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Eminem Once Again Addresses His Use Of Homophobic Lyrics

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


11/05/2013 10:07 pm
PopWrapped | Music
Eminem Once Again Addresses His Use Of Homophobic Lyrics

Abbie Bethell

Staff Writer

Rapper Eminem has been featured in the news a lot lately, mostly due to fact his new album The Marshall Mathers LP 2 is out today. However, questions have again been raised about Eminem’s stance in regard to using gay slurs in his latest single “Rap God”.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Eminem was asked why, even though it’s 2013, he still uses the derogatory words “faggot” and “gay-looking” in his music, when it’s intended as an insult. Over the years the Missouri born rapper has been accused of homophobia. Though he’s denied that he intends to be offensive with these lyrics, he continues to use the gay slurs in his music. In his latest interview with Rolling Stone magazine, he explains the way he sees it.

“I don't know how to say this without saying it how I've said it a million times. But that word, those kind of words, when I came up battle-rappin' or whatever, I never really equated those words …

[interviewer: To actually mean “homosexual”?]

Yeah. It was more like calling someone a bitch or a punk or asshole. So that word was just thrown around so freely back then. It goes back to that battle, back and forth in my head, of wanting to feel free to say what I want to say, and then [worrying about] what may or may not affect people.”

He then went on to further clarify: “And, not saying it's wrong or it's right, but at this point in my career - man, I say so much shit that's tongue-in-cheek. I poke fun at other people, myself. But the real me sitting here right now talking to you has no issues with gay, straight, transgender, at all…I'm glad we live in a time where it's really starting to feel like people can live their lives and express themselves.”

Eminem’s eighth studio album, The Marshall Mathers LP 2 is out now. His Rolling Stone cover article is out November 22.


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