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Exclusive: Emma Ishta And Kyle Harris Talk Changes In 'Stitchers' Season 2

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
03/17/2016 12:45 pm
Exclusive: Emma Ishta And Kyle Harris Talk Changes In 'Stitchers' Season 2 | Emma Ishta
Media Courtesy of Freeform

Freeform's Stitchers will return next week and we can barely wait any longer to learn the fate of Cameron's (Kyle Harris) life, after that cliffhanger finale at the conclusion of season one. The Stitchers team features Kirsten (Emma Ishta), Camille (Allison Scagliotti), Cameron, Quincy Fisher (Damon Dayoub), Linus (Ritesh Rajan), and their leader Maggie (Sallie Richardson-Whitfield).

The show revolves around stitching Kirsten to the memories of someone who has recently deceased. She attaches herself with the help of the team to that person's memories, with a goal of finding out how he or she died. Cameron is Kirsten's biggest protector in the team, but he was flatlining when the show ended. 

We chatted with Emma Ishta and Kyle Harris to learn more about this season of Stitchers!

Emma Ishta Freeform

PopWrapped:  You've already wrapped season two, so what can you tease for us about where your characters are going this season?

Emma Ishta:  The pressure's on.  It's going to be a different season and Kirsten's a very different character.  I think all of them changed pretty dramatically because of the end of last season.  In terms of Kirsten, she's dealing with a whole new set of challenges this season.  Last season it was all about gaining emotions through each person she stitched into, and this season she no longer has temporal dysplasia, which is a big thing, and now she's dealing with all of these new found emotions that she has.  We're going to find out more about her family. She's on a great hunt for her father. I think it's going to be bigger and better.

Kyle Harris:  Just going off of what Emma said, the characters kind of graduate from the first season and grow into their own, and they start taking more responsibility inside the lab, as well as outside the lab.  They all start to become more adult figures in every aspect of their life.

PW:  For both of you, what’s your favorite thing about playing your character?

EI:  For me, I had a great time playing Kirsten last season because she's so different from who I am personally.  And then being able to go from playing her last season where she was very dry and robotic, there's not much you can do when you have no feeling.  Playing her this season--she's almost an entirely different person who's going through a different journey--has been a lot of fun.  And it's not often you get a chance playing one character that you get to play two facets like that.  I've loved that.

KH:  I think that for me with Cameron, it's that he knows when to have fun, but he also knows when to get serious about things and put his head down into work.  It's a fun dynamic to play because you get to be the best of both worlds.

PW:  I’m sure you guys know that fans are ‘shipping’ Kirsten and Cameron. So will there be any sparks this season?

KH:  I think that's gonna be the giant question throughout the series. It's a will they or won't they kind of thing.  I can say that this season, there's more of an eye-to-eye understanding between the two of them with Cameron's sacrifice and what he did for Kirsten.  And also with what Kirsten saw and how she sees herself in his mind now, and it's about how they go forward with both of those things that happened.

EI:  It's a little awkward that she saw all of this stuff about herself in his memory.  I think it's safe to say that their friendship has definitely developed to a deep level.  There are other characters that come in this season that, you know, might put a cork in the works.  I think throughout the course of this season, you'll see they'll be some interesting developments between Kirsten and Cameron.

PW: What do you think fans will love the most about season two?

KH:  I just think the level of intensity is turned up, like ten clicks.  The look of our show looks like a whole different show.  We have a lot more of an action-packed season, so it takes last season's fun and games to a more dangerous level.  I think it's more suspenseful, and it's got that Blockbuster-action type feel to it, but with the same fun, lovable characters dishing out some Sci-Fi stuff every now and then.

EI:  The show looks beautiful.  The crew did a really good job.  The show gets more complicated and becomes more high stakes, which has been really fun.

PW:  Are you planning on watching the season 2 premiere with the cast and live-tweeting with fans?  

EI:  We're going to be doing it to the best of our capacity like we did last season. We all live in different places, so I'll probably be doing some of the episodes while other people will be doing other episodes. But definitely for the premiere, I'm sure that we'll all be doing it.

KH:  Yeah, we try to interact with our fans as much as we can because we are appreciative of their support.


Check out a clip from the season two premiere of Stitchers below and don't forget to watch on Tuesday, March 22nd at 10/9c on Freeform!



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