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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

Emily Proves She Has 'Endurance' For All Things Grayson This Week On Revenge

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


01/13/2014 11:57 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Emily Proves She Has 'Endurance' For All Things Grayson This Week On Revenge
Media Courtesy of ABC

Brittany Goldfield Rodrigues

Staff Writer

This episode kicks off with Emily feeling utterly defeated. This has been her toughest summer yet in the Hamptons and things don’t seem to be getting any better. After finally regaining all her memories, Emily has decided this is the end. We know. What? Nolan had a similar reaction when he visits her undercover in her hospital room. The two have come so far together, and it’s clear Nolan can’t believe it’s over. The only good part about this heartbreaking scene is the fact we haven’t had Nolan and Emily alone in a room together a while so it’s nice to see the two BFF’s come together again. The most shocking part of the scene? Nolan’s baseball cap. We never thought we would see the day Nolan, but your suave jacket makes up for the fashion no-no. Turns out, the hospital is crawling with people working undercover. Emily’s “nurse” Niko ,who we found out last episode has/had a thing with Aiden, is helping the Brit out. Aiden asks Niko to get Emily out of the hospital and she does - all the way to Grayson Manor. Who in their right mind would discharge anybody into Victoria Grayson’s care? That’s right, no one. Niko, who is Takeda’s daughter, confronts Emily, only to be told by the blonde that she is done her mission and just wants to run away and marry Aiden. Niko, who is shocked about the engagement, proceeds to lecture Ems about her dedication and tells her she has to continue. Hmmm…ulterior motives perhaps? Could Niko be any more transparent? Not liking her. Not liking her one ibt. If you think this is interesting, revert your attention to The Stowaway where um…”stuff” gets real. We get a quick reminder that Jack has balls when Daniel shows up explaining to Sarah (who he thinks attempted suicide) how Emily tricked him and blah blah blah. Upon seeing Daniel bother Sarah who basically just got drunk and passed out, Jack decks Daniel. Excessive? Daniel did shoot Emily, so not really. Sneaking suspicion? That punch may be a little more for Emily than for Sarah. Truth be told, Danny looks good with a nice black eye courtesy of Jack. Of course, Jack’s moment of badassery is worth a mention, but the king of badass-ness is one Mr. Nolan Ross. Cue an epic swimming shot of Nolan followed by a Baywatch-esque walk onto shore.  Thank you Revenge. Thank you. In less important news than the fact Nolan is ripped, Patrick is on a mission for his mother to uncover Emily’s infinity box. Okay, maybe not that unimportant. Patrick coaxes Nolan into letting him over for some drinks in hopes to double cross him. This is where he went wrong, because lets face it. No one out smarts Nolan Ross. Cut to a fake-drunk Patrick trying to get Nolan smashed and out of the way. When some “alcohol” spills onto Nolan’s arm, Patrick decides to lick it (unhygienic or sexy, we just don’t know). Surpise. Nolan’s drunk off of water. Nolan didn’t want to get drunk and do something he regretted, but he would have been better off drinking because Patrick was just going to hit him over the head with a blunt object anyways to knock him out. And there goes that infinity box. Sike. Emily decided she does care if her secrets get out because, shocker, she’s not giving up since Victoria told her that her surgeries have left her infertile. They’ve taken her mom, dad, and future children. This means war. It also means Nolan swapped the infinity box for a box that just made her seem like a goldigger. We know. So much in such a short time, it’s just hard to handle. That’s Revenge for you. So, Emily goes ahead with a new plan. She calls a press meeting to announce Lydia David murdered her. Now, this is great for the Grayson’s and bad for Margaux who had planned to publish an issue about Lydia’s crime but was stopped by Jack who knew the truth. Jack may be fuming that Emily is singing a different tune, but Victoria is thrilled Emily is protecting her son. The final scene of the episode just might be the greatest scene ever to transpire in the Grayson living room. While Queen Victoria sits on her (newly refurbished) throne, a sleek looking Emily tells Victoria and Daniel exactly what’s going to happen now. She tells Daniel she knows what he did, and it’s okay. She loves him. She simply wants to marry Daniel and leave everything else behind. Clearly, Daniel isn’t buying it. For the first time we really see Emily and Daniel in a sparring match. After all, last time they went toe to toe Daniel had a gun and Emily had a white dress – not a fair game. This time around, Emily is marking her territory and ready to avenge away. Except, Aiden is displeased and gets it on with Niko who herself wants to avenge her father – yeah, the guy who Aiden killed about a season ago. No big deal. Just another day in the Hamptons. NOLANISM OF THE EPISODE: Saw it? I laughed, I cried, it was better than Cats.


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