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Television PopWrapped | Television

Emily's "Secrecy" Proves Quite Useful In This Week's Revenge

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


11/17/2013 11:38 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Media Courtesy of Entertainment Outlook

Brittany Goldfield Rodrigues

Staff Writer

It’s safe to say we all thought Revenge could not get more intense, but this week we stand corrected. Today’s episode is definitely the intensity cake-topper. The wedding cake topper, that is. With every episode we are moving closer and closer to Daniel and Emily’s wedding date, and that much closer to Emily hatching her final plan to take down the Graysons. Why does it seem like their nuptials are becoming less and less likely? Daniel is becoming increasingly annoyed with Emily, and all that much more infatuated with his ex-girlfriend, Sarah. Of course, who would Victoria Grayson be if she didn’t try to play this to her advantage? This week on Revenge, we are drawn into the drama and scheming of yet another Grayson party. This time around, it’s Emily’s bridal shower, and Victoria will do everything in her power to make the event one worth remembering. While Emily is planning her bridal shower, as well as how she is going to stage her own death, Daniel has some plans of his own. The episode begins with Daniel in the shower (that’s always a good thing right?) with Emily trying to join him (again, good thing right?). But then he says he has to go to work early (not a good thing). The worst part is, Emily mentions he has been showering earlier and earlier every day to leave home. Definitely not a good thing. Unsurprisingly, instead of heading to work, we see Daniel head to a food market where he “bumps into” Sarah. They talk a little bit about the Fourth of July party, but Sarah ensures that there is nothing for them to talk about. Her feelings for him aside, he is getting married and she is not a home- wrecker. Sarah’s sweet and we like her, but it’s hard to avoid Daniels charm, as well as the strong hand of his mother, so we don’t blame her for her weakness. She sees him off after he insists on the two of them talking some things out. After Daniel leaves, Sarah turns around, and Emily is literally right behind her. So creepy, and so standard Ems. Got to love when she goes stalker-crazy. Emily confronts Sarah and shares her faux-sob story about her impending nuptials with Daniel. It comes as little shock that Ems can cry on cue, so you can’t help but smile as Sarah eats up Emily’s “oh my God, my fiancé is cheating on me, and it’s all my fault” act. Emily’s little performance has Sarah convinced that she cannot hurt sweet Emily, but it doesn’t take Victoria long to set her straight. Victoria explains to Sarah that Emily is conniving and only after Daniel’s money. Well, that’s not quite what she is after, but Victoria is not wrong about Emily’s ulterior motives. Sarah agrees to cater Emily’s shower, much to her dismay, which leads to epic awkwardness when the event comes around. She takes Emily and Daniel by surprise, but that is not the biggest shocker of the event. Victoria decides it would be fun to play a game (Victoria? Game playing? Never). She blindfolds Daniel and Emily individually, and provides hints for them to guess which surprise guest she invited. Daniel gets an old buddy, and Emily gets an old husband. Remember when Ems told the PR agent Bizzy that she was previously married? Looks like Victoria had since been searching long and hard for Emily’s ex-husband. Turns out, this is exactly what Emily expected. Her “ex-husband,” another Takeda protégée, tells the crowd the story of a sweet-hearted Emily who married him so that he could get a green card to stay in the country to live happily with his male partner. Isn’t Ems just the sweetest? Everyone in the crowd seemed to think so, including Sarah, who finally realized Victoria is the one with ulterior motives, and not Emily. Unfortunately, Emily’s act doesn’t touch everyone. Daniel found the stint to be manipulative because regardless the reasons behind her marriage, she never confided in him. He brings Sarah to a secret bachelor room passed down through the Grayson men dynasty, and tells her that he doesn’t trust Emily because she is too much like his mother. He actually says, “I don’t want to marry my mother,” which kind of just makes us wince. Really Daniel? What is it about this modest girl that has you constantly with your head up your butt? You are getting married and are supposed to be leading a company. Is one girl really worth all of this? You really are a Grayson Daniel. It’s funny that Daniel tells his father “I don’t want to cheat on my wife;” which is exactly what he does when he brings Sarah to the bachelor pad to sing her his woes which then leads to a make-out session that we assume lead to more. Turns out Grayson men are even stupider than we thought, because the Grayson women have always known of their secret room. Victoria is able to show Emily that Daniel is tucked away in this secret hiding place with Sarah. In true Emily fashion, she decides that dire circumstances call for dire measures. When Daniel returns home, Emily tells him she is pregnant. Woomp there it is. The one thing that will tether Daniel to Emily, and will ensure a wedding ceremony. While Emily deals with Daniel and Victoria, Aiden helps out another Grayson. Turns out Charlotte was a little in over her head in Europe, causing her to pose for some nudes for a cute photographer guy. Now, someone has Charlotte’s phone and is threatening to expose the pics if she doesn’t pay a large fee. Aiden takes care of the situation by beating the crap out of the blackmailer in broad daylight at the Stowaway. This confrontation gets Charlotte back her phone, but drives Jack to question Emily. He asks how much she really knows about Aiden, causing Emily to get annoyed because, since when does Jack care? He hates her right? Wrong. Jack tells Emily he doesn’t hate her, but she keeps pushing people out and refuses to consider the repercussions of her plan. Okay Jack, the girl planned her own death and other huge schemes you could not imagine. This isn’t half-hatched, and the likelihood is that she doesn’t trust Aiden all that much either. The last scene is the biggest “I’m sorry…what?” moment of the episode. Yeah that’s right, more so than Emily’s fake pregnancy – or is she pregnant and not with Daniels baby? That’s another question for another day. In the last minutes of the episode, Margaux is meeting a mysterious person in a mysterious parking lot who mysteriously claims to have special information on Conrad Grayson. No, the person does not try to kill her, because death is too quick and easy for this person. This person is Lydia. Remember Lydia? Conrad’s mistress who almost died after falling off a building and then supposedly died in a plane crash? Turns out she’s alive, and scheming. We have no idea what to expect from Lydia, but we can’t wait to find out in three weeks when Revenge comes back. NOLANISM OF THE NIGHT: "I am on the rebound, so bitch don't kill my vibe."


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