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Emily's Friendships And Grayson Manor Crumble In 'Dissolution' On This Week's Revenge

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


11/03/2013 11:40 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Emily's Friendships And Grayson Manor Crumble In 'Dissolution' On This Week's Revenge
Media Courtesy of ABC

Brittany Goldfield Rodrigues

Staff Writer

Just when it seems things are finally going Emily’s way, the revenger’s plans start to crumble. Last week on Revenge the gloves came off, but this week everyone has to put those gloves back on as they deal with the repercussions of their choices. Nolan may not have choices to apologize for, considering he cannot be blamed for fraternizing with the enemy’s son. Patrick is a pretty sight, he’s damaged, and he has “I’m misunderstood” written all over him. Nolan and Patrick may seem toxic for each other, but it has become clear their feelings are genuine. They really seem to understand each other on a deep level, and truly find comfort in one another. Nolan has never had someone who experiences the same isolation and difficulties fitting in, so Patrick kind of seems like “the one” at this point. Of course, nothing can ever go right for Nolan. When Emily sees Patrick leaving Nolan’s house after their night together, she decides their budding relationship will throw a wrench in her revenge-y plans. Sorry Em’s, Nolan doesn’t take orders from you.  After being Emily’s punching bag for the past few years, Nolan decides to speak up. He tells her that all he ever wanted was a friend, and now she’s treating him like a pawn. He explains to her how her revenging is preventing him from living his life, and that he cannot partake in her plans any longer. Nolan doesn’t want to break things off with Patrick, but tries to when the honorary Grayson seeks him out when his calls aren’t being answered. Nolan tells Patrick that because of who their friends and parents are they can’t be together. Patrick simply refuses to hear it. He tells Nolan that he wants to be with him, and that no one else gets a say in their relationship. Oh, and then they kiss. Love when they do that. Noltrick is a thing. A perfect thing. Fed up with Emily and enamored with Patrick, Nolan then visits the stowaway for a chat with Jack. The two swap some information, and realize that the other knows way more than they were supposed to. Nolan finds out Jack knew about Patrick slicing Conrad’s wheels, and Jack finds out that Nolan knew Emily was Amanda all along. The two distance themselves from Emily, as they decide they are finished being pawns. However, in understanding each other, the pair reconcile as friends. Unfortunately, even though Jack remains Nolan’s friend, it doesn’t mean he is approving of Patrick. He slashed Conrad’s car, therefore jack deems him “shady.” As much as our love for Patrick keeps escalating, we can’t help but agree. While Jack and Nolan work out their common Emily issues, Daniel is preoccupied. When Daniel and Charlotte bump into Sarah, the girl who Daniel got into a car accident with pre-Revenge season one, things get messy. It turns out, Sarah wasn’t set for life with the settlement the Grayson’s gave, and now she is working 60 hours a week to pay medical bills. Daniel’s guilt overwhelms him as he tries to make things right. However, Charlotte gets Sarah fired at her current job then re-hires her at the stowaway. Our question is, why is she trying to keep Sarah so close? Is she trying to get Sarah and Daniel back together again? Oh Charlotte…do you really think you are as good as scheming as your mother? Get over yourself. It looks like misguided Charlotte is back to ruin everyone’s plans. Then again, what is Revenge if any plan goes smoothly? Although the past two episodes have ended with steamy kisses shared between Nolan and Patrick, this episode leaves us with tears. With Nolan’s blessing, Jack tells Conrad it was Patrick who attempted to kill him. Instead of trying to land him a spot in jail, Conrad does what will hurt Victoria the most. He sends her son far far away, so that she will never see him again.  Jack grant Nolan a chance to say goodbye, but Nolan refuses to take it – a decision he regrets after his one and only leaves. We don’t quite believe Patrick is gone for good though. Afterwards, Jack and Nolan share a quiet boys night to talk and confide in one another – only to be interrupted by Emily. Emily and Aiden have decided after her mission is complete, they will run away and make a life the two of them. However, she will never be able to see Jack and Nolan again. Emily apologizes and vows to put all her cards on the table. Just as we start opening our hearts back up to the misguided revenger of the Hamptons, she drops a bomb. She divulges her plan to have Victoria charged and sentenced to life for the murder of Emily Thorne. That’s right, Emily is going to stage her own death, and therefore have to drop of the map entirely and leave her friends behind. Revenge should be retitled “Anxiety.” After all, that is what the show is start to finish every week. It poses many questions, gives few answers, and always keeps you guessing. Until next week, we will be in fetal position trying to prepare ourselves for what is to come.


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