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Emily Gets "Sin"-ful On This Week's Revenge

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


10/06/2013 11:27 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Emily Gets
Media Courtesy of ABC

Brittany Goldfield Rodrigues

Staff Writer

In the second episode of Revenge, “Sin,” Emily Thorne is not messing around. No more getting sidetracked, because she is on a deadline now. Ever since Jack threatened to expose her true identity as Amanda Clarke, Emily has kicked her revenging into high gear. Nothing is getting in her way…until it does. The kick-ass Hampton’s gal is back to her red sharpie, and she is itching to cross out some faces who contributed to her dads framing and eventual murder. This time around, Emily is after now-priest Paul. Paul aided in the framing of David Clarke, but ever since his track record has been clean. In fact, it has been squeaky clean. Paul became a Priest and the ultimate do-gooder. When Nolan does some digging and finds out that Paul really is a saint, and maybe not deserving of the revenge-treatment, Emily turns the other cheek. She is on a strict deadline and cannot pause to contemplate how people may have changed their ways. Then there’s Charlotte. The once rebellious and sometimes whiny teenager we once knew from previous seasons is gone. Although Charlotte was always lovable despite her acting out, she has turned into a mature adult. We have never loved her more. Charlotte’s hair and wardrobe all reflect her entry in womanhood. Loved that dress she wore to the ever so awkward Grayson dinner. One thing is for sure; Charlotte is not a kid anymore. Even though she moved out last episode, she returns home to care for her “sick” father, and genuinely tries to look out for everyone. She confronts Emily about the news of her mother’s affair getting out, and proves once again how strong she is. Although Emily is one of the few people she could trust, Charlotte is starting to understand the people around her have many secrets and are not who they seem to be. More than anything, Charlotte knows her mother is always up to anything. Emily’s revenging and Charlotte’s strong willed nature come to a head when the Grayson’s sit down for dinner with Patrick. Emily is shafted, while Charlotte and Daniel fill in Patrick on what life in the Grayson household is like. Of course, Conrad always needs to join in on the fun. He divulges that Victoria sent someone to pay off Patrick to not come knocking – cut to Victoria confessing, apologizing, and ordering her family to be decent to her long lost son. Lets face it; he hasn’t done anything to hurt anyone, which is more than we can say for the Grayson family. Seconds later Conrad almost faints, and has accident with a drinking glass. Oops. That would have nothing to do with Emily poisoning him… All the while Emily revenges and Charlotte reflects, Victoria is working with Aiden to take down Emily. At no point does he tell her who Emily really is, but he still gives some information for Victoria to work with. Remember how Emily has the Grayson’s fortune? This Aiden/Victoria duo makes me antsy. Who knows the damage they can do together. Finally, we were all ready to hate Daniel when Margeaux dropped her dress to the floor when the two met for business. Stellar filming showed Daniel walking towards her, but not what happened when he got to her. We learn later he picked up her dress, and handed it back to her. Good old Daniel. Such a sweetie. Still, the two will be working together now, so who knows how much longer the two will last before their lust takes over. Fun fact, this is the first episode where we see Nolan big farewell to a one night stand. With all actor Gabriel Mann’s talk about Nolan having a “slut phase” we can expect this is one of many times we will see Nolan “enjoying himself.” The actor (who plays Nolan Ross) tweeted today during the show his next love interest will be more of a revenge than a genuine love. Interesting. We can’t wait to see what happens next! Nolanism of the night: Not so much a line as an action but…Nolan bakes now? Cute.


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