a lot of season one nostalgia; confused Jack, scheming Victoria, a devious yet lovable “Nemily,” this episode says “back-to-basics” like never before. Every character is back to how they started, and we remember everything that made us fall in love with these characters. The episode revolves around one of our favourites – a swanky Grayson party. This time around they are celebrating the Fourth of July and there are definitely fireworks going on. The episode starts off with Conrad back on his feet after his fake health-scare. The king Grayson ups and hires a publicist – a move that sets Emily back a bit, considering the hired PR specialist Bizzy Preston (guest star Ana Ortiz) wants her to play nice with Victoria. Now, if they place nice, how will Em’s endgame plan of framing Victoria for her murder pan out? Emily’s thoughts exactly. Speaking of Victoria related problems, with Patrick gone Nolan has some soul searching to do. Luckily, he finds some fulfillment in the Grayson’s latest addition. Turns out Bizzy outed Nolan way back when, and lead to his him and his father estranged relationship. Not cool Bizzy. Now, both Nolan and Emily hate you. The terrible two are once again reunited in a common mission - to take down Bizzy. The two set a plan in action in trueRevenge season 1 style. Honestly, who doesn’t love a good Nemily take down? Emily kicks the plan into high gear and starts planting some incriminating past discretions for Bizzy to dig up about her. Who knew Emily was previously wed? Doing his own part to partake in the take-down, Nolan digs up some dirt of his own about Bizzy’s clients. Emily is not one, not two, but a good five steps ahead of the publicist. It’s like she never stood a chance. While Emily and Nolan are up to no good (or as we see it, a lot of good,) Jack and Margaux are picking up where they left off. That’s definitely a good thing considering we want her far from Daniel, and her and Jack seem to have pretty genuine feelings for each other. Its about time Jack was with someone without dark secrets. Unfortunately, Jack messes up when he rejects the journalists’ advances. Of course being the charmer he is, Margaux doesn’t take much convincing to take him back. Oh, then they consummate their relationship on the fourth of July. It’s poetic almost. Nolan and Emily, Jack and Margaux, it’s like all our favourites are coming together – and then the bomb drops. Charlotte and Victoria both seem keen on Sarah and Daniel rekindling their relationship, and it seems like they got what they’ve been working for. Daniel and Sarah ALMOST kiss – or, Daniel tries to kiss her and she moves away. This makes us nervous. Can Daniel and Emily just get married please? These roadblocks are making us anxious. Of course, Revenge wouldn’t be revenge if it didn’t have us on the edge of our seats, screaming profanities at the screen, and then rocking in fetal position until the next episode. Or is that just us… Anyways, the Grayson’s Fourth of July party becomes Bizzy’s way of recreating the family’s image. This doesn’t go so well considering Daniel is off with his old flame, and Nemily came armed to the battlefield that is the Grayson’s party., Nolan dominates the take down as he tricks Bizzy into giving him her phone password. He does this by sporting super cool glasses with video-recording ability. That’s Nolan, tech savvy and chic at the same time. Ems and Nolan uncover that Bizzy really has been busy. Busy sexting someone who is not her husband that is. At the end of it all, Nolan only half destroys the publicist, giving her the chance to end her affair. As he says in the episode, his takedowns have a silver lining. Just when the episode is starting to look hopeful, it becomes obvious the Grayson women will not rest until Daniel is with Sarah. Emily is quick to learn of Daniel and Sarah’s rekindling, and tells Nolan she will need to make sure she is not part of Daniel’s future. Oh boy. Until next week, we can consider just what Emily will do to tarnish Sarah’s chances at stealing back Daniel’s heart. NOLANISM OF THE NIGHT: “My take-downs have a silver lining”


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