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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

Emily Tries To Regain "Control" This Week on Revenge

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


10/28/2013 12:11 am
PopWrapped | Television
Emily Tries To Regain

Brittany Goldfield Rodrigues

Staff Writer

It seems we are constantly learning new things on Revenge, but one thing is always emphasized - it’s never dull in the Hamptons. This week the drama on the drama just seems to escalate. Every week, you feel anxiety from the episode’s start to finish. You never know what to expect from anyone. This week’s Revengenda seems to be pretty Patrick heavy. He seems to be a priority for many on the show, but then again - can you blame them? The man is spanking new to the Hamptons, but he already comes first for Hamptons most powerful. Early on in the episode Nolan surprises who we assumed was his new beau at Victoria’s art gallery. To our surprise (and dismay), he gets shut down. As much as we love Nolan, we have to agree with the newest Grayson that paying Patrick’s ex wife a large sum of money to make sure he bats for his team was a little bit excessive and a lot intrusive. At the same time, we aren’t too convinced that the money was just to figure out Patrick’s sexuality. It would be more in Nolan’s character to be digging up more important dirt, but covering it up. Still, this is bound to throw a rock in the pair’s budding relationship. Patrick is just one of many things on Victoria’s plate. The queen Grayson herself is still trying to sabotage Emily and her chances at marrying Daniel, but little does she know her greatest ally, Aiden Mathis, is working with the mischievous blonde. Last episode did leave us wondering just how loyal Aiden is, but it turns out the British really are on our side. While the British assert their royalty this episode, the French seem pretty scattered. Margaux gears up for the launch of her joint magazine with Daniel, but is devastated when her father doesn’t show. You have to love how Revenge manages to demonize and humanize each of their characters. It makes it so hard to love or hate anyone – except Nolan. When Jack doesn’t show up to the launch, and Emily pays him a visit instead of supporting Daniel at the launch, everything goes awry. While Emily’s lack of support is the last straw for Daniel, causing him to call off the wedding, Jack is a little smoother. He impressively lies and tells Margaux that there had been an intruder at the Stowaway (cough Emily cough,) and that’s why he didn’t show up to support her. Of course, no one can ever resist Jack’s charm, so she kisses him. Really, what is it about Jack that makes girls so loopy for him? I get it, he’s cute, modest, charming, but he’s not that irresistible… Sorry. Our Nolan love is showing. Basically one of the bigger questions (of the like 25 questions posed in this episode) was, is Nolan and Patrick a thing or not? On his second visit to Patrick, Nolan makes himself vulnerable. He pleads a convincing case that relationships aren’t easy for him (truth, his significant others keep dying), and he’s used to doing things in excess (truth, his tech gadgets are amazing). Nolan advises Emily to do the same thing – to make herself vulnerable. Emily ends up telling Daniel her true feelings under the guise of a false story about her family. Emily cries, Daniel agrees to get married, and things are finally starting to turn around for Emily. It’s about time, because we are now five episodes into the season and it was starting to feel like Emily was just failing with everything she did. Thankfully Ems is back and ready to kick (and marry) some Grayson ass. Things are looking up for Emily and Nolan, but unfortunately things are also looking up for Victoria. Double agent Aiden presents Victoria with news that Jack was not the mastermind behind Conrad’s ‘accident’ - it was someone in the house. Charlotte confesses to the crime in the hope to clear Jack’s name, but really what she did was help Victoria clear Patrick’s. Yes, Patrick tried to kill Conrad. We don’t know what Patrick is playing at, but we can’t wait to find out. Isn’t Patrick starting to look like the most manipulative of everyone? For the second time, after rejecting Nolan, he shows up at Nolan’s place to lay a big one on him. Again for the second time, Revenge ends with Patrick pulling Nolan into a big smooch, which leads to a nice make out session by the pool. This time, the clothes come off. Really, this relationship seems to be the one that gives us the most anxiety. Both are hiding something and we can’t wait to find out just what that is. Oh, and did we mention Emily decided it was Aiden “all along”? We thought it was Jack all along… Is it just us, or does Emily only seem sincere when Jack is involved? She may have kissed Aiden, but we still aren’t sure where her loyalties lie. Maybe that’s just because Emily always seems like such a lone wolf who only shows emotion when Jack (or Nolan) is involved. As usual Revenge leaves us with more questions than answers, but that’s why we love it. Nolanism of the episode: “Then again, I’m just a self made billionaire with a 170 IQ, so what do I know?”


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